Hi hiiiiiiiiiiiii, everyone! Nami here! 😀

First off, a new video to kick off the lovely Spring season! And it’s not just a regular fan dub or dance cover, but a video of me singing. Live. A one-shot. WOAH. I sang a shortened version of IU’s Japanese version of “Good Day!”

Perhaps I was too daring…? xD


Speaking of Spring, here are some of my favorite songs for the season!


Nishino Kana- Sakura, I Love You <———– Highly recommend this! 😀

IU- Good Day (Japanese… no, both versions 🙂 )


More sakura randomness?

I got mah nails done with a cherry blossom design! 😀 Excuse my skin… it’s so awful Dx


So did any of you hear the news about Aachan (Maeda Atsuko?) I’m sure you must have…

Some time after AKB48 releases their 27th single, Maeda Atsuko will be graduating!!! .______. Definitely one of the biggest shocks of AKB48. I mean, I knew graduations from the group would begin sooner or later, but I was just not expecting Aachan to be the first to go. She’s only 20! But although it’s rather sudden, I’m proud of her and wish her happiness with her acting career post-AKB. It goes without saying that she’s the face of the group, so it’s best if she leaves now when AKB’s at their peak instead of a time of struggle. Fans think that after Aachan leaves, sales will start to decrease. For some reason, I’m doubtful of that. I mean, AKB has so many great girls! Then again, the fanbase… well, we’ll just have to wait and find out! Until then, let’s just continue supporting the girls and Maeda until May!

Oh, and for just clarification, Oshima Yuko’s my favorite girl in the group! 😀 I don’t think there’s a girl I don’t like. They’re all full of personality and talent!


Oh, very random, but MoMusu’s “Ren’ai Hunter” has been stuck in my head for the longest time! xD Ahhh, Gaki-san. Another graduation. ;_______; Gosh, the Sotsugyou season is incredibly sad…


Well, although Spring is a very moving season, it’s just as beautiful and enjoyable! Please enjoy this season to the fullest. 🙂 I wish you all a blessed Spring season!  Thanks for reading! Bai baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai ❤


Hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~! 😀 Nami here!

So it’s been two weeks since the second semester of my freshman year of college has begun! So far, it’s not too bad, hehe. Since college has started, I’ve realized that I’ve become MUCH better with time management and prioritizing, compared to when I was in High School. xD;; I’ve been pre

tty busy, but I got one day off this week because my professor canceled class, so… *gets out video camera*


PYOCOPYOCO Ultra! 😀 I did a short dance cover of the short opening version from the new Hello!Project drama, Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen! It’s a cute series based on mathematics, with the characters engaging in challenges with each other, with a H!P twist of course. 😛

But anyways, the dance could’ve been better… it was quite chilly out… but for me personally, I’d rather dance in the cold than in the heat. I. CAN’T. TAKE. THE. HEAT. *”The Boys” starts to play* ANYWAYS…

I usually don’t instantly like over-the-top cutesy songs like this, but I find PYOCOPYOCO super catchy! I suppose the debut of the 10th generation is the main reason why I became so interested in this single, but they really do shine in the PV! It’s much more than the chicken suits which pretty much everyone despises. xD Do check it out 🙂


Oooooooooooooooh! So did anyone else tune in last night for the Wonder Girls Movie on Teenick?!?!?! I DID!!!

It was actually quite adorable! 😀 Pretty much, the girls head to NYC for their first American tour, but the girls want to have some fun, so with an alias, they enter in a talent competition at the Apollo Theatre. They sang English versions of their hits “Nobody” and “Be My Baby.” The English version of “Be My Baby” is awesome! 😀 Speaking of which, the girls’ English. OHMYGOSH. They sounded greeeeeeeeat!!! :’D My mom and I watched it together and she kept saying “They’re so cute!” And I’m just like “I know mom, I know…” xD OH. And when they were singing “Be My Baby” in the movie, my dad walked in and did the most ridiculous dance!!! In a way, K-Pop helped us bond. xD

Overall, although I’m not the biggest Wonder Girls fan, I really do like their uniqueness and talents,  but this movie is worth watching! ❤


Speaking of the AMAZINGNESS of K-Pop spreading through the states, did anyone also tune in this week for SNSD’s performances on The David Letterman Show and Live With Kelly?!?!?! Now when it comes to Girl’s Generation, I am a HUGE fan! I am so so so proud of them for coming so far! Their American debut was absolutely fabulous and I can tell that they are going to have much success, as well as return to Korea with a number of new fans! :’)

Out of both, I liked the Live With Kelly performance MUCH more, since everybody sang live in it! And the interview at the end is soooooooo cute~ 😀

This video just shows why I’ve also always liked Howie. xD What a sense of humor! “Squat, pop, and WALK WALK WALK.” Bahahahahaha. Tiffany is adorable. ❤ And like I said, absolutely flawless performance! Gosh, you should’ve seen me when I watched this live. I was just so hyper and excited to see SNSD on my TV screen. xD It was on quite early in the morning, but it was definitely worth the wait! ❤

Well that’s all for now! And I’m so relieved to know that I still do have some blog followers :’D I love you guys. Thanks for reading! Bai baaaaaaaai~ ❤


AlthoughIdoubtIhaveanyfollowersleft… xD

A picture I quickly snapped before college! x) Speaking of college, it’s going wonderfully! 😀 I still can’t believe the first semester of my freshman year is almost over! It’s funny when I compare this freshman year to my freshman year of High School… SUCH A STEP UP. ID


Nami’s current playlist:

T-ara: Cry Cry

Morning Musume- Silver no Udedokei

SNSD- The Boys

Horie Yui- Immoralist

KARA- Winter Love

Ishikawa Sayuri- Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyugeshiki

Fruits Basket OSTs

Ahhhhhh, FuruBa. An anime so very dear to my heart! I don’t know why, but I always start re-watching it during the winter time! Perhaps of the snow references and New Years occasions in the anime? Perhaps, perhaps. But gahhh, this show makes me melt. So well composed and entertaining! ❤ I’m planning on dubbing a medley perhaps (perhaps in redundant, no?) of many songs from the anime, so please look forward to it!

Just as the title of this post says, this was a small update just to say hi and say that I love youuuuuuu and miss all of you (you know who you are x3)! I hope everyone’s doing well! I hope we can all reunite soon!

Please stay warm during the cold winter season, everyone! Bai baaaaaaaaaaaai! ❤

Hey, everyone~! 😀 Forgive me, “Nami no Nikkichou,” for abandoning you again~! ;_____; I have returned for you ❤

Btw… Happy New Year *supermegaultraLATE* xD I hope you all have a blessed year with happiness and success. 🙂

Despite being so inactive here and on Youtube, there’s been a number of people who are continuing to support me, including my dearest buddies, so thank you so so much, it really means a lot to me. ❤

Before I begin…



I ❤ circle lens. xD I have one pair, but I don’t wear ’em too much, since it’s not good for your eyes. But they’re just too cute! Everyone tells me that I don’t need them. As you can see, my eyes are already naturally large, so lens make them look really unnatural, but… I don’t care. I LOVE ‘EMMM! 😀 Hehe, random much?


So for my Youtube, I’m planning on uploading live covers… *coughfailsatone-shotscough* But I don’t know, I feel like I just want to try something different, y’know? It’ll be hard, but I feel like one-shots would be easier than fandubs, since recordings require mixing, volume editing, etc. But yes, ’tis my plan for the future! 🙂


So in Hello!Project news… oh gosh, a lot has happened. D:

First, we’ll begin with something really recent:

MoMusu’s current leader Ai-chan, is scheduled to graduate from both the group and Hello!Project as a whole at their 2011 Autumn tour. ;_____; Honestly, I’m not really that surprised. She’s 24 right now, and being in Morning Musume isn’t letting her show her full potential. I’m really happy that she’ll most likely start a solo career, but she was not only one of my favorite MoMusu members, but in H!P as a whole. It’s really sad, but I’m routing for her! 😀

She has a total of 9 months left, so she wants to do everything in her power to teach the new 9th Generation. She’s such a charismatic leader. ❤

But speaking of the 9th Generation…

Here’s the most current Morning Musume with the newest members~! (Top row from left to right, Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Sayashi Riho).

They’re all so cute, not to mention TALENTED. Like, raw talent. xD I think Riho and Kanon are my favorites as of now, based on their audition tapes. Riho is a dancing POWERHOUSE. Absolutely amazing. ❤ I wish MoMusu, and actually H!P in a whole, had more physically-demanding dances, like “Tokaikko Junjou,” to show off their true abilities.

*going a little off-topic*

(starts from about 2:50)

Now THIS is the kind of choreography we need to see more of in Hello!Project. The opening was phenomenaaaaal. ❤ Eri, IMO, was Morning Musume’s best dancer, along with Ai. I’m too lazy to find them now, but there are a lot of videos of her dancing solo. AMAZINGGG. ❤

*back on topic xD*

But omg, Riho’s confidence is INCREDIBLE. :O

Kanon’s smile is just AMAZING. I feel like she has one of those smiles where you can understand what kind of person she is. She has the perfect character for MoMusu, and I’m glad Tsunku saw that. Man, is he a genius or what, fo reals. xD

I’m really really really anticipating MoMusu’s first single with this new line-up~! The age gap between the senpais and new members is pretty big, but that’ll make it so much more interesting, ne? It’s gonna be hugeeeeee. ❤ ❤ ❤


I suppose that’s it for now. xD Blogging A LOT is one of my resolutions for the new year, as well as updating my Youtube more. Until next time~! Bai baaaaaaaaai 😀

What a creative title… -admires-

Anyways, hiiiiiiiii~! 😀 Sooo.. it’s been a while… I’m such a fail blogger… Dx


New fandub~! 😀

This song is just… ;____________; ILOVEIT. 1 Litre of Tears was a huge tear-jerker. Aya is such an inspiration~! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. ❤


WELLLLLLLL~! It’s officially goodbye to summer and hello to fall~! … yay? I actually love fall~!  😀 Honestly, one thing comes to mind when I think of fall…

HALLOWEEN. HALLO-HALLO-HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN~! 😀 Before I continue, OHMYGOSH, MICHIGO-LOVEEEEE… you’re maid costume and you are absolutely lovely~!!! *_____* -admires-

See in my school, only the seniors get to dress up for Halloween and attend a special breakfast. I am SO pumped~! 😀 After going through a bunch of costumes, I’ve decided that I want to be a dark lolita angel. ^-^ I was actually planning on buying an actual black lolita dress online and did buy it initially, but then realized that it would arrive WAAAY after the day of the senior Halloween breakfast. -___- So I had to cancel my order. ;______;

But thanks to my amazing mother and her shopping skills, we found a ruffley black lolita-ish dress at Macy’s for half the price of the dress I wanted. It comes right above my knees and is a lot shorter than the dress I originally wanted. But IMO, it’s a lot cooler and cuter.. xD I could post pictures, but… I think I’ll wait until Halloween day. 🙂 With the dress, I’m wearing lace black tights, gothic boots, black lace elbow-length gloves, angel wings and a halo. 😀 I CANNOT WAIIIIT~! My mom’s freaking amazing at makeup, so we planned that I’d have smokey-eye makeup done, but after some Youtube exploring, I came across this:

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS. -______________- Honestly, this makeup’s waaaaay too hardcore for me, so we’re definitely gonna tweak it up a bit. ^.^ I wanted to give off a doll-ish look, but I’m not certain I want to use colored lens, since my eyes are already pretty big… I might end up looking like a creepaaah. x____X But yeshhh, SO EXCITED~! 😀

Oohhhh, also this coming week is spirit week at my school~! 😀 And on Friday, the peprally. OHMYGOSSSSH. See, we have the annual peprally’s in our gym where each grade sits on each of the four bleachers. Seniors wear white, black for juniors, red for sophomores, and yellow for the freshmen. HAHAHA, freshman year was terrible for me since I barely owned any yellow clothing~! D: But this year, after the three grades sit on the bleachers, the seniors make a super grand entrance and run into the gym with epic background music and ahh… I can’t believe I’m a senior. x______X;

Ooh, and I’m doing show choir again this year~! 😀 We’ve listened to our music and a lot of it’s upbeat latiny songs~! I have a thing for songs like that, so it fits my taste, hehe. I don’t really know if we actually have a theme yet though. Last year, we were magical disney-ish princesses. xD Hmm… I wonder…


Ibu Himuro’s  (Sugaya Risako) “Elegant Girl” PV came out yesterday~!

I actually really like this song. 😀 It shows off Risako’s vocals pretty nicely. Low-keyed songs are definitely better for her voice, unlike her higher voice… no offense, Risako. ^____^;; She looks stunning, pretty elegant actually. 😛 I wish there was some choreography, though.


Hmm, I’m craving noodles… so that’s all for now; thankies for readinggggg~! 😀 ❤

Hi hiiiiiiiiiiii~! 😀
So it’s midsummer, which means I have to go soon to get my senior photographs taken! :O I still can’t believe this is the year… Pssht, I’ll talk about that some other time! xD;;

I am alive. And Skyping.


HAPPY 4th of JULY! 😀 Well techincally now, it’s the 5th, but yeah.. xD;

Hi hi~ Okay, I just had to blog today! xD I’ve been putting it off, but I shall do it now! >)

First off, f(x)‘s teaser for “NU ABO” is out! 😀 IT IS SO ADDICTING. I’ve seen it atleast  15+ times. WATCH IT NOWWWW.

The song sounds so so amazing! I just hope it is actually the real song and not just made for the teaser. T.T That would be really sad, just like SNSD’s “Run Devil Run.” But anways, f(x).. omg. They are fabulous! I love how for every comeback,  no matter what they do, they are still able to maintain that f(x) style. I am in love with their wardrobe! All of their clothes are so funky and cute! 😀 I like the wigs they used. They just add to the awesomeness! Personally, Krystal and Amber’s hair are my faves! I especially love Luna’s eye jems. SO PRETTY. *___*

As for the MV, to me, is like a combination of “LA chA TA” and “Chu~♡,” haha. But the dance looks so AWESOME! 😀 They were lipsynching the “NANANA~” parts, so I really have high hopes that this is the actual song! Although, I wonder what the meaning is behind the title. “NU ABO.” Hmm… xD

This is such an amazing teaser. I am anticipating the MV and f(x)’s comeback like crazy~!



I am so so happy! :DDD They released a Japanese version of “Pretty Girl,” “Honey,” and “Wanna.” :DDDDD

Pretty Girl:



KARA sounds so cute in Japanese! I feel like their style will appeal to Japan. They’re so cute, which is a pretty popular concept there. xD I love how Seung Yeon sounds! So pretty~ C: I like how they kept some of the original parts of the song. It’s just so awesome! They even made it into the Oricon Chart… they are so going to be popular in Japan. Now we just need a Japanese version of “Lupin~” 😀 I  feel like that would be especially popular, considering the song was made based on the anime, Lupin.

Good luck to KARA! I am loving them even more! 😀


Morning Musume’s “Seishun Collection” preview has come out~


43 singles… that’s a lot. o.o But anways, it sounds pretty, but.. I can’t help but think of “Nanchatte Renai” when I listen to this. x3 But on the upside, it’s a lot happier! 😀 It’s already their second single without Koharu.. wow. They are really releasing like rapid fire. :O I wonder what the PV will be like.. I wish they had teasers like Korean MVs. xD


So my dad works at a gas station, right? So he met this elder woman and she told him about her daughter and Japanese son-in-law. As my dad was telling me this, I was just like “Oh… that’s cool..” But then he said that he mentioned how I’m interested in the Japanese culture and how I like to sing in Japanese. The woman was interested and later told her daughter and son-in-law about me. Turns out they are currently vacationing in Japan and that when they get back, they want to meet me. xD I’m a little nervous… I mean, I don’t even know them. xD My dad was all like, “Oh, they might have connections, you never know…” That would be really nice, but it sounds way too unlikely. But they sound really nice, so I’ll see them soon!


So… we’re already almost into May. Oh my goodness. This year seriously flew by way too fast. In 2 months, I’ll be a senior. NO WAY..

EHHHHH. I shouldn’t think about things like that! Way too sad ;____;


In the summer, it’s my goal to dub a song and then make an original PV! I’ve been listening to a lot of PV-less songs and have been so tempted to make one! It’ll be hard to do alone, though :3 See, I tend to have really complex ideas.. xDDD But yeahh, that’s just a thought I’ve had for a while.


That’s all for now, hehe~ Thanks for reading! Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyy! ❤

HI~! 😀 So I am very happy at the moment~

First off, a new fandub, haha:

The mixing.. no comment. The mic.. so bad! I really want to get my new mic! >________> But I will save up enough money up for it! I just love this song, and thanks to a request, I decided to sing it. It was driving me insane that I hadn’t uploaded a new video in about 4 months~ x3

But I really am thankful for all of my supportive friends who were still with me despite my inactivity. Thank you guys so much! 😀 Junior year has been getting less hectic so I have more recording time~


The other day, I received mail from my Maririn-nee-san:

Morning Musume’s autographs.. I literally spazzed when I took it out of the package. She had two, so she sent me one. ;_______________; I can’t even express how touched I was/am~ Thank you thank you thank youxinfinity, Maririnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~!!! I really don’t deserve this at all, but I am just… gah… so happy. I’m actually making you something, but it’s not ready yet, ahaha. But yes, I will send it to you and then your mom will send it to Japan for you~! :DDDD

I think Reina’s and Gaki-san’s autographs are just awesome! Reina’s is so different xDDD

I hung the autographs on my wall~ :DDD Ahh, looking at it makes me kind of sad, since Koharu’s no longer in Morning Musume nor H!P. :/ At first, I didn’t really like her, but after watching her graduation concert, I realized how much her genkiness added to the group! And then after watching the PV for “Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai,” I realized how much different the current line-up is without her.. 😦 But I hope she’s doing well with her modelling career! 😀


Ahh~ so a couple days ago, someone PMed me on Youtube and they wanted me to record me singing one-shots. x______________X I just don’t think I could do that without messing up.. or simply failing. Dx I haven’t replied to that person yet since I’ve been contemplating it so much. But.. ahh, I’m not sure. x3

THE SNOW IS GONE. :DDD The weather here has been nothing but lovely! Occasionally chilly, but still gorgeous! ^______________^ *happy dance*


I’ve been thinking of doing a random vlog about.. possibly my top 5 KPop songs of the moment. Or something along those lines, haha.

Songs Nami’s currently addicted to:

1. Morning Musume- Ano hi ni Modoritai

2. T-ara- I Go Crazy Because of You

3. SNSD- Run Devil Run

4. DBSK- Sennen Koi Uta (GO LISTEN TO THIS. NOWWWWWWWWW. Absolutely beautiful song with such meaningful lyrics <3)

5. Berryz Koubou- Otakebi Boy WAO!

Speaking of MoMusu, their 10th album, “10 MY ME” = EPICCCCCCCCCCCC. It’s such a good album! But it’s still sad that Koharu wasn’t credited for the past singles on the album.. x/

Oh, very random, but BoA‘s making her Korean comeback in August! :DDD I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited! Of course, she’s awesome in Japan, but it was because of her Korean work that I became such a big fan. I mean, songs like “My Name” and “Girls on Top” were just epic. I am so anticipating this comeback~! 😀

Speaking of comebacks, After School recently made their comeback with their 3rd single, “Bang!”

I honestly don’t know much about the members and such. I learned about After School through Uee because of “You’re Beautiful,” ahaha. But the first song I really liked by the group was “Because of You.” LOVELY SONG. 😀

But this comeback is like crazy awesome! I wasn’t really anticipating their comeback since I’m not a big fan, but the concept is just so good! Drummers~ I love it! They trained for like eight months I believe learning the drum routines:

Incredibly impressive. The competition between KPop female idol groups is insane! I mean, so many groups, like T-ara and KARA have come back with the “dark” concept. The range of concepts used is so interesting to watch! My favorite comeback out of T-ara’s, KARA’s, SNSD’s, and After School’s would probably have to be KARA’s. “Lupin” is an awesome song, but their transformation was what really intrigued me.

“Pretty Girl”



AMAZING transformation. The entire “Lupin” comeback really shows off their potential as a group. The cute image was nice and it suited them, but this comeback was what made me really like the current line-up. Seung Yeon looks so pretty with short hair! It really does suit her~ Love “Lupin” “D

I guess that’s all for now~ ahaha, take care guys! And thank you for reading! ❤

HAHAHAHAHA! Two blog posts in a week!!!!!!! :DDDD I’m getting back into the habit of blogging.. >D

But anyways~! Yesterday and today were super-duper-positively crazy days! Well, to start off, tonight was our Show Choir’s dress rehearsal. We got completely ready, as if we were in competition.

So for Tuesday night, my teacher wanted us to put our hair up in rollers for the dress rehearsal. The style is that we have a high, curly ponytail. And to give it the disney effect, we put a tiara in it. ^o^ But.. with my head of hair.. it was far from easy…

My mommy put the 30+ rollers in for me. I LOVE YOU, MOTHER. <3333 So Tuesday night, after about 1 1/2 hours…

Voilà! 30+ rollers in my hair! ^___^ My teacher kept stressing the fact that she wanted to ponies HIGHHHH. Like, literally at the top of our heads. So I listened and did that. She wanted us to keep them until Wednesday afternoon, meaning all of us girls had to come to school with our rollers in our hair..


Let’s just say… I’ll never forget today.

But anyways~

Just some random pictures~ :3

                BEFORE                                                          AFTER

The dress rehearsal was super long! Actually, it was only two hours, but it felt like an eternity. :3 It was also a parent viewing~ They were kinda like our test audience. But oh my goodness.. SO MUCH WENT WRONG. I mean, seriously. It was horrible Dxx Well, it was mostly because of our “change.” See, in the middle of our show, we change outfits, and we get about 30 seconds~ xD My friend’s father recorded the rehearsal and we all watched it on our auditorium projector right after. Yeah… my zipper for my shirt was unzipped from the back. x_________X But thank goodness for my unitard underneath! ^^;; But yes, our competition is on Saturday at 10 AM. xD We will do our best to put on a great show!

Oh, and because we were rushing so much to make the dress rehearsal happen, I couldn’t get a picture of our costume. x3 It’s okay, though! I’ll try to get some up after Saturday. 🙂

TIARAS! xD Our group really went all out on the princess costumes. ❤

Nothing like show choir make-up. xD ❤

And after removing the many bobbypins….


A couple extra pumps of conditioner and I should be back to normal! :DD


So SNSD’s “Oh!” album and MV was released recently. I would’ve posted the video link, but.. I’m tired. *is shot*

But anyways! The whole cheerleader concept is adorable. All of the girls look so pretty! But the song… ehh, I can’t say I’m crazy about it. Usually SNSD songs get stuck in my head after the first listen, but.. x_x; But I’m glad they’re climbing the top of the music charts with it! SNSD fighting~ ^_^


So this was a random post. O.o I have nothing else to say atm. xD Thanks for reading! ❤