Hi hi~ Okay, I just had to blog today! xD I’ve been putting it off, but I shall do it now! >)

First off, f(x)‘s teaser for “NU ABO” is out! 😀 IT IS SO ADDICTING. I’ve seen it atleast  15+ times. WATCH IT NOWWWW.

The song sounds so so amazing! I just hope it is actually the real song and not just made for the teaser. T.T That would be really sad, just like SNSD’s “Run Devil Run.” But anways, f(x).. omg. They are fabulous! I love how for every comeback,  no matter what they do, they are still able to maintain that f(x) style. I am in love with their wardrobe! All of their clothes are so funky and cute! 😀 I like the wigs they used. They just add to the awesomeness! Personally, Krystal and Amber’s hair are my faves! I especially love Luna’s eye jems. SO PRETTY. *___*

As for the MV, to me, is like a combination of “LA chA TA” and “Chu~♡,” haha. But the dance looks so AWESOME! 😀 They were lipsynching the “NANANA~” parts, so I really have high hopes that this is the actual song! Although, I wonder what the meaning is behind the title. “NU ABO.” Hmm… xD

This is such an amazing teaser. I am anticipating the MV and f(x)’s comeback like crazy~!



I am so so happy! :DDD They released a Japanese version of “Pretty Girl,” “Honey,” and “Wanna.” :DDDDD

Pretty Girl:



KARA sounds so cute in Japanese! I feel like their style will appeal to Japan. They’re so cute, which is a pretty popular concept there. xD I love how Seung Yeon sounds! So pretty~ C: I like how they kept some of the original parts of the song. It’s just so awesome! They even made it into the Oricon Chart… they are so going to be popular in Japan. Now we just need a Japanese version of “Lupin~” 😀 I  feel like that would be especially popular, considering the song was made based on the anime, Lupin.

Good luck to KARA! I am loving them even more! 😀


Morning Musume’s “Seishun Collection” preview has come out~


43 singles… that’s a lot. o.o But anways, it sounds pretty, but.. I can’t help but think of “Nanchatte Renai” when I listen to this. x3 But on the upside, it’s a lot happier! 😀 It’s already their second single without Koharu.. wow. They are really releasing like rapid fire. :O I wonder what the PV will be like.. I wish they had teasers like Korean MVs. xD


So my dad works at a gas station, right? So he met this elder woman and she told him about her daughter and Japanese son-in-law. As my dad was telling me this, I was just like “Oh… that’s cool..” But then he said that he mentioned how I’m interested in the Japanese culture and how I like to sing in Japanese. The woman was interested and later told her daughter and son-in-law about me. Turns out they are currently vacationing in Japan and that when they get back, they want to meet me. xD I’m a little nervous… I mean, I don’t even know them. xD My dad was all like, “Oh, they might have connections, you never know…” That would be really nice, but it sounds way too unlikely. But they sound really nice, so I’ll see them soon!


So… we’re already almost into May. Oh my goodness. This year seriously flew by way too fast. In 2 months, I’ll be a senior. NO WAY..

EHHHHH. I shouldn’t think about things like that! Way too sad ;____;


In the summer, it’s my goal to dub a song and then make an original PV! I’ve been listening to a lot of PV-less songs and have been so tempted to make one! It’ll be hard to do alone, though :3 See, I tend to have really complex ideas.. xDDD But yeahh, that’s just a thought I’ve had for a while.


That’s all for now, hehe~ Thanks for reading! Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyy! ❤