Well, it began last night, but I am REALLY happy. 😀 My report card came in, which included my grades from my finals, and I got straight A’s. So, my daddy and mommy put $100 on my debit card and go on an online shopping spree! YAY!!! So, for me, that only means one thing: ANIME PARADISE!!! I love adding to my collection, but I doubt it’ll ever be as big as Micchi-chan’s collection. xD So yeah, I’m starting a new series, “Azumanga Daioh.” I’ve finished all of the series I was watching before, so I decided to start something new. Well of course, I bought the first volume of the series, along with a ton of Inuyasha plushies, a new wallet, and a Sumomo (Chobits, FREAKING ADORABLE ANIME CHARACTER) key chain and plushy. I’m so excited!!!

Also, tomorrow’s “4th of July,” and my town has an annual carnival which I’ll be going to! It’s that time of year when I see all of my friends from school, and everybody usually ends up looking different… EXCEPT ME. >,<;;;

Hmm… umm… I guess that’s it. Sorry for a short post! What am I saying? Today I didn’t have to make you read a really long post! Yay! ^^;

Ja ne~!