I’m really sorry for not updating in like, forever x_X; The thing is for the past two weeks, I was in New Jersey/New York with my cousins. xD I really never got time to blog about it. Plus, when I was there, I was so busy with them that I couldn’t blog then. So, I’m making up for it now… I have tons of pictures from my time there, so yay xD;;

Oh, and for people who I owe lines to,  my computer got a virus x____X; I have no access to Audacity or practically any program on my computer ;________; I don’t know how it happened! But I’m probably getting my new laptop in like a week. But if I don’t get it, feel free to have someone take my place in your groupdubs. I’m so sorry x_______________________X”

But anywaysssssss! Back to the trip:

My cousin and I~ See, she came to stay for a week with my other cousin and my aunt. Then her family came to pick her up. So yeah, they took me home with them xD; We actually do this like, every summer xP We’re really close ❤ Please ignore my strange facial expression. ID; Sadly, this was the best picture of the two of us ;_; OMG, I look so chubby x.x;

Moving on! Ohh, when she was here, we also made our own music video to Aly & AJ’s “Potential Breakup Song.” It’s currently in the process of being edited together. xDD; We took multiple shots, close-ups and even a dance shot. IDDD;;;;; Yeah, I was the director of it, basically. I don’t know if I’m going to upload it to my Youtube account, but whatever…

Oh, this is really random xD;;

When they came, we all went shopping at this plaza… I forgot the store’s name, but they were playing a BoA music video! xD It’s her English single, “I Did it For Love.” <33 So addicting! But yeah, as you can tell, I just had to get a picture. x333 Watch the music video on Youtube! 😀

But back to vacation xP

Then we went to New Jersey! 😀

A shot of New Jersey at night from the Waterfront Bridge… place. xD; So prettyyyyyyy ❤ It’s such a calm and peaceful place to go to! It’s a good place for people to think, IMO. 🙂

My niece and I <3333333333333333 Yeah, we were in a Hippy mood ID;;; She kinda reminds me of Aibon. xD;; Not in this picture really, but when I see her in person. xD;;;;; She is too adorable. She has that “charm.” xDDD ❤

A random picture I took of myself in my cousins’ living room. ID;; Notice how I’m wearing the necklace Maririn gave me. :333 I wear it everyday! Everybody in my house knows how important to me it is.. Oh! In New Jersey, I misplaced the necklace… So I refused to go out until I found it. xD Turned out that it was in my pocket the whole time. xP;;;;;;;;; It’s so pretty <3333333

We had tons of people come over their house! First, my cousin’s cousin’s… something… came over. xDDD I honestly don’t know who they are, but whatever x333 They were nice, though! 🙂

Our group in NY! 😀 The four on the left are the guests… to the right is me and my two cousins. Lol, I’m really not that tall… I stood on my tippytoes to get in the picture xD;

OMGGGG, it was so rainy that day! I had to borrow my cousin’s rainboots. They scraped the bottoms of my feet. ;______; It hurt sooooooooooo bad!

So anyways… we walked around NYC for a good 4-6 hours… I was so exhausted! And in the rain too… that made it worse. But it was still nice, nonetheless. It was a different version of NY. NY in the rain. 🙂

We entered xD;;;;

It was so pretty inside! There was a little garden 🙂 I was afraid to take my camera out because it was raining hard o.o;;;

An hour later…

Taxi! :DDD Sad thing is I actually pointed at it and yelled “Taxi!”  ID;;;

A super-tall and pretty building! 😀 I’d be afraid to go all the way to the top x_x;;

The Trump International Hotel and Tower~~~

OMG, Timbits!! <3333 They’re basically like Dunkin Donut’s Munchkins, except they’re so much better! xDD Well, that’s what I think… Yeah, we stopped and rested for a bit at this KFC/Pizza Hut/Tom Hortons cafe place… 🙂

Then we went to the M&M store! :DDD I couldn’t get a picture of the entrance because it was still raining… and it got worse. ;_____;

Ahh, I love that Elvis M&M.. EWW. I look really weird. So don’t look at me here xD;; Adore the Elvis M&M! :DDD I have no idea whose head that is xDDD;;;;;;;

Some more of the store…

Yeah… my camera was dying. xD;; I wish I got batteries! ;_____; I would’ve taken so many more pictures xD;

I left it alone for a while and managed to get some more pictures! :DDD

OMG, Madison Square Gardens at Night.  <333 NYC at night is absolutely beautiful! I think it’s uber romantic, too x333

Our last stop before my Uncle picked us up was the gigantic Toys R US. It was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It had a ferris wheel in it that let you get a view of the whole store.

Yeah, then my camera officially died. xD;  I’m sorry the picture’s so blurry ^^;; Anyways, it also had a gigantic Barbie world, too! :OOO It was amazing… 🙂

Then my Uncle called and we met him by this dude with a cart. xDD Ohh, btw, we took a subway from NJ to NY. It was my first time, lol… It was lots of fun! Then we bought platters from the dude! It’s basically rice with your choice of meat (chicken, lamb, or both), salad, and a drink. OMG, it was so gooddddddddddd 🙂 If you ever go to NY, you HAVE to get a platter! :DDD

And that was basically it xD It was a really fun trip… Then we drove back home and ate our platters. 🙂

I hung out with my cousins for the rest of the time. Then my parents came to pick me up and drop my cousin off. Yeah, my cousin stayed at my house with my brother while I went to his house. xDDD We basically had a child-exchange program thing going on, lol.

They’re coming again today! We’re having a 3-day wedding reception for my aunt and uncle! It’s going to be a lot of fun 🙂

Ohhh, Buono!’s new PV came out today!

Lots of people have been saying that it’s a very boring song, but  I think it’s really pretty. It’s different from their usual rock sound. The PV is so cute! It’s nice to see an H!P PV shot outdoors 🙂 The beach scenes are really nice. Overall, I love it! :DDD

Ohh, and I’ve been really addicted to Morning Musume’s “Nanchatte Renai.” The PV wasn’t too bad. xDD;

Anyways… I’m learning SNSD’s Genie dance! I managed to find a captain hat that I got from the Niagara falls! xDD I have a costume ready, actually 😛 It’s pretty hard! Ganbarimasuuuuuuu! ^______^

OMG, so first Kanna left C-ute… now Erika? o.o Now that I think about it, she was never given a decent chance to really shine. IMO, she should’ve been one of the lead singers. It’s really sad… I don’t know if it’d be right to call the remaining 5 members C-ute. ^^; But anyways, she’s gonna try to make it as a model, so I’m routing for her! I hope Kanna’s enjoying life as a normal girl. And I hope C-ute can carry on! I honestly think they should add more members. But maybe Tsunku won’t because he wants C-ute to consist of only the original H!P kids. Lol, I dunno, but I wish them the best! 🙂

I guess that’s enough for today 🙂 I will manage to blog more!  xDDDDDDD Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! -waves- <333