What a creative title… -admires-

Anyways, hiiiiiiiii~! 😀 Sooo.. it’s been a while… I’m such a fail blogger… Dx


New fandub~! 😀

This song is just… ;____________; ILOVEIT. 1 Litre of Tears was a huge tear-jerker. Aya is such an inspiration~! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. ❤


WELLLLLLLL~! It’s officially goodbye to summer and hello to fall~! … yay? I actually love fall~!  😀 Honestly, one thing comes to mind when I think of fall…

HALLOWEEN. HALLO-HALLO-HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN~! 😀 Before I continue, OHMYGOSH, MICHIGO-LOVEEEEE… you’re maid costume and you are absolutely lovely~!!! *_____* -admires-

See in my school, only the seniors get to dress up for Halloween and attend a special breakfast. I am SO pumped~! 😀 After going through a bunch of costumes, I’ve decided that I want to be a dark lolita angel. ^-^ I was actually planning on buying an actual black lolita dress online and did buy it initially, but then realized that it would arrive WAAAY after the day of the senior Halloween breakfast. -___- So I had to cancel my order. ;______;

But thanks to my amazing mother and her shopping skills, we found a ruffley black lolita-ish dress at Macy’s for half the price of the dress I wanted. It comes right above my knees and is a lot shorter than the dress I originally wanted. But IMO, it’s a lot cooler and cuter.. xD I could post pictures, but… I think I’ll wait until Halloween day. 🙂 With the dress, I’m wearing lace black tights, gothic boots, black lace elbow-length gloves, angel wings and a halo. 😀 I CANNOT WAIIIIT~! My mom’s freaking amazing at makeup, so we planned that I’d have smokey-eye makeup done, but after some Youtube exploring, I came across this:

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS. -______________- Honestly, this makeup’s waaaaay too hardcore for me, so we’re definitely gonna tweak it up a bit. ^.^ I wanted to give off a doll-ish look, but I’m not certain I want to use colored lens, since my eyes are already pretty big… I might end up looking like a creepaaah. x____X But yeshhh, SO EXCITED~! 😀

Oohhhh, also this coming week is spirit week at my school~! 😀 And on Friday, the peprally. OHMYGOSSSSH. See, we have the annual peprally’s in our gym where each grade sits on each of the four bleachers. Seniors wear white, black for juniors, red for sophomores, and yellow for the freshmen. HAHAHA, freshman year was terrible for me since I barely owned any yellow clothing~! D: But this year, after the three grades sit on the bleachers, the seniors make a super grand entrance and run into the gym with epic background music and ahh… I can’t believe I’m a senior. x______X;

Ooh, and I’m doing show choir again this year~! 😀 We’ve listened to our music and a lot of it’s upbeat latiny songs~! I have a thing for songs like that, so it fits my taste, hehe. I don’t really know if we actually have a theme yet though. Last year, we were magical disney-ish princesses. xD Hmm… I wonder…


Ibu Himuro’s  (Sugaya Risako) “Elegant Girl” PV came out yesterday~!

I actually really like this song. 😀 It shows off Risako’s vocals pretty nicely. Low-keyed songs are definitely better for her voice, unlike her higher voice… no offense, Risako. ^____^;; She looks stunning, pretty elegant actually. 😛 I wish there was some choreography, though.


Hmm, I’m craving noodles… so that’s all for now; thankies for readinggggg~! 😀 ❤