HI~! 😀 So I am very happy at the moment~

First off, a new fandub, haha:

The mixing.. no comment. The mic.. so bad! I really want to get my new mic! >________> But I will save up enough money up for it! I just love this song, and thanks to a request, I decided to sing it. It was driving me insane that I hadn’t uploaded a new video in about 4 months~ x3

But I really am thankful for all of my supportive friends who were still with me despite my inactivity. Thank you guys so much! 😀 Junior year has been getting less hectic so I have more recording time~


The other day, I received mail from my Maririn-nee-san:

Morning Musume’s autographs.. I literally spazzed when I took it out of the package. She had two, so she sent me one. ;_______________; I can’t even express how touched I was/am~ Thank you thank you thank youxinfinity, Maririnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~!!! I really don’t deserve this at all, but I am just… gah… so happy. I’m actually making you something, but it’s not ready yet, ahaha. But yes, I will send it to you and then your mom will send it to Japan for you~! :DDDD

I think Reina’s and Gaki-san’s autographs are just awesome! Reina’s is so different xDDD

I hung the autographs on my wall~ :DDD Ahh, looking at it makes me kind of sad, since Koharu’s no longer in Morning Musume nor H!P. :/ At first, I didn’t really like her, but after watching her graduation concert, I realized how much her genkiness added to the group! And then after watching the PV for “Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai,” I realized how much different the current line-up is without her.. 😦 But I hope she’s doing well with her modelling career! 😀


Ahh~ so a couple days ago, someone PMed me on Youtube and they wanted me to record me singing one-shots. x______________X I just don’t think I could do that without messing up.. or simply failing. Dx I haven’t replied to that person yet since I’ve been contemplating it so much. But.. ahh, I’m not sure. x3

THE SNOW IS GONE. :DDD The weather here has been nothing but lovely! Occasionally chilly, but still gorgeous! ^______________^ *happy dance*


I’ve been thinking of doing a random vlog about.. possibly my top 5 KPop songs of the moment. Or something along those lines, haha.

Songs Nami’s currently addicted to:

1. Morning Musume- Ano hi ni Modoritai

2. T-ara- I Go Crazy Because of You

3. SNSD- Run Devil Run

4. DBSK- Sennen Koi Uta (GO LISTEN TO THIS. NOWWWWWWWWW. Absolutely beautiful song with such meaningful lyrics <3)

5. Berryz Koubou- Otakebi Boy WAO!

Speaking of MoMusu, their 10th album, “10 MY ME” = EPICCCCCCCCCCCC. It’s such a good album! But it’s still sad that Koharu wasn’t credited for the past singles on the album.. x/

Oh, very random, but BoA‘s making her Korean comeback in August! :DDD I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited! Of course, she’s awesome in Japan, but it was because of her Korean work that I became such a big fan. I mean, songs like “My Name” and “Girls on Top” were just epic. I am so anticipating this comeback~! 😀

Speaking of comebacks, After School recently made their comeback with their 3rd single, “Bang!”

I honestly don’t know much about the members and such. I learned about After School through Uee because of “You’re Beautiful,” ahaha. But the first song I really liked by the group was “Because of You.” LOVELY SONG. 😀

But this comeback is like crazy awesome! I wasn’t really anticipating their comeback since I’m not a big fan, but the concept is just so good! Drummers~ I love it! They trained for like eight months I believe learning the drum routines:

Incredibly impressive. The competition between KPop female idol groups is insane! I mean, so many groups, like T-ara and KARA have come back with the “dark” concept. The range of concepts used is so interesting to watch! My favorite comeback out of T-ara’s, KARA’s, SNSD’s, and After School’s would probably have to be KARA’s. “Lupin” is an awesome song, but their transformation was what really intrigued me.

“Pretty Girl”



AMAZING transformation. The entire “Lupin” comeback really shows off their potential as a group. The cute image was nice and it suited them, but this comeback was what made me really like the current line-up. Seung Yeon looks so pretty with short hair! It really does suit her~ Love “Lupin” “D

I guess that’s all for now~ ahaha, take care guys! And thank you for reading! ❤