Hello. Nami here~ x3

I guess it’s safe to say I fail as a blogger. x________________X I’m just so occupied with things for this year that it’s CRAZY.

For example, 1.

I’m in Show Choir. I guess I kinda forgot to mention that. ^^;; But yup yup, I auditioned this year for my school’s group and made it! 😀 Monday through Thursdays, we have after-school rehearsals. They’re soooo tiring and long, but at the same time, a lot of fun! :3  I’ve been in Show Choir all three years when I was in Middle School, but I didn’t try out my Freshman or Sophomore year. Maybe being an upperclassman increased my chances..? x3

But yes yes! Our first competition is on February 6th, so things have been extra crazy! I’ll try to get a picture up of our costumes! Our show has a Disney-esque theme, so they’re like princess outfits. We even get tiaras! :DDD It’s so cute… xD My parents are going to record the performance, so I’m hoping to get it up here. ^_^

2. SATS.

Junior year is such an important year mostly because this year, I am able to take my SATs. And I really really want to take them this April. I mean, if got forbid I got a low score, I would have the opportunity to re-take it next year as a senior. I have SAT prep courses I go to on the weekends. They’re so longg, but very very helpful! It costed $60 to take the classes, so I’m giving it my all!

I’ve never put so much effort into my education as I have now. I mean, of course, I’ve given it my all through the years, but as my dad says, “More than your senior year, it’s your Junior year that counts.” X___x I have heard this from him even before I entered High School, but I’m starting to understand what it means. So I’m giving it 300% this year!

But.. there’s a certain someone who’s not helping me:

Her name’s WINTER.

I’ve never liked the winter, but this year has been absolutely terrible. It’s WAY TOO COLDDDDDDDDDD. The wind hurts. ;____; Like today!! Oh my goodness. During 4th period, someone pulled the fire alarm and we had to go and stand outside for what seemed like an eternity… My gloves and jacket were in my locker.. The cold hurt everyone. Like, there was this one girl who was crying so bad because of the cold. x_______X

Although the season gets me sick so easily and is physically painful, it’s very lovely-looking. :3





I didn’t go to school on Wednesday because I had a terrible head cold. Plus, with my insomnia-like symptoms, it was hard to get up so early. Later in the day, my mom had to run some errands at the Christmas Tree Shop, so I went with her. And I came across something~

Authentic Japanese Erasers~!!! :3 They’re all so adorable! For example, they had:

A seal,

A froggy,

A fishy,

A panda (<3*coughpandaaddictcough*<3),

A hamster (makes me think of Hamtaro x3),

A green hamster xD,

A ducky,

A strawberry pastry,

and a strawberry crepe.. ooh, by the way, this one I didn’t buy for myself. I bought this for Michigo-chan :3 When I saw this one, Michigo was the first person who came to mind. I remembered her blog posts from the summer about crepes. xD So Michigo-love, one day, when we meet by that Pikachu, I want to give this to you! :DD

This actually happens a lot. xD I mean, when I see things that my closest online friends like, I buy them. I really do believe that we’ll all meet someday! We’ve been together for about 3 years, I believe~ I love you guys! <333

I had more to blog about but.. I’ll save it for next time.

Oh, and btw Ebah-hime-love, I’m working on that tag video! xDD I’m.. kind of recording on random days and… yes. xP

If you read this, thank you! xDDD ❤


xDDD Sorry, I couldn’t think of a good title. I took it from “For Fruits Basket.”

Anyways, HIIIIIII. It’s been a long time, ne? Hmm, where to start.. Well, between the last time I blogged and now, a lot has happened. Some good things, some bad, some sad ;______; But anyways! In the end, I’ve learned that I should really make the most of everything. That was my goal when I went back to school today. I laughed so much. Sometimes, I laughed at the tiniest things. xDDDD But, I felt good. I felt really happy. I love my friends. ❤ I love all my online friends, too! <333

Okay, no more emotional Nami. xD

Sooooo, where to start? AGAIN? 🙂

Umm, well, first of all, I started watching 1 Litre of Tears. I’m so happy I found all the subbed episodes! 😀 I’m only on the second episode, but it’s pretty good so far. I really like Sawajiri Erika’s (Aya) acting. She’s so cuteeee! But I’ve heard that it’s so sad… and, the word ‘tears’ is right in the title xDDD So, I’ve braced myself for the sad and emotional parts. ^________^

Ohhhh, I was going through my anime dvd sets over Thanksgiving Break, and I found my Fruits Basket set. I re-watched the whole thing again for the second time. I was able to remember why I loved it in the first place. <3333333 Back when I first watched it, I was pretty young. xDDD But now, being the more attentive person I am, I listened to the background music and fell in love. I love the music in the anime! Most of them made me cry. xDD So yup, I ordered the OST online. :DDDD

Hmm… Kyo or Yuki? xDD Well, I’ve heard many things about who ends up with who in the manga, since the anime ends a bit abruptly. I’m more of a TohruxKyo fan, but if they did end up together, I’d be sad about Yuki. xD I love the Yukiru moments! Lol~ This anime really is adorable. I’m planning on starting the manga soon! It continues on from where the anime leaves off. But remember, the manga came out first… Ahh, I’m so confusing. xDD

I took an online quiz about which Fruits Basket character I was, and I got:

Tohru Honda! ^___^ I feel like I’m generally nice, but I’m not as nice as Tohru. I mean, I’m not mean, but, ahh, do you know what I mean? xDDD


More anime stuff! So back on October 3rd (coughMARIANDNAMI’SBIRTHDAYcough), The first episode of Inuyasha: The Final Act was released. Being a huge Inuyasha fan, I was so happy! I think there are 50 episodes based on the last 21 volumes of the manga.

Ehh~ I’m not a big fan of the original Japanese dub/cast. xDD I prefer the English cast, and the English dub isn’t going to be released until 2010. Plus, I loved watching Inuyasha when it came on TV. Even if doesn’t come on TV like it used to, I’m still going to wait until the English episodes get released. 🙂

Here’s a promo picture:

Ahh, it’s so similar to the animation from the older Inuyasha episodes! :DDD That makes me really happy! In the last season, the animation looked really different. xDDD I didn’t like it too much, so I’m pretty excited!

The opening and ending themes sound and look AWESOMEEEE! I love the ending song, AAA’s “With You” a bit better that Do As Infinity’s opening theme. I kinda miss DOA’s older music, like “Fukai Mori” and “Rakuen,” but “Kimi ga Inai Mirai” isn’t too bad at all!

Inuyasha: The Final Act Ending Theme-

Absolutely superb animation!!! :DDDDD I love the introduction music. It’s so haunting, with a violet and black dusk sky to match. It’s perfect! ^___^ The song’s pure awesomeness! :DDD


SS501. SS501. SS501. <3333333333


I cannot even put into words how much I love this song. This is definitely their most epic comeback song yet! And all the members are together again! Ahh, Kkotboda Namja ;____;

But anyways! Everyone looks great! I LOVE Young Saeng’s high notes in the song! He definitely shines here! For me, Kyu Jong stood out a lot, too. I love his facial expressions, especially when he’s in the car. It’s an amazing song!!  I LOVE the dance for the chorus! It’s so cute. x333 I wanna learn it!

I’m pretty sad that their goodbye stage came so soon. ;_____; I’m happy that they managed to get #1 in shows like Music Bank. 😀

Hmm, some other songs I can’t stop listening to are:

Shinee: Ring Ding Dong <333333

SNSD: Chocolate Love

f(x): La Cha Ta

Hangry & Angry: Top Secret

Berryz Koubou: Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama

MoMusu: Kimagure Princess


So, I guess that’s enough for now? -sigh- I need more color on this blog. xDDD I want to take pictures of pretty things and put them here.

Well, that’s it, then! BYEEEEEEEEEEE! ❤

Yesterday was mine and my Chibi-love twin, Maririn’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIRIN-NEE-SAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 And once again, I’m so sorry about the duet. xD;;;;;;; Seriously, one day, we’re going to meet and celebrate our birthday together! ^____________^

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! A very special thanks to Ebah-hime for her amazing video! I was so overwhelmed. ;________; Thank you so so so muchhhhhh! I love you! <333333333333333 NANA BEAMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~

My birthday was pretty epic. xDDD I tried to keep it simple, though. Even though it was my Sweet 16, I didn’t want to be all spaztistic and whatnot. My friends and I went to the mall and saw “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and hung out there for a while. 😀 We played hide and seek in the mall/Target. It was AWESOME. 😀 Then we came home and played pool and played fighting games on XBOX. xDDD Then we went out to eat at this buffet place. Because we had a reservation, the owners of the restaurant announced my Birthday. xDDDD;;;;; I was a bit embarrassed, but I made the best of it.

I got a lot of great gifts, too! 😀 I’ll get pictures and post them in my next post. ^_^ I got a new phone, a new COMPUTER, and many other great things, too. 🙂

16. Wow, I can’t believe I’m sixteen. I feel old. x333;;; I honestly don’t feel any different than before, though. Oh well! Now me and Ebah are both in the 16 club! :DDDD -high fives-

So I can finally record! :DDDDD Namimi’s pretty happy now. ^_______^

Byebyeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙂

Ahhhhh! I’ve been so busyyyyyyyyyyy! Sorry for like, posting in like… forever. x.X I’m sure I must’ve said that like, at least 100 times on this wordpress.

But anyways! Life is so crazy for me! I didn’t even get to blog about my first day of school. T.T But yeah, it was a good day. I found all of my friends. But to be honest, it’s been a really sad year so far. Some things that I really didn’t see coming happened. But yeah…

What’s even more sad is that my computer got a virus… again. Luckily, the internet was working. Sadly and unfortunately, Audacity or any other program fails to work. AHHH!!! I owe so many lines. My dad has been hinting that he’s getting me a laptop for my birthday, which is coming up. MOUUUUUU!!!

I hope I can at least do something with Maririn for our birthday ;____; Junior year is so hard so far!!! And our school is coming up with a lot of pointless rules. For example, backpacks are no longer allowed in the classroom. Are they serious? Now we all have to carry our books to class with very limited time. x______________X

I’ll stop ranting. xD I could go on and on, but it would be kinda immature, ne? Anyways…

HOW IS EVERYONE??? I feel like I haven’t talked to all my friends here online in like, the longest time. 😦 I miss you guys!!! xD

On another note… MoMusu’s “Kimagure Princess” preview came out! It’s a cute song, kinda like their older songs. There’s a lot of high pitches, but I still like it.  Kinda random xDD And Eri’s the lead! :DDD I’m so happy for her! I hope the PV’s epic. :O

So yeah… this is just a post to let everybody know I’m alive. Byeee.. 😦

… and I officially am a junior. I’m so nervousss. Eek. My stomach’s been turning all weekend. xD;; But I know where all my classes are and my friends are in pretty much all my classes, so it’s alright. Ebah, I’ll be a part of your Juniors club soon enough. xD;;

Ehh… school’s going to keep me so busy this year. T.T I’ll barely have recording time. My dad has emphasized all throughout my high school career that junior year is the most important year. Ahhh, I feel the pressure. xD;;;;; But I’ll work hard! 😀

Songs Nami’s Currently Addicted to:

KARA’s comeback song! 😀 The song’s definitely cute and catchy, like most of KARA’s songs. It’s a bit too repetitive at times, to be honest xDDD;;;; But that helps me remember the words xD Watch the MV! It’s super cute. I really love maknae Ji Young in the beginning. <333 I definitely want to learn the dance! I’ve thought of a Gyuri look-a-like outfit in my head. xDDD;;

T-ara/Tiara’s debut song! I actually just heard them last night on Music Bank. But OMG, I’m so addicted to this song! I really like the lyrics. The guy in the MV is really cute ID;;;;;;; But anyways, for a debut song, it’s pretty good. I want to learn this dance too xDDD I wish all K-Pop MVs had a dance version. >.>;

Balloons. Awwwww, one of my first DBSK songs! ;____; I had my iPod on shuffle and this played. It’s been sooooo long since I last heard it! For some reason, I cried while watching the MV. ^^;; It’s such a happy song, though x333;; DBSK <33333333

Yeahhh, lots of K-Pop. And DBSK. <333

OHHHH! Speaking of DBSK,

OMGOMGOMGOMG Have any of you heard the news about DBSK? Three of the members, including Jaejoong <3333, are planning on terminating their contracts. It was Micky, Jaejoong, and Xiah who were terminating their contracts. But anyways, it seems like they’ve been overworked, so I can’t really blame them for wanting to return to a normal lifestyle. But still, I’d be really sad. DBSK was my first Asian boyband. And OMG, I used to have the biggest crush on Hero. xDD;;;; But anyways, whatever they choose to do, I support them. Their fans should be happy if they’re happy, right? 🙂 DBSK fightinggg!


Today, August 30th, is JPNSinger101’s 2-year anniversary and my 3-year anniversary on Youtube as a whole. These three years have been amazing! I’ve met so many great friends and been introduced to so many great performers. Thank you, thank you, thank youxinfinity <33333333333333


Oh, kinda random, but I’ve noticed that Morning Musume’s been doing a lot better in term of sales. :O They’ve sold almost 70,000 copies of Nanchatte Renai! I’m more hopeful about an H!P single selling at least 100,000 copies of a single or album.

This year, my goal is to learn how to read music. xD; I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics lately and trying to compose melodies to go with it, and I really want to get it down on paper before I… forget. ID; Maybe I’ll record and post one of my own compositions on Youtube sometime in the future.

I have nothing else to say xDDD; Just wanted to get a post up before school started xD Bai baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. <333

I’m really sorry for not updating in like, forever x_X; The thing is for the past two weeks, I was in New Jersey/New York with my cousins. xD I really never got time to blog about it. Plus, when I was there, I was so busy with them that I couldn’t blog then. So, I’m making up for it now… I have tons of pictures from my time there, so yay xD;;

Oh, and for people who I owe lines to,  my computer got a virus x____X; I have no access to Audacity or practically any program on my computer ;________; I don’t know how it happened! But I’m probably getting my new laptop in like a week. But if I don’t get it, feel free to have someone take my place in your groupdubs. I’m so sorry x_______________________X”

But anywaysssssss! Back to the trip:

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Yes, life is pretty super for me ATM. :DDD

I finally got a haircut! xD;

BANGS! I love ’em! 😀 I’ve been actually planning on getting a haircut for a while now xD;; I guess I wanted school to end first so my haircut wouldn’t seem so random to everyone. ^_^; It’s funny… when I first got my bangs, I thought they really looked weird on me. But I got used to them after a while xD;


New video o.O

Ahaha, my first time actually choreographing a dance xDDD; EPIC FAIL. x___X; This is for Kyaaakya’s Morning Musume choreographing collaboration. I think this is a super amazing idea! :DDD I love how she brings so many dancers together with her group videos <333


So I am currently in fangirl-mode over Super Junior! :DDDD They are so so so amazing! I really like Hankyung, Heechul, and Eunhyuk! Hankyung’s so cute and innocent, Heechul’s simply crazy, and Eunhyuk… I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about him. ^__^ Hankyung is currently my iTouch background. xDDD


This picture to be exact. xDDD I really loved him when I saw him with this hair in the “Don’t Don” MV. I hardly recognized him. He’s just that amazing!

I’m sooooooo addicted to their song, “Happiness.” It’s my current “Genki song.” 😀 Really cheers me up! ❤ Thank you Ebah and Music Bank! :DDD Ohhh, and I’m currently also watching SuJu’s Full House mini-series. It’s soooooo funny! I love it! ^_____^

Current Songs Nami’s Addicted To (xDD;):

Super Junior- Happiness

2PM- Again and Again

SNSD- Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Morning Musume- 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT


Ahhhhhh, I finished “Hello God!” yesterday. It was absolutely… AMAZING. ;_____; The ending really seemed well thought out because I really loved it! Definitely one of the most touching dramas ever! Yoo Gun is a super amazing actor, and totally cute! I highly recommend it! It’s funny, it’s romantic, and it teaches you so many lessons about life. It really taught me so much.


The main cast. Awww, they really couldn’t have picked a more better cast ^O^ It made me cry a lot… especially when Eunhye confesses her love to Haru. ;____; I definitely have to watch this drama again!


So after this week ends, I’m going to be super busy! My new aunt is coming to live with us this coming Tuesday, since my uncle lives with us. Then, the weekend following that, we’re going to have a huge party with about 22 people (I counted, haha.) The crazy part is that all of our guests are sleeping over! ID;;;;; It’s going to be really hectic, but I’m hoping fun, too! ^____^

I guess that’s it for now! Byeeeeeeeeee~~~ <3333333333333333333333

Ahh, just one final left! I seriously wish we had the final on Friday! Each final is 2 hours long… so on Monday, we’re basically going to come in at 7:30 and leave at 9. I don’t like it! ;____; Oh well… after that, it’s finally officially summer for me! :DDDD

Wuahhhhh, SNSD’s COMEBACKKK!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! Watch it! Watch it! :DDD I wonder how much break time they actually got after the whole “Gee” Era ended :/// They look really fresh and radiant, so I’m assuming they got a decent amount of time!

The song title, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” is a little, what’s the word… but anyways!!! It sounds pretty catchy!!! :DDD The concept’s pretty interesting, too! I like how they’ve switched to a slightly more mature image. The PV looks really cool! And I see some of the girls have changed their hair a bit.


I really love Yoona’s hair short! It suits her. Soo Young looks pretty with both short and long hair! I kinda prefer Taeyeon with short hair too, though. xD But she looks pretty nonetheless! Maknae Seohyun looks adorable, like always! She looks really… serious. xDD Everyone looks pretty! Jessica looks extremely different. o.o;;; She looks pretty, but I dunno… I prefer Jessica’s look from when SNSD first made their debut.

I miss her wavy long hair and bangs! :(( -sigh- Well, I’m happy that they’ve managed to shift away from the cutesy image. I mean, it suited them, but I’m sure SM realized that it was time for a change.

The full song’s going to be digitally released on the 22nd. Then, their full 2nd mini album’s going to be released on the 25th!!! Ahhh, I’m so excited! I wish I could buy it ;____; I’m SO looking forward to their comeback performance!!! 😀 SNSD fightingggg~~~ =^O^=


Soooo, ever since I watched Kkotboda Namja, I’ve really gotten into Korean entertainment! Ohhh! So I have Music Bank and Open Concert on record whenever they’re on. So, I showed my mom an episode of Music Bank, and she thinks K-Pop is pretty cool! She really likes Son Dam Bi! She wants me to learn the dance to Dam Bi’s “Crazy.” It’s a… “chair dance.” I don’t think I could handle that. xDDD;;; I’m probably going to do “On a Saturday Night.”

Oh, and also, we were watching a performance of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” and I tried to control myself from asking her who her favorite member was. xDD

Shiwon!! :DD Yup yup, so I’ve been SO addicted to SuJu’s “It’s You” that I took the time to learn all their names! Ebahhh, I did it! :DDDDDDDDDDD I’m learning the dance too, so I found it kinda necessary to learn their names. ^O^

When I first got into Super Junior, I kinda chose my “favorite” member rashly without any thought. xDDD But I really like Ryeowook and Hangeng! ^O^ I’ve done lots of hunting on Youtube, and I’ve come to like these two~ ^O^


Oohhhh! So on KBS, a new drama called “Hello God!” started. It’s based on Daniel Keye’s “Flowers for Algernon.” I read that story in 8th grade! Ahh, how nostalgic~ It made me cry ;____; But back to the drama! I highly recommend it!!!

These are two of the three main characters: Haru (the guy) and Seo Eunhye (the girl xD). I remember this scene! It was from this past Thursday’s episode. Haru was comforting Eunhye while she was crying… it was such a sweet scene!!! <3333

Haru is a mentally-disabled boy and has an IQ of only 65. He’s ignored and loathed by society. On the other hand, he”s extremely bright and soooooo sweet!!! 🙂 But anyways, he then meets Eunhye. She’s a poor girl who only believes in money and thinks that money’s the only thing that can bring happiness. She changes drastically and has a new outlook on life when she meets Haru and it all starts from here.

Dr. Park Dongjae is the third main character I was referring to, but he comes later on in the series.

Lol, so later on, an evil mom appears, and that automatically made me think of Goo Jun Pyo’s mother in Boys Over Flowers. xDDD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; It’s a habit. I always tend to compare things like that, sometimes even subconsciously. ^^;; But it’s really a sweet show! The plot is a little more realistic than Kkotboda Namja, to be honest. But I still love Kkotboda Namja! :DDD

I LOVE the OST!!! I have most of them on my iPod. ^____^ I love dramatic music!!! xDDDD

So I guess that’s it for now!!! I’m anticipating lots of comebacks! Kinda random, but I wonder when DBSK will return to Korea xDDDD;;;

Thanks for reading! <333333333

is amazing. Nuff said. 🙂

As I watch the show, I can’t help but constantly think that the director and heads of this drama chose the absolutely perfect actors and actresses to play the characters! ^O^

Honestly, dubbing has been a little stressful lately. >.> So I took a little break, and decided to start watching Kkotboda Namja, AKA Boys Over Flowers (Korean Version). I think I mentioned something about that in a previous blo post. x3

Well anyways, this show is freaking amazing!! 🙂 The storyline is adorable! The characters are super cute… and hot for the guys. 😛 Everyone who hasn’t seen it, GO WATCH. NOW. >)

Anyways, I just finished the series today!!! OMGOMGOMG, I broke down just because it ended! x____X; I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama more than words can describe!!! This is basically the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, a J-drama. And I think there’s a Taiwanese version, right? I’m curious o.o; I wanna watch those versions, too! 🙂 But even when I do watch them, I think the Korean version will remain my favorite. (<

So… Kkotboda Namja.

Amazing show. Amazing actors and actresses. Cute plot. Pwn awesome bg music. What more can a lovely drama ask for? 🙂 I actually learned that one of my classmates who I didn’t really talk to is a huge Korean culture fan! ^O^ She finished the series before me! xDDD So we talk a lot about that and K-Pop stuff, mainly SS501, Shinee, and Korean boy bands 😛 She actually has the OST, so she made me a burned CD! :DDD I LOVE all the songs, especially “Paradise,” “Because I’m Stupid,” “Someday, ” “Stand by Me,” and “Starlight Tears.” Amazing music, no lie. <333 OMG, “Starlight tears” is such a sad song! I love it a lot because of that xD Some sad songs I’ve heard don’t really seem sad to me, but this song really breaks my heart, especially when the drama plays it in the perfectest spots. And “Someday,” Oh my goodness, it’s such a passionate song! The vocals make my heart melt x33;  I’ve had the whole soundtrack on repeat for a while now xDDD

Ahh, SS501’s “Because I’m Stupid.” This was the ending theme for the first half of the drama. I LOVE THIS SONG. I LOVE SS501. x3333 <33333333333333 I’ve been fangirling over them for a while now. Since I’ve heard their “U R MAN” on Music Bank, which they released while Hyun Joong was shooting for “KKotboda Namja,” as well as Jungmin, who was staring in a musical of Grease. So, then, the remaining three members became a temporary sub-unit of SS501 and released a mini-album, which included “U R MAN.”

-jaw drops- I watched this after I found out that Hyun Joong was a part of SS501. xDDD; OMG, he looks so hot here! Extremely different from his Ji Hoo character. xDDD I love how fierce his expressions are! They’re all amazing together! SS501 fighting!!! =^___^=

So… back to the drama…

It took me a little while to realize that a lot of the instrumental bg music played was just different versions of “Paradise.” Like, dramatic ones, sad ones, and cute ones. xP

So… Geum Jan Di, the main heroine of the drama, has become my idol. Seriously. xDD;

I love her character! She’s sweet, funny, awkward, open, and absolutely awesome! 😀 I cried in the episodes when… “things” happened to her. 8( I don’t want to ruin anything… xDD;; She’s played by Goo Hye Sun. She’s uber pretty =O Her best friend in the show, Ga Eul, is really cute!

I’m a fan of the Jan di x Jun Pyo pairing x3 They’re so cute together! To be honest, I think Ji Hoo knows how to bring a smile to her face, but in the end, Jun Pyo’s love is pretty sincere =O Ahh, they’re both good for her! xDDD

To me, she’s like a mix of former H!P member Ishikawa Rika and KARA’s leader, Gyuri. xDDD Her and Kimbum (Yi Jung in the show) look shoooooooooooo cute together!!!

AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! <33333333333333333333

So I’ve heard lots of rumors online that a Season 2 might be happening. As much as I would love that, I think the chances are pretty low. This was based off the original Japanese storyline, so they couldn’t add more to the storyline, right? But it was said to be scheduled for February 2010. I don’t think it can happen, but we’ll see? xDD;; The ending was kinda quick x33;;

So in the end, Kkotboda Namja has become one of my dramas of all time! It is really heart wrenching, and you can’t help but fall in love with the characters! I highly recommend this! :DDD


So… I haven’t blogged in forever! I didn’t know people actually looked forward to my blogposts. ID;;;;;;; I’ve been so busy cramming for finals. xD They’re all going to happen next week. Kinda scary to think about x__X;

But anyways… hmm, what to talk about…

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while xDDD; But Maririn, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for my omiyage! I was extremely touched when I got this… I cried, and my parents laughed at me -.-; But anyways, Maririn got me assorted Japanese candies! YUMMMMMMM! I wanna make them last, but it’s candy. xD;;; Like Ebah said, even if all the candy’s gone, I’ll treasure the jar forever! Then she got me a super pretty bookmark! I love it! My friend asked me the other day where I got it, and I said my friend got it for me. And then she asked from where, and I said from Japan. xDDDDD;; The necklace is so pretty! It’s a 4-leaf clover with a heart in it… I wear it everyday!! The card was extremely sweet, Maririn! Your handwriting is so lovely! Lol, and the bubble wrap is so much fun to play with! xDDD Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu! -gives you a GIGANTIC hug- <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

So, I guess that’s all for now xDD Thanks for reading! =)

First of all, a very very very very Happy 16th Birthday to two of my dearest friends, Sarah and Kristina~!!! ^O^ I’m going to Kristina’s birthday party today, yayyyyyy~! It’s gonna be oodles of fun! ^O^ Haha, oodles… I haven’t used that word in the longest time. xD

And a very very very very Happy 16th Birthday to…

What a lucky bear x333 This reminds me of that picture Michigo had of Chinen and that monkey xDDD

Awwww, so cute~!

So I realize that I don’t fangirl about Yama as much as I should want to xD Now that I think of it, I fangirl through my dreams… if that makes ANY sense. xD But I have lots of HSJ dreams, mainly about Yama, but sadly, I forget most of them about 2 minutes after I wake up. I remember some, though x3;

So, since it’s Yama’s special day, I guess this post should be dedicated to him xP

So is Yama super sexy in this Moonlight performance or what? xD I absolutely love the expression he makes towards the audience when he sings “Mitsumete yonderu.” That thing with his eyebrows… gah, super sexy! Just watch the performance xDDD The dance looks uber cool! ^O^ :34-36 is when he does the eyebrow thing! xP

The song is really mysterious… but I like that feeling it gives off! xD The song has been stuck in my head for a couple days now xD
Ohhhhh, I watched the concert!!! It was uber awesomeeeeeeeeee!!! :DDDD I LOVED the intros, and I’m really fond of Chinen’s solo… Kawaii Kimi… something something ID; And of course Yama’s solo xD Oh, and speaking of Chii, man, his voice has matured. x_x I like it, actually xD

Gosh, I’ve watched this like 30 times… never gets old! He’s just so… gorgeous. xP I really want to go to a HSJ concert someday… I’m sure I’d lose my voice, but I’m totally okay with it! xD He is too cute~~

Gah, I am extremely jealous that my friends have the same birthday as him xDDD;;;

Now this was entertaining for me. Yama’s so silly… He seems like a really sweet, funny, lighthearted person. ❤

Oh, so I hear that Yama’s going to have ANOTHER solo song soon! 😀 It’s like Mirai… something. xD It’s another one of those super long titles. xD

Ahh… I wonder what Yama did to celebrate  his big day. x333; I’m sure the HSJ members all did something for him! ^__^

Ahh… I’m really tired o___O I wish I could’ve typed more, but I’m seriously tired ID;; I guess all I can hope is that I have a wonderful dream with… a special someone in it. ;D

Thanks for reading~! <33333333333