So yes, it’s about 12:47 right now, and I can’t sleep!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!! >.<
Anyways… since I’m on, it’s time for random randomness!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, Goto Maki.

Goto Maki, June 2008

So, the rumors of her moving to Avex Trax has actually become a reality now. She’s the 2nd H!P member to move to Avex. I wonder how her fan base will change after this. I’m sure her style is going to be straight-up mature, but I’m going to miss the cute little H!P Gocchin! Aww… what if her new “people” won’t use her nickname? I wonder if Maki will miss her H!P life… Duh! Of course she will! *hits self in head*


So this week, I’ve been obsessed with an Uta Doki! performance: Takahashi Ai’s version of Itsuwa Mayumi’s “Koibito Yo.” I think the song and the translation is pretty. I heard the original, and it was more “Enka-ish.” ^^; Takitty really sounded maturer here than I’ve ever heard before! Gosh, her graduation is going to make me tear up… along with Gaki-san. *hits self in head* Why am I thinking like this??? I don’t want them to leave!!! >.<;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


So I’ve been hearing some news on C-ute’s 6th Single, and I heard that our Chisa-chan is going to be a lead!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!! It’s going to be her, along with Maimi, Airi (of course) and Maimai. I hope this is all true, but I want Erika to get more lines, too! She has an amazing voice and needs more love! I don’t get why she doesn’t have a PB and she’s the oldest member. xD Tsunkun, sometimes, you make me just wonder. xDDDD


GAH! 13 days until “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” comes out! I’m seriously counting the days… I really want Berryz to become more popular! They need more recognition. It’s funny: Berryz is releasing cute songs, and C-ute is mostly releasing mature songs. xD Interesting…

Also, on August 27th, a special remix version of “Dschinghis Khan” will be released as a single called Dschinghis Khan Onkochishin Remix. It will have the original song by the German band, “Dschinghis Khan,” the Berryz version remixed, then the original Berryz cover. Can’t wait! GO BERRYZ~!


Hurray for the return of Ogawa Makoto!

Ogawa Makoto, June 2008

I really love how all of our favorite H!P members who left are slowly coming back, one by one. We’ve seen our sweet Aibon come, then Gocchin, then Makoto, and I heard that soon, Nono and Kaori are going to make their public appearances soon with their babies! I’m so excited to see Noa-chan, and not just her feet! xD

Noa\'s Feet

Noa-chan’s feet… KAWAII~!!!


Recently, I’ve been REALLY interested in H!P pictures, as in PB pictures. Don’t worry, not the bathing-suit shots. xDDD I’ve just found photobooks, download them, save the pictures I like, then just delete the rest. xD

Here are some of my favorites:

Gaki-san in \

Gaki-san in “Happy Girl” (Snow Princess!)

Sayu in “Sousou”

Mikitty in “Cheri” (I LOVE THIS ONE)

These photographers are really amazing! I have a whole folder on my computer with just pretty H!P pictures like this.


I’m currently learning the dance for MoMusu’s “AS FOR ONE DAY.” This is really challenging, considering that there’s no “Dance Shot Version” and the cameras change too quickly in live performances. Still, I’m going to take this challenge. I’m trying to do Yaguchi Mari’s part, so i focus on her in all of the “AS FOR ONE DAY” performances. xD I’m planning on recording the dance with my fish tank as my background. xDDD Remember the PV? Those funky fishes? xDDDDDDD The tank is built into the wall, so it won’t look too weird. I was kinda debating between that or just dancing in front of my glass door when it’s raining outside. So, hopefully, I will get my first dance video up on YT. I want to attempt to cosplay and make an outfit like the ones in the PV. Woo, I have a lot of work to do! Ganbarimasu~!!!!!!

Sorry for the long post…. ^^;;;;;;;; Oyasumi!