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Hey, everyone~! 😀 Forgive me, “Nami no Nikkichou,” for abandoning you again~! ;_____; I have returned for you ❤

Btw… Happy New Year *supermegaultraLATE* xD I hope you all have a blessed year with happiness and success. 🙂

Despite being so inactive here and on Youtube, there’s been a number of people who are continuing to support me, including my dearest buddies, so thank you so so much, it really means a lot to me. ❤

Before I begin…



I ❤ circle lens. xD I have one pair, but I don’t wear ’em too much, since it’s not good for your eyes. But they’re just too cute! Everyone tells me that I don’t need them. As you can see, my eyes are already naturally large, so lens make them look really unnatural, but… I don’t care. I LOVE ‘EMMM! 😀 Hehe, random much?


So for my Youtube, I’m planning on uploading live covers… *coughfailsatone-shotscough* But I don’t know, I feel like I just want to try something different, y’know? It’ll be hard, but I feel like one-shots would be easier than fandubs, since recordings require mixing, volume editing, etc. But yes, ’tis my plan for the future! 🙂


So in Hello!Project news… oh gosh, a lot has happened. D:

First, we’ll begin with something really recent:

MoMusu’s current leader Ai-chan, is scheduled to graduate from both the group and Hello!Project as a whole at their 2011 Autumn tour. ;_____; Honestly, I’m not really that surprised. She’s 24 right now, and being in Morning Musume isn’t letting her show her full potential. I’m really happy that she’ll most likely start a solo career, but she was not only one of my favorite MoMusu members, but in H!P as a whole. It’s really sad, but I’m routing for her! 😀

She has a total of 9 months left, so she wants to do everything in her power to teach the new 9th Generation. She’s such a charismatic leader. ❤

But speaking of the 9th Generation…

Here’s the most current Morning Musume with the newest members~! (Top row from left to right, Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Sayashi Riho).

They’re all so cute, not to mention TALENTED. Like, raw talent. xD I think Riho and Kanon are my favorites as of now, based on their audition tapes. Riho is a dancing POWERHOUSE. Absolutely amazing. ❤ I wish MoMusu, and actually H!P in a whole, had more physically-demanding dances, like “Tokaikko Junjou,” to show off their true abilities.

*going a little off-topic*

(starts from about 2:50)

Now THIS is the kind of choreography we need to see more of in Hello!Project. The opening was phenomenaaaaal. ❤ Eri, IMO, was Morning Musume’s best dancer, along with Ai. I’m too lazy to find them now, but there are a lot of videos of her dancing solo. AMAZINGGG. ❤

*back on topic xD*

But omg, Riho’s confidence is INCREDIBLE. :O

Kanon’s smile is just AMAZING. I feel like she has one of those smiles where you can understand what kind of person she is. She has the perfect character for MoMusu, and I’m glad Tsunku saw that. Man, is he a genius or what, fo reals. xD

I’m really really really anticipating MoMusu’s first single with this new line-up~! The age gap between the senpais and new members is pretty big, but that’ll make it so much more interesting, ne? It’s gonna be hugeeeeee. ❤ ❤ ❤


I suppose that’s it for now. xD Blogging A LOT is one of my resolutions for the new year, as well as updating my Youtube more. Until next time~! Bai baaaaaaaaai 😀


First of all, we got out of school at 12 because of a snow storm~! YAHOO! Best of all, they’re not going to take today’s snowday away from our vacation because we already went to school! 😀

You have been warned~~~ ^^


So today, I was looking for some anime stuff online, and I came across a show that I feel incredibly guilty for never finishing: KODOMO NO OMOCHA, also known as Kodocha.

Out of the 102 episodes, I’ve seen, like the first 45. I was watching it on TV a couple years ago, but right after episode 45, the network would never show the next episode and start from the beginning. >.>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

So, I’ve started from episode 45 and I’m watching the original Japanese version. I miss Akito and Sana’s English voices, though! xD Akito’s voice was freaking hot, and Sana’s voice was so adorable and perfect! 🙂

Ahhhh… the part I watched yesterday was SOOOOOOOO sad. ;____; I don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t seen the show. Well now, I’m starting season 2!!! :DDDDD Aww, I don’t even want to think about the show ending… ;_;

So, I’ll sum up the story so far: The protagonist is Sana Kurata, an 11-year-old actress who is very hyper and cheerful almost all the time. However, at school, she has to deal with Akito Hayama, (fangirl scream here) who is causing chaos in their class. He basically is leading a war between the class’s boys and girls. At the same time, he blackmailed the teachers with pictures of them kissing (xD;). Eventually, Sana was able to get through to Akito, and throughout the show, they become really fond of each other. As Akito puts it, he doesn’t hate her, meaning he loves her! :DDD SanaxAkito FTW~! :DDD Akito’s mother died giving birth to him, so his sister hated him for that. Plus, his father was always busy with work. Then, Sana came to the rescue and brought them all together~!

Aww, there’s so much drama later on, too… arrggg, I don’t feel right talking about it here. I could ruin so much! xD

So anyways, I’ve started Season 2 yesterday, and Sana, Akito, and their friends are starting middle school! Their uniforms are so cute~! But Akito in a uniform is…


On the first episode of the second season, Sana meets Fuka Matsui, a girl who she finds out she has a lot in common with, and the two become good friends. But then… it looks like Fuka and Akito have a past, since at the end of the episode, she slaps him. >.>” -coughISN’TAFUKAFANcough- OMG, I really can’t stand competition in anime, but I have a really good feeling that Sana and Akito are going to end up together~! They better… xD;;; So, it’s actually a love square. xD I forgot to mention Naozumi, a really famous child actor who’s in love with Sana and gets very competitive with Akito. o.o;

So, this is how it is: Naozumi love Sana; Sana loves Akito; Akito loves Sana; Fuka loves Akito xDDD

It’s VERY intense. xD

People know that Inuyasha is my favorite anime, but I’m starting to have second thoughts. ^^; I mean, Kodocha has A LOT I can relate to, and I have never cried so much over an anime series. ;_; Plus, I downloaded the soundtracks yesterday~! I LOVE background music in anime! There’s one piece in Kodocha that always makes me cry for some reason… it’s Sana and Akito’s theme song… I just love their story and relationship.

The OP/ED songs are PWN awesome. 😀 Ultra Relax is definitely my favorite OP, and argh… I can’t decide between the endings. xD I really want to learn the dance for Ultra Relax! It’s just so hilarious and cute… it’s definitely my permanent cheer-up song. 🙂

I want to travel around the world and do something like this:

LOL!!! This is too great ❤ I would probably make a fool of myself dancing in front of people like this, but I love the song too much to care xD

And LOL… Sana’s random rapping/singing always gets a giggle out of me. She’s so cute and funny and sweet and… amazing. ❤ I think she and Akito are my favorite anime couple ever~!

Here’s one of my favorite ones:

ROFLROFLROFL, I love Akito. “Okay, you lost me with the singing.” xDDD -dies-

Everyone: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. It has touched me so deeply and made me laugh so much~! You just have to watch it! xD If not for me, then for Babbit!

Haha, Babbit. ❤ He’s like, the random second-person narrator. He’s so adorkableeee ^^

There are SO many characters in this show, and I’m sure there’s something in here everyone can relate to.

This scene was so cute~! Awwwwwwwwww!!! <333 Little love moments like these made/will make me cry while watching Kodocha! Especially with that bg music in the background! xD

Now, this scene got be bawling for, who knows how long. xD; Here, Sana pretended to be like Akito’s mother and he comforted her. This was just the sweetest scene… <33333

;___; Awwwwww~! <333

GRRRRR. >.>”


So, in the end, Kodocha has a little bit of everything for everone: Comedy, suspense, romance, and everything in between~! This show really can bring out the inner-child in everyone. <333

I’m sorry that was a long post. xD;;; I just had to let all of these emotions out. xD;

I hope I got at least one person to check Kodocha out who never heard of it before. 🙂


Okay, a little bit more stuff and I’m done, I promise. ^^

First of all, a preview of Berryz’ new single, “Dakishimete, Dakishimete,” has been released~!

First of all, thank you Tsunkun, for finally giving Berryz a mature song~! I believe their last mature single was “Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba.” The instruments are hot here~! It’s so exotic… I still hear mostly Risako, but the line distribution is a little similar to Madayade. I LOVE IT. ❤ I have a stronger hope for Berryz now ^^ I hope the PV is as amazing as the song. ^^ It reminds me a little bit of Koi no Jubaku~~~

Awwwww, the Elders Club graduated on the 1st. ;____;

WOW. Nono has changed a lot. ^^;;;; She’s lost a lot of weight, but she’s still her hyper, lovable self~! ^^

WOW, I just can’t believe it. The Elders Club… I mean, all of those former-H!P members… are gone. ;________; Well, at least they’ll be able to live an easier life without all of H!P’s rules.


Okie, okie… Nami’s done now. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Sekushiiiiiiii ❤

Okay, before I get into the main point of this entry, I have some little things I want to talk about.

First of all, I PASSED MY MILE RUN TODAY!!! : DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I, me, Nami, she passed!!! Guess what that means? I’m done with the track forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought things couldn’t get better, but they did. Today, my friend and I had to present a project, and of course, being the baby I am, I get incredibly nervous talking in front of my class. xD; Even with a partner… but, luckily, my teacher lost our project. XDDDDDDD But, I know I’ll have to present eventually, but now, I have a couple more days to prepare what I’m going to say.

Currently, life is really good… ^_^

Except for this little, itsy bitsy thing…

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Wow… I haven’t updated in like, forever. xD; Well, considering how most of my posts are boring, that’s a good think, right? ^_^

So… yesterday was my little sister’s 11th birthday. 🙂 It really seems like an important age. xD Sooooo… to celebrate… we went to IHOP. xDDD; Well, my sister’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so we figured that it’s what she would want. MMMMMMMM. ^^

My parents gave her a really funky piano and lots of toys. She always gets happy when someone starts to sing the birthday song, lol.

Ooohhh… my mom made the most delicious cake.

It’s a Cookie’s & Cream cake. YUM. I had the most, since nobody loves chocolate as much as I do in my family. xDD;

Oh, I sang a dub for her, too:

This is one of those rushed dubs. xD; I might re-do it. I totally agree with Michigo, though. I want to hear more dubs from everybody, too!!! 😀

And that was the end of that.


Yesterday, I got my 200th subscriber!!! 😀 Thank you guys so much! I wouldn’t have ever made it this far without your support! I love you guys! <3333


Ohhhhhh… today, my mom, my sister, and I went shopping! 🙂 I got to buy an outfit, which is for my hopefully-possible dance video. xD; Oh, before I go on, RURU, I WANT TO SEE YOU DANCE MORE. xD; You’re torturing us with that 20 second preview. xP; Sooo… I’m not going to say what song it is or who it’s by. Let’s just say, the group is not too well-known, but they’re slowly getting popular. Ahh, whatever. I’m not too good, but I think my videos need variety. I have too many fandubs. xD;; Oh, and Ebah, I believe you said you were going to do a dance video of I think, “Tell Me,” so don’t think I’ve forgotten. -evil grin-

I didn’t fast all this weekend. xD;;; I feel really guilty. ^^;;;;;;;; But starting tomorrow, I’m fasting again. xD; It’s a little annoying when people forget at school and think I’m starving myself. o.0; But yeah, only half a month to go! Woot!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh, and Happy BIrthday to Morning Musume Leader Takahashi Ai! 🙂


Morning Musume’s 37th single is out! PEPPER KEIBU!!!

Hmm…. well, it’s an improvement from Resonant Blue, since everybody was actually shown and everybody actually got singing lines, instead of just “sounds,” like Sayu puts it. xDDD; I really don’t understand why Reina was the center, but Tsunku decides that. >_< I really don’t like how now, H!P is releasing the Dance Shot version of the PV before the actual PV. Or, is this the PV? o.o Well, I’m thinking of Resonant Blue, since the full PV, well “Another Version” came out, so hopefully, this isn’t the final product. xD;

The song itself is pretty funky and disco-ish. Sayu’s line at the end = <33333333333 Sayu really has gone up on my list of favorite members mostly because of how hard she works and how much she has improved without giving up.

Oooh, also, Berryz Koubou’s 5th Album came out! I think this album will do pretty well with this, considering that the album has a lot of variety. But… why did Risako get another solo song???? x_x” Well, surprisingly, I really liked her song. The beat was really cool, but her voice still sounded strained. ^^; But, she’s really improving. My favorite songs are “HAPPY! Stand Up,” “Baka ni Shinai de,” “REAL LOVE,” and “Yume o Ichi Tsubu ~Berryz Kobo Ending Theme~ / Berryz Kamen.” “Baka ni Shinai de” sounds like an anime-type song, which I find really cool! “HAPPY! Stand Up” sounds like a really good song to introduce the album with. Oh, I also liked “Ah Merry-go-round, but it was a little too slow. xD; I really love when Momoko sounds mature. Overall, this album is too awesome not to have. 🙂


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, we don’t have Gym for 2 weeks! 10 days!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! -freaks out- Seriously, Gym is like the class that has really been bringing me down. But now, we have Health… WHICH IS NOT GYM!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Man, Ebah will be really lucky if she gets to visit Ruru or Maririn. Seriously… it would be the coolest thing ever to meet you guys. ^_^

Augh…. the lines never end!!! >.>; Hopefully, I won’t have my life collapse right in front of me. Well, most of the time, school is the cause of that, but since there’s no gym for 2 weeks (sorry, I’m WAY too excited) hopefully things won’t be as bad.

Good luck for all you guys with school! <3333333 It seems like I haven’t been the only one who’s dealing with stuff like this. xD;

Yeah, I didn’t even bother writing about my first day or week about school, since there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about. It’s just regular high school with regular drama. -sigh- Well, I have all of my friends in my classes, so that automatically makes it better than my freshman year. xD;

Oohh, today’s the first day of Ramadan! Oh yes, I am a Muslim. ^^ And today was the first day of 30 days of fasting. For those of you who don’t know, fasting is when you don’t eat from sunrise to sunset. Augh man!!! This year, we have longer hours. It was from like, 4:45 AM-7:30 PM. I have never been so hungry before. But, the good thing out of this is that I don’t have to do gym, and we’re running! xDD; -happy dances- After the month is over, all of the kids get payed by each adult!!! I can get up to $300! 😀 Ganbarimasuuuuuuu!

Today on MSN, Ruru, Michigo, and I talked about cosplaying and Michigo told us about her favorite cosplay group. Ehh, I forgot the name, but they cosplayed Naruto! Here are those pics I promised:

Sorry about the blurriness. ^^;;;;

Oooooohhhh… tomorrow, I have an orthodontist appointment! If I get my braces off tomorrow, I will seriously be the happiest girl in the world. 😀 If I don’t, I will be… veryyyyyy sad. 😦 Hopefully, that won’t be the case. If I do get them off, I’ll be showing off my teeth for like about a week. Wow, I must be making way too big of a deal out of this. ^^;;;

Aha, aren’t you happy this was a short post??? 😀

Ahh, I’m finally home, not that I was gone for too long. xD;;;; Okay, so before this long post, I’ll just clarify that we didn’t go to Hershey Park because they were having crappy weather. GRR. >.<;; So, we just spent our time in a bunch of different cities in New Hampshire.

Also, before this post, I would REALLY love to thank Ebah-chan for helping me with the you-know-what link. xD;;;;;;;

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, finally, my summer has a meaning! 🙂 Tomorrow, my family and I are going to New Hampshire and then Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, for probably a week! :DDDDD Our family couldn’t go for vacation until now because my uncle left for like 4 months to get married in Pakistan, so my dad had to work extra shifts. But now, he’s back, so we finally get to go somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG… I have so many lines to do. xD;;; I guess I have to do those first thing when I get back. ^_^;; So to all of those people who I owe lines to, gomen!!! I promise to do them!

Oh, guess what? My dad said that when we get to New Hampshire, he’ll buy me my camera there, mostly because they don’t charge tax. xD; But, to those many people who have to see a picture of me -coughEVAcoughLULUcough- I’ll get that up. But remember, I’m not responsible for any accidents that may occur after you see me. 🙂


Thank you to Ruru for telling me about this. Okay, so you all know about Arihara Kanna’s scandal right? Well, the fans felt “betrayed” about it, so at C-ute’s recent handshake event with the Wota, all of the fans ignored Kanna to punish her and they made her cry. That’s the limit of immatureness. How can they even call themselves fans if they just ignore Kanna for one small mistake? That’s just wrong.


Ahh, Buono’s new PV for “Gachinko de Ikou!” is out!

The song is so cute and energetic! Miyabi looks so gorgeous with her new hair. S It’s nice to see Momoko in the center. I like the card-playing/roulette stuff in the PV. It’s so cool! Man, how can they dance in those heels? xD;


So, I promise to blog a lot more after I get back! 🙂 Have a good week, people! Daisuki~!!! <33

First of all, thank you to Ebah for her picture of SuJu with each of the members’ names. xD -saves- I’ll get it, soon!!! :DDD So far, my favorites are Kibum and Heechul. =D Wow, Ebah’s really good at getting people into SuJu. xD I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY BECAUSE I AM! ^_^

So yesterday and today were the last days of our Garage Sale. We sold like over 1,000 dollars! =D But, at 2:00, something REALLY scary happening. Okay, so this guy came to our house on a bicycle in the rain. o_0; So, he was just looking around and I was keeping a sharp eye on him, since he was kinda suspicious. But then, I had to go to the bathroom, so my mom stayed in the garage. I came back, and he was still there. Then, after an hour, he was still there! O.O He was starting to scare me, so I left the door opened and kept my phone with me, since my mom was alone. Then my sister started to cry, so my mom went to her. The guy didn’t see me, but I saw him going for our box of money. x_______x I was like, “FREEZE!” OMG, he just ran out. xDDDDDDDDD It turns out my mom knows that guy. He was a robber who lived by our old house. I was really scared. ^^; My dad and brother left for work like 5 minutes before he came, and I really wished he stayed until the guy left.


For my stuff total, I sold:

35 Pokemon Cards
10 Beanie Babies
5 Key chains
6 Board Games

Overall, I was pretty happy! We’re distributing our shares tonight, so YAY~!!!


I did a dub of Akagumi4’s “Akai Nikkichou,” which I uploaded onto my YT Account.

Geez, low notes really aren’t my thing. xD The harmonies were fun to do, but they really could’ve been better. xD I guess the reason I rushed was because I always take a long time to get a new video up. ^^; Maybe I should’ve checked for the 2005 Akagumi Concert version first before I recorded. xD If I did, I could’ve done the whole thing, but whatever. xP

OMG, I’m getting my copy of Breaking Dawn soon!!!! -squeal- I just hope there isn’t too much Jacobness in it. I really can’t stand him. ^^; I heard that Bella and Edward are finally getting married. I wonder when Edward will finally turn Bella into a vampire. The movie looks really interesting. xD The girl playing Bella suits her, but the guy playing Edward looks… EVIL. xDDD Jacob looks freaky, no surprise. I already have a feeling that I’m still going to like the book better after watching the movie. I mean, with the book, you can imagine whatever you want to.  ❤


So, my mommy and daddy randomly made the decision to have a 3-day Garage Sale about two days ago. I was like, “Dude, are you serious??? Can’t we do it next week?” I mean, I like Garage Sales, but I mean, it’s stressful setting up in like 3 days, which I found out about last night. ^^; I mean, it’s just that we have so much stuff. Oh man, I didn’t even know my mom had that much stuff. O_o;

Okay, so from about 4-7, my mom and dad started getting furniture and stuff from the basement and our shed. Yeah, when we run out of space, we start using the shed. :DDD Then at 8, we ate pizza. Then from 9-2 AM, my mom and I set up, put prices, and dusted, well, whatever needed to be dusted. If I made my mom do all of that alone, I would be eaten up with guilt.

I seriously had no idea it would take that long… I realized that when I saw the 1,000,000 boxes standing outside of the garage. It was hard to stay up, but I did it for my mommy. <333 I couldn’t even sleep, but whatever. xD

Day 1

So, with barely any sleep, I had my mom wake me up at 6 so I could help her finish pricing stuff. I worked off of a bowl of Trix and 4 Hershey Kisses: BAD IDEA. ^^;

So, our times are 8 AM- 5 PM. We sold about 20$ worth of nic nacs. That was really good for a first day, I was pretty satisfied. I was just upset that none of the things that I was selling were bought. >.<;;; Well, it was the first day. Besides, we got signs up pretty late. xD So, I tried to go to sleep at about 12, but it didn’t work. xD So, I played some Super Mario for like half an hour. After about 8 years, we found our Super Nitendo!!! That thing is seriously awesome! <333333

So yeah…

After that, I got to go on the computer, follow the new addition to my routine: MSN chats with everybody from TL and YT, then I FINALLY got to record a new dub! I’m going to upload it onto YT later tonight.

Like Micchi-chan, Ebah’s gotten me into SuJu, too! xD I’ve got about 4 members’ names down, so I’m almost there!!! xDDD

So, the next 2 days are going to be Garage Sale stuff and random stuff… I’m just warning you right now so you the oncoming boredom-filled posts won’t well, bore you. ❤

So, just like Micchi-chan, it’s been raining here in CT… A LOT. D: Finally, things have begun to clear up.

I’ve been really cheerful and happy lately because my little sister is starting to mumble. xD Well, for those of you who don’t know, she’s 10 right now, but when she was 2 months old, something was wrong in her bladder, so my mom had to take her in for her first of about 5 operations (KOWAIIIIIIII O.O;) Then, that one operation affected her right leg. She can’t feel anything in that right leg, and it’s shorter than her left. Also, she has these seizures that happen up to 30 times a day, so it’s very scary. She has these huge ones once in a while that really scare me, so I just run away and cry. xD Yeah, I know, I should be strong. ^^; But yeah, she can’t talk, but she’s really trying to through her mumbling, and that just gives me and my family so much hope. In her 4th surgery, they put a tube in her belly because she has like 5 medicines she takes daily, and she refuses to take them by mouth, so my mommy puts them in through the tube. I’m just so eager for the day to come when she starts speaking actual words. (Sorry for some of those details xD)

So, is it me or is this little request Sayu made the reason why Tsunku-san’s finally giving lines to everybody in every group?

(If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just forward to 5:41)

“Tsunku-san, please give me singing parts.” Now, that’s what I call guts. She asked Tsunku-san right on national television, and the Music Fighter crew didn’t even cut it out. xD Since this, here are some changes:

  • In “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance,” everybody got a solo.
  • In “Edo no Temari Uta II,” for the first time, EVERYBODY got a line.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sayu got a lead in MoMusu’s next single after this. xD Seriously, this is what I love about Sayu: She doesn’t hold anything back, especially with the whole “Annoyed-by-tutoring-Koharu” thing (Starts at 2:32.) Rofl… she plucked out her eyebrows whenever she was fed up with Koharu. ROFL.

Ooh, so speaking of C-ute, their new PV is out!

Everybody looked so pretty, but IMO, three people stood out: Erika, Maimi, and Chisato. Erika, because she looked so gorgeous! I love her cute little hat and her hair! Maimi, because of the incredible poofiness of her dress. It was actually the poofiest dress out of all of the girls. xD She is known for her legs, so I was kinda surprised. Lol… Chisato’s voice totally owns this song. xD Seriously, her solo, along with Erika’s is freakin’ amazing! Tsunku-san, I think you should distribute lines more fairly after hearing this.

Ooh, neon lights… me likey. 🙂

The song is really funky. I love the fresh beat. Sorry to disappoint you, Michigo, but I liked this PV a little better than Monkey Dance. ^^;;;

So again, I was thinking about meeting all of you again, and I think going to NY together would be a cool idea! They have SO many cool places to go to, and best of all… KARAOKE!!! 😀 Sorry… I have WAY too much time on my hands. ^_^;

Hmm… what else? What else? Ooh, I saw the first week sales of Koha’s new single, Papancake… Ehh, her worst first week sales ever: 12,449. o_0; Well, after hearing the stressed high-notes, I doubt we’ll ever hear this sung live. I seriously think that if they gave her lower songs, fans would like it and appreciate her cuteness.

I REALLY miss Aibon performing. -sigh- Random, but it’s true. But, despite her becoming an actress, she still has that adorable innocence we all love her for.

It’s kinda weird how people are making jokes about her smoking scandal. Come on people, it’s over. I saw a segment on and these people made like a cartoon of Aibon and her “man” driving away and smoking. I wasn’t laughing.

But aside from the jokes, she still has that contagious laugh. Aww Aibon… I miss W. I’m still waiting for Nono’s comeback. Wow, it really seems like ’08 is the year of comebacks.

Ooh, I read about Ishimura Maiha and it said that Tsunkun said that as soon as her education hassles are over, she can return to Berryz whenever she wants to. :DDD Seeing Maiha back in Berryz would make me really happy. 🙂 She was naturally adorable, and I loved seeing her smile because of her dimples. ^^

Sorry for that long post… xD I’ll try to keep it short next time. ❤