HAHAHAHAHA! Two blog posts in a week!!!!!!! :DDDD I’m getting back into the habit of blogging.. >D

But anyways~! Yesterday and today were super-duper-positively crazy days! Well, to start off, tonight was our Show Choir’s dress rehearsal. We got completely ready, as if we were in competition.

So for Tuesday night, my teacher wanted us to put our hair up in rollers for the dress rehearsal. The style is that we have a high, curly ponytail. And to give it the disney effect, we put a tiara in it. ^o^ But.. with my head of hair.. it was far from easy…

My mommy put the 30+ rollers in for me. I LOVE YOU, MOTHER. <3333 So Tuesday night, after about 1 1/2 hours…

Voilà! 30+ rollers in my hair! ^___^ My teacher kept stressing the fact that she wanted to ponies HIGHHHH. Like, literally at the top of our heads. So I listened and did that. She wanted us to keep them until Wednesday afternoon, meaning all of us girls had to come to school with our rollers in our hair..


Let’s just say… I’ll never forget today.

But anyways~

Just some random pictures~ :3

                BEFORE                                                          AFTER

The dress rehearsal was super long! Actually, it was only two hours, but it felt like an eternity. :3 It was also a parent viewing~ They were kinda like our test audience. But oh my goodness.. SO MUCH WENT WRONG. I mean, seriously. It was horrible Dxx Well, it was mostly because of our “change.” See, in the middle of our show, we change outfits, and we get about 30 seconds~ xD My friend’s father recorded the rehearsal and we all watched it on our auditorium projector right after. Yeah… my zipper for my shirt was unzipped from the back. x_________X But thank goodness for my unitard underneath! ^^;; But yes, our competition is on Saturday at 10 AM. xD We will do our best to put on a great show!

Oh, and because we were rushing so much to make the dress rehearsal happen, I couldn’t get a picture of our costume. x3 It’s okay, though! I’ll try to get some up after Saturday. 🙂

TIARAS! xD Our group really went all out on the princess costumes. ❤

Nothing like show choir make-up. xD ❤

And after removing the many bobbypins….


A couple extra pumps of conditioner and I should be back to normal! :DD


So SNSD’s “Oh!” album and MV was released recently. I would’ve posted the video link, but.. I’m tired. *is shot*

But anyways! The whole cheerleader concept is adorable. All of the girls look so pretty! But the song… ehh, I can’t say I’m crazy about it. Usually SNSD songs get stuck in my head after the first listen, but.. x_x; But I’m glad they’re climbing the top of the music charts with it! SNSD fighting~ ^_^


So this was a random post. O.o I have nothing else to say atm. xD Thanks for reading! ❤