Hi hiiiiiiiiiiii~! 😀
So it’s midsummer, which means I have to go soon to get my senior photographs taken! :O I still can’t believe this is the year… Pssht, I’ll talk about that some other time! xD;;
But anyways, individual senior photographs! There’ll be one individual casual session and then one formal session! I’m really excited! 😀 Ahh, I wish I could upload the pictures here, but the photography people made a strict statement that now it’s illegal… ~__~;;
Ooh! I bought an adorable dress online from YesStyle! 😀


Cherries! See, I have a very strange obsession with cherries, well mainly how they look. As for their taste… x.x;


A hoodie~

A headband~

And hairclips~

As for the taste… NOT the biggest fan.
Bwahahaha, I’m so weird. x.X I always have my eyes opened for cherry-patterned products! ^-^
I have been SO addicted to Super Junior’s “No Other” 😀 It is the sweetest song!


The lyrics are too adorable! Isn’t the MV amazing? I must say, out of all the confessions/proposals, Yesung and Kyuhyun’s were my favorite. ❤ Very clever and thoughtful! Ah~ this song has been on repeat forever and it still makes me feel as happy as the first time I heard it 😀


So freaking charismatic. *___________* Narsha pwns. This MV and song pretty much speak for themselves.


So after having finished the Korean drama adaptation of Boys Over Flowers, I started and quickly finished the Japanese version. I must say, I love both versions, but Tsukasa (Matsumoto Jun) couldn’t have portrayed his character any better. 😀

I’ve also started on the anime, which is about 50-something episodes total. I suppose I’ve gone backwards by starting with the latest adaptation to the original. ^-^; I’m on episode 22, and the anime is pretty hilarious, yet dramatic. OHMYGOSH, SO dramatic. xD The bg music really builds up tension in the perfect spots. I’m watching it with the English dub, since Makino is voiced by Kelly Sheridan, one of my all time favorite Seiyuus. ❤

It has it’s cheesiness, but is definitely worth the watch. I LOVE it. 😀 All of the adaptations I’ve seen have been so amazing, yet unique in their own ways. C: After watching the Japanese version, I’ve become a pretty big fan of Inoue Mao. She’s AH-MAZING~!


Oh, I had uploaded a re-done new dance video a while ago~ xD



I suppose that’s all for now. Now I must go complete my incomplete summer homework. x_____X

Thanks for readinggg~!!! ♥