Ahhhhh! I’ve been so busyyyyyyyyyyy! Sorry for like, posting in like… forever. x.X I’m sure I must’ve said that like, at least 100 times on this wordpress.

But anyways! Life is so crazy for me! I didn’t even get to blog about my first day of school. T.T But yeah, it was a good day. I found all of my friends. But to be honest, it’s been a really sad year so far. Some things that I really didn’t see coming happened. But yeah…

What’s even more sad is that my computer got a virus… again. Luckily, the internet was working. Sadly and unfortunately, Audacity or any other program fails to work. AHHH!!! I owe so many lines. My dad has been hinting that he’s getting me a laptop for my birthday, which is coming up. MOUUUUUU!!!

I hope I can at least do something with Maririn for our birthday ;____; Junior year is so hard so far!!! And our school is coming up with a lot of pointless rules. For example, backpacks are no longer allowed in the classroom. Are they serious? Now we all have to carry our books to class with very limited time. x______________X

I’ll stop ranting. xD I could go on and on, but it would be kinda immature, ne? Anyways…

HOW IS EVERYONE??? I feel like I haven’t talked to all my friends here online in like, the longest time. 😦 I miss you guys!!! xD

On another note… MoMusu’s “Kimagure Princess” preview came out! It’s a cute song, kinda like their older songs. There’s a lot of high pitches, but I still like it.  Kinda random xDD And Eri’s the lead! :DDD I’m so happy for her! I hope the PV’s epic. :O

So yeah… this is just a post to let everybody know I’m alive. Byeee.. 😦