Yes, life is pretty super for me ATM. :DDD

I finally got a haircut! xD;

BANGS! I love ’em! 😀 I’ve been actually planning on getting a haircut for a while now xD;; I guess I wanted school to end first so my haircut wouldn’t seem so random to everyone. ^_^; It’s funny… when I first got my bangs, I thought they really looked weird on me. But I got used to them after a while xD;


New video o.O

Ahaha, my first time actually choreographing a dance xDDD; EPIC FAIL. x___X; This is for Kyaaakya’s Morning Musume choreographing collaboration. I think this is a super amazing idea! :DDD I love how she brings so many dancers together with her group videos <333


So I am currently in fangirl-mode over Super Junior! :DDDD They are so so so amazing! I really like Hankyung, Heechul, and Eunhyuk! Hankyung’s so cute and innocent, Heechul’s simply crazy, and Eunhyuk… I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about him. ^__^ Hankyung is currently my iTouch background. xDDD


This picture to be exact. xDDD I really loved him when I saw him with this hair in the “Don’t Don” MV. I hardly recognized him. He’s just that amazing!

I’m sooooooo addicted to their song, “Happiness.” It’s my current “Genki song.” 😀 Really cheers me up! ❤ Thank you Ebah and Music Bank! :DDD Ohhh, and I’m currently also watching SuJu’s Full House mini-series. It’s soooooo funny! I love it! ^_____^

Current Songs Nami’s Addicted To (xDD;):

Super Junior- Happiness

2PM- Again and Again

SNSD- Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Morning Musume- 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT


Ahhhhhh, I finished “Hello God!” yesterday. It was absolutely… AMAZING. ;_____; The ending really seemed well thought out because I really loved it! Definitely one of the most touching dramas ever! Yoo Gun is a super amazing actor, and totally cute! I highly recommend it! It’s funny, it’s romantic, and it teaches you so many lessons about life. It really taught me so much.


The main cast. Awww, they really couldn’t have picked a more better cast ^O^ It made me cry a lot… especially when Eunhye confesses her love to Haru. ;____; I definitely have to watch this drama again!


So after this week ends, I’m going to be super busy! My new aunt is coming to live with us this coming Tuesday, since my uncle lives with us. Then, the weekend following that, we’re going to have a huge party with about 22 people (I counted, haha.) The crazy part is that all of our guests are sleeping over! ID;;;;; It’s going to be really hectic, but I’m hoping fun, too! ^____^

I guess that’s it for now! Byeeeeeeeeee~~~ <3333333333333333333333