Hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~! 😀 Nami here!

So it’s been two weeks since the second semester of my freshman year of college has begun! So far, it’s not too bad, hehe. Since college has started, I’ve realized that I’ve become MUCH better with time management and prioritizing, compared to when I was in High School. xD;; I’ve been pre

tty busy, but I got one day off this week because my professor canceled class, so… *gets out video camera*


PYOCOPYOCO Ultra! 😀 I did a short dance cover of the short opening version from the new Hello!Project drama, Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen! It’s a cute series based on mathematics, with the characters engaging in challenges with each other, with a H!P twist of course. 😛

But anyways, the dance could’ve been better… it was quite chilly out… but for me personally, I’d rather dance in the cold than in the heat. I. CAN’T. TAKE. THE. HEAT. *”The Boys” starts to play* ANYWAYS…

I usually don’t instantly like over-the-top cutesy songs like this, but I find PYOCOPYOCO super catchy! I suppose the debut of the 10th generation is the main reason why I became so interested in this single, but they really do shine in the PV! It’s much more than the chicken suits which pretty much everyone despises. xD Do check it out 🙂


Oooooooooooooooh! So did anyone else tune in last night for the Wonder Girls Movie on Teenick?!?!?! I DID!!!

It was actually quite adorable! 😀 Pretty much, the girls head to NYC for their first American tour, but the girls want to have some fun, so with an alias, they enter in a talent competition at the Apollo Theatre. They sang English versions of their hits “Nobody” and “Be My Baby.” The English version of “Be My Baby” is awesome! 😀 Speaking of which, the girls’ English. OHMYGOSH. They sounded greeeeeeeeat!!! :’D My mom and I watched it together and she kept saying “They’re so cute!” And I’m just like “I know mom, I know…” xD OH. And when they were singing “Be My Baby” in the movie, my dad walked in and did the most ridiculous dance!!! In a way, K-Pop helped us bond. xD

Overall, although I’m not the biggest Wonder Girls fan, I really do like their uniqueness and talents,  but this movie is worth watching! ❤


Speaking of the AMAZINGNESS of K-Pop spreading through the states, did anyone also tune in this week for SNSD’s performances on The David Letterman Show and Live With Kelly?!?!?! Now when it comes to Girl’s Generation, I am a HUGE fan! I am so so so proud of them for coming so far! Their American debut was absolutely fabulous and I can tell that they are going to have much success, as well as return to Korea with a number of new fans! :’)

Out of both, I liked the Live With Kelly performance MUCH more, since everybody sang live in it! And the interview at the end is soooooooo cute~ 😀

This video just shows why I’ve also always liked Howie. xD What a sense of humor! “Squat, pop, and WALK WALK WALK.” Bahahahahaha. Tiffany is adorable. ❤ And like I said, absolutely flawless performance! Gosh, you should’ve seen me when I watched this live. I was just so hyper and excited to see SNSD on my TV screen. xD It was on quite early in the morning, but it was definitely worth the wait! ❤

Well that’s all for now! And I’m so relieved to know that I still do have some blog followers :’D I love you guys. Thanks for reading! Bai baaaaaaaai~ ❤