… and I officially am a junior. I’m so nervousss. Eek. My stomach’s been turning all weekend. xD;; But I know where all my classes are and my friends are in pretty much all my classes, so it’s alright. Ebah, I’ll be a part of your Juniors club soon enough. xD;;

Ehh… school’s going to keep me so busy this year. T.T I’ll barely have recording time. My dad has emphasized all throughout my high school career that junior year is the most important year. Ahhh, I feel the pressure. xD;;;;; But I’ll work hard! 😀

Songs Nami’s Currently Addicted to:

KARA’s comeback song! 😀 The song’s definitely cute and catchy, like most of KARA’s songs. It’s a bit too repetitive at times, to be honest xDDD;;;; But that helps me remember the words xD Watch the MV! It’s super cute. I really love maknae Ji Young in the beginning. <333 I definitely want to learn the dance! I’ve thought of a Gyuri look-a-like outfit in my head. xDDD;;

T-ara/Tiara’s debut song! I actually just heard them last night on Music Bank. But OMG, I’m so addicted to this song! I really like the lyrics. The guy in the MV is really cute ID;;;;;;; But anyways, for a debut song, it’s pretty good. I want to learn this dance too xDDD I wish all K-Pop MVs had a dance version. >.>;

Balloons. Awwwww, one of my first DBSK songs! ;____; I had my iPod on shuffle and this played. It’s been sooooo long since I last heard it! For some reason, I cried while watching the MV. ^^;; It’s such a happy song, though x333;; DBSK <33333333

Yeahhh, lots of K-Pop. And DBSK. <333

OHHHH! Speaking of DBSK,

OMGOMGOMGOMG Have any of you heard the news about DBSK? Three of the members, including Jaejoong <3333, are planning on terminating their contracts. It was Micky, Jaejoong, and Xiah who were terminating their contracts. But anyways, it seems like they’ve been overworked, so I can’t really blame them for wanting to return to a normal lifestyle. But still, I’d be really sad. DBSK was my first Asian boyband. And OMG, I used to have the biggest crush on Hero. xDD;;;; But anyways, whatever they choose to do, I support them. Their fans should be happy if they’re happy, right? 🙂 DBSK fightinggg!


Today, August 30th, is JPNSinger101’s 2-year anniversary and my 3-year anniversary on Youtube as a whole. These three years have been amazing! I’ve met so many great friends and been introduced to so many great performers. Thank you, thank you, thank youxinfinity <33333333333333


Oh, kinda random, but I’ve noticed that Morning Musume’s been doing a lot better in term of sales. :O They’ve sold almost 70,000 copies of Nanchatte Renai! I’m more hopeful about an H!P single selling at least 100,000 copies of a single or album.

This year, my goal is to learn how to read music. xD; I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics lately and trying to compose melodies to go with it, and I really want to get it down on paper before I… forget. ID; Maybe I’ll record and post one of my own compositions on Youtube sometime in the future.

I have nothing else to say xDDD; Just wanted to get a post up before school started xD Bai baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. <333