Single Cover

Alright, so I was really excited when I heard that it was out. So, I hurried onto Youtube and watched it. So as you already know, I love the song!!! The PV is really funky, but that was cool! The dance is really funny but cute, but the chorus dance would have to be my favorite part! Of course, it has Miyabi, Risako, and Momoko as leads, but I think Chinami really owned this song. Her “BANZAI!” was freakin’ awesome! I’m happy that unlike “Dschinghis Khan,” everybody got lines here! They used actual monkey outfits, though. It’s interesting how the PV director really went all out with the whole idea of monkeys, especially with that HUGE banana in the background. xDDD So here, we have a great song, a silly yet cute PV. Now, there’s only one thing left: THE CHART POSITION. I wonder how the fans will like this song. Seeing most of the comments on Youtube, I have a feeling that this is going to become a fan favorite! It’s still kinda strange that when all of the Berryz members are maturing, Tsunku is deciding to give them cutesy songs. It would be really cool to see Berryz do a mature song with a mature dance, sorta like Tokaikko Junjou. xD Then, people would really start comparing C-ute and Berryz more strictly. ^^;; Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until that time comes, but for now, let’s do the Monkey Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xP


Today, my mommy, sister, and I are going to the mall! I’m really excited because I can get golden and peach sparkly cloth to make my AS FOR ONE DAY outfit with!!! Inspired by Micchi-chan, (micchichanpyon on Youtube) I might do the C/C dance, too, so I might get an outfit for that, too! I might get other outfits for some dances I MIGHT do… Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance might be a possibility, since I LOVE the dance! xD


Okay, so last night, I had a really bad dream.  Grr…. I hate nightmares. ^^;; Well, it wasn’t really a scary dream, it was just painful. So, here’s what happened: I was in the lunch line at school, and for some reason, my anti-Asian English teacher who I’ve told you guys about was serving lunch. I really don’t smile to him, so I just looked down instead of facing him. Then, he said the MEANEST thing anyone’s ever said to me… I don’t know if I should write it, but I will. Okay, so I was about to leave the lunch line, then he said, “Oh, wait, come here.” Of course, I’m too good of a student to say no, so I walked over to him. Then, he said, “I think you have some cigarette ashes on your face. Oh wait, no, that’s just your COMPLEXION.” >.< OMG…… I was so upset and humiliated that I threw my hot lunch right on his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just ran to the bathroom, and people were laughing, and I didn’t even know them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, I woke up crying, and ran to hug my mom. Like all nice mommies, she told me everything was going to be alright. I called my best friend who moved away and now lives in SC to tell her, and she was like planning this whole plot for my class to ruin him! xD People did actually do that before the year ended. They were like, “Let’s record his voice when he says stuff like that and get him fired!!!!!!!!!” xDDD Yeah, my class is crazy, but they were dead serious. Oh gosh… just pray that I don’t get him next year, and I’ll be your best friend forever and ever…



When I was little, I used to have bangs, but then, my mommy made me cut them. =( But now, I really want bangs! I really miss them. I told my mom, and she said I can get a hair cute and get side bangs! YAY!!! I’m also re-layering and thinning out my hair, since it’s a giant poofball. =/

Well, that’s it for now… BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!