Hello. Nami here~ x3

I guess it’s safe to say I fail as a blogger. x________________X I’m just so occupied with things for this year that it’s CRAZY.

For example, 1.

I’m in Show Choir. I guess I kinda forgot to mention that. ^^;; But yup yup, I auditioned this year for my school’s group and made it! 😀 Monday through Thursdays, we have after-school rehearsals. They’re soooo tiring and long, but at the same time, a lot of fun! :3  I’ve been in Show Choir all three years when I was in Middle School, but I didn’t try out my Freshman or Sophomore year. Maybe being an upperclassman increased my chances..? x3

But yes yes! Our first competition is on February 6th, so things have been extra crazy! I’ll try to get a picture up of our costumes! Our show has a Disney-esque theme, so they’re like princess outfits. We even get tiaras! :DDD It’s so cute… xD My parents are going to record the performance, so I’m hoping to get it up here. ^_^

2. SATS.

Junior year is such an important year mostly because this year, I am able to take my SATs. And I really really want to take them this April. I mean, if got forbid I got a low score, I would have the opportunity to re-take it next year as a senior. I have SAT prep courses I go to on the weekends. They’re so longg, but very very helpful! It costed $60 to take the classes, so I’m giving it my all!

I’ve never put so much effort into my education as I have now. I mean, of course, I’ve given it my all through the years, but as my dad says, “More than your senior year, it’s your Junior year that counts.” X___x I have heard this from him even before I entered High School, but I’m starting to understand what it means. So I’m giving it 300% this year!

But.. there’s a certain someone who’s not helping me:

Her name’s WINTER.

I’ve never liked the winter, but this year has been absolutely terrible. It’s WAY TOO COLDDDDDDDDDD. The wind hurts. ;____; Like today!! Oh my goodness. During 4th period, someone pulled the fire alarm and we had to go and stand outside for what seemed like an eternity… My gloves and jacket were in my locker.. The cold hurt everyone. Like, there was this one girl who was crying so bad because of the cold. x_______X

Although the season gets me sick so easily and is physically painful, it’s very lovely-looking. :3





I didn’t go to school on Wednesday because I had a terrible head cold. Plus, with my insomnia-like symptoms, it was hard to get up so early. Later in the day, my mom had to run some errands at the Christmas Tree Shop, so I went with her. And I came across something~

Authentic Japanese Erasers~!!! :3 They’re all so adorable! For example, they had:

A seal,

A froggy,

A fishy,

A panda (<3*coughpandaaddictcough*<3),

A hamster (makes me think of Hamtaro x3),

A green hamster xD,

A ducky,

A strawberry pastry,

and a strawberry crepe.. ooh, by the way, this one I didn’t buy for myself. I bought this for Michigo-chan :3 When I saw this one, Michigo was the first person who came to mind. I remembered her blog posts from the summer about crepes. xD So Michigo-love, one day, when we meet by that Pikachu, I want to give this to you! :DD

This actually happens a lot. xD I mean, when I see things that my closest online friends like, I buy them. I really do believe that we’ll all meet someday! We’ve been together for about 3 years, I believe~ I love you guys! <333

I had more to blog about but.. I’ll save it for next time.

Oh, and btw Ebah-hime-love, I’m working on that tag video! xDD I’m.. kind of recording on random days and… yes. xP

If you read this, thank you! xDDD ❤