Hey, everyone~! 😀 Forgive me, “Nami no Nikkichou,” for abandoning you again~! ;_____; I have returned for you ❤

Btw… Happy New Year *supermegaultraLATE* xD I hope you all have a blessed year with happiness and success. 🙂

Despite being so inactive here and on Youtube, there’s been a number of people who are continuing to support me, including my dearest buddies, so thank you so so much, it really means a lot to me. ❤

Before I begin…



I ❤ circle lens. xD I have one pair, but I don’t wear ’em too much, since it’s not good for your eyes. But they’re just too cute! Everyone tells me that I don’t need them. As you can see, my eyes are already naturally large, so lens make them look really unnatural, but… I don’t care. I LOVE ‘EMMM! 😀 Hehe, random much?


So for my Youtube, I’m planning on uploading live covers… *coughfailsatone-shotscough* But I don’t know, I feel like I just want to try something different, y’know? It’ll be hard, but I feel like one-shots would be easier than fandubs, since recordings require mixing, volume editing, etc. But yes, ’tis my plan for the future! 🙂


So in Hello!Project news… oh gosh, a lot has happened. D:

First, we’ll begin with something really recent:

MoMusu’s current leader Ai-chan, is scheduled to graduate from both the group and Hello!Project as a whole at their 2011 Autumn tour. ;_____; Honestly, I’m not really that surprised. She’s 24 right now, and being in Morning Musume isn’t letting her show her full potential. I’m really happy that she’ll most likely start a solo career, but she was not only one of my favorite MoMusu members, but in H!P as a whole. It’s really sad, but I’m routing for her! 😀

She has a total of 9 months left, so she wants to do everything in her power to teach the new 9th Generation. She’s such a charismatic leader. ❤

But speaking of the 9th Generation…

Here’s the most current Morning Musume with the newest members~! (Top row from left to right, Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and Sayashi Riho).

They’re all so cute, not to mention TALENTED. Like, raw talent. xD I think Riho and Kanon are my favorites as of now, based on their audition tapes. Riho is a dancing POWERHOUSE. Absolutely amazing. ❤ I wish MoMusu, and actually H!P in a whole, had more physically-demanding dances, like “Tokaikko Junjou,” to show off their true abilities.

*going a little off-topic*

(starts from about 2:50)

Now THIS is the kind of choreography we need to see more of in Hello!Project. The opening was phenomenaaaaal. ❤ Eri, IMO, was Morning Musume’s best dancer, along with Ai. I’m too lazy to find them now, but there are a lot of videos of her dancing solo. AMAZINGGG. ❤

*back on topic xD*

But omg, Riho’s confidence is INCREDIBLE. :O

Kanon’s smile is just AMAZING. I feel like she has one of those smiles where you can understand what kind of person she is. She has the perfect character for MoMusu, and I’m glad Tsunku saw that. Man, is he a genius or what, fo reals. xD

I’m really really really anticipating MoMusu’s first single with this new line-up~! The age gap between the senpais and new members is pretty big, but that’ll make it so much more interesting, ne? It’s gonna be hugeeeeee. ❤ ❤ ❤


I suppose that’s it for now. xD Blogging A LOT is one of my resolutions for the new year, as well as updating my Youtube more. Until next time~! Bai baaaaaaaaai 😀