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Hi hiiiiiiiiiiiii, everyone! Nami here! 😀

First off, a new video to kick off the lovely Spring season! And it’s not just a regular fan dub or dance cover, but a video of me singing. Live. A one-shot. WOAH. I sang a shortened version of IU’s Japanese version of “Good Day!”

Perhaps I was too daring…? xD


Speaking of Spring, here are some of my favorite songs for the season!


Nishino Kana- Sakura, I Love You <———– Highly recommend this! 😀

IU- Good Day (Japanese… no, both versions 🙂 )


More sakura randomness?

I got mah nails done with a cherry blossom design! 😀 Excuse my skin… it’s so awful Dx


So did any of you hear the news about Aachan (Maeda Atsuko?) I’m sure you must have…

Some time after AKB48 releases their 27th single, Maeda Atsuko will be graduating!!! .______. Definitely one of the biggest shocks of AKB48. I mean, I knew graduations from the group would begin sooner or later, but I was just not expecting Aachan to be the first to go. She’s only 20! But although it’s rather sudden, I’m proud of her and wish her happiness with her acting career post-AKB. It goes without saying that she’s the face of the group, so it’s best if she leaves now when AKB’s at their peak instead of a time of struggle. Fans think that after Aachan leaves, sales will start to decrease. For some reason, I’m doubtful of that. I mean, AKB has so many great girls! Then again, the fanbase… well, we’ll just have to wait and find out! Until then, let’s just continue supporting the girls and Maeda until May!

Oh, and for just clarification, Oshima Yuko’s my favorite girl in the group! 😀 I don’t think there’s a girl I don’t like. They’re all full of personality and talent!


Oh, very random, but MoMusu’s “Ren’ai Hunter” has been stuck in my head for the longest time! xD Ahhh, Gaki-san. Another graduation. ;_______; Gosh, the Sotsugyou season is incredibly sad…


Well, although Spring is a very moving season, it’s just as beautiful and enjoyable! Please enjoy this season to the fullest. 🙂 I wish you all a blessed Spring season!  Thanks for reading! Bai baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai ❤