AlthoughIdoubtIhaveanyfollowersleft… xD

A picture I quickly snapped before college! x) Speaking of college, it’s going wonderfully! 😀 I still can’t believe the first semester of my freshman year is almost over! It’s funny when I compare this freshman year to my freshman year of High School… SUCH A STEP UP. ID


Nami’s current playlist:

T-ara: Cry Cry

Morning Musume- Silver no Udedokei

SNSD- The Boys

Horie Yui- Immoralist

KARA- Winter Love

Ishikawa Sayuri- Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyugeshiki

Fruits Basket OSTs

Ahhhhhh, FuruBa. An anime so very dear to my heart! I don’t know why, but I always start re-watching it during the winter time! Perhaps of the snow references and New Years occasions in the anime? Perhaps, perhaps. But gahhh, this show makes me melt. So well composed and entertaining! ❤ I’m planning on dubbing a medley perhaps (perhaps in redundant, no?) of many songs from the anime, so please look forward to it!

Just as the title of this post says, this was a small update just to say hi and say that I love youuuuuuu and miss all of you (you know who you are x3)! I hope everyone’s doing well! I hope we can all reunite soon!

Please stay warm during the cold winter season, everyone! Bai baaaaaaaaaaaai! ❤