Ahh, just one final left! I seriously wish we had the final on Friday! Each final is 2 hours long… so on Monday, we’re basically going to come in at 7:30 and leave at 9. I don’t like it! ;____; Oh well… after that, it’s finally officially summer for me! :DDDD

Wuahhhhh, SNSD’s COMEBACKKK!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! Watch it! Watch it! :DDD I wonder how much break time they actually got after the whole “Gee” Era ended :/// They look really fresh and radiant, so I’m assuming they got a decent amount of time!

The song title, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” is a little, what’s the word… but anyways!!! It sounds pretty catchy!!! :DDD The concept’s pretty interesting, too! I like how they’ve switched to a slightly more mature image. The PV looks really cool! And I see some of the girls have changed their hair a bit.


I really love Yoona’s hair short! It suits her. Soo Young looks pretty with both short and long hair! I kinda prefer Taeyeon with short hair too, though. xD But she looks pretty nonetheless! Maknae Seohyun looks adorable, like always! She looks really… serious. xDD Everyone looks pretty! Jessica looks extremely different. o.o;;; She looks pretty, but I dunno… I prefer Jessica’s look from when SNSD first made their debut.

I miss her wavy long hair and bangs! :(( -sigh- Well, I’m happy that they’ve managed to shift away from the cutesy image. I mean, it suited them, but I’m sure SM realized that it was time for a change.

The full song’s going to be digitally released on the 22nd. Then, their full 2nd mini album’s going to be released on the 25th!!! Ahhh, I’m so excited! I wish I could buy it ;____; I’m SO looking forward to their comeback performance!!! 😀 SNSD fightingggg~~~ =^O^=


Soooo, ever since I watched Kkotboda Namja, I’ve really gotten into Korean entertainment! Ohhh! So I have Music Bank and Open Concert on record whenever they’re on. So, I showed my mom an episode of Music Bank, and she thinks K-Pop is pretty cool! She really likes Son Dam Bi! She wants me to learn the dance to Dam Bi’s “Crazy.” It’s a… “chair dance.” I don’t think I could handle that. xDDD;;; I’m probably going to do “On a Saturday Night.”

Oh, and also, we were watching a performance of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry,” and I tried to control myself from asking her who her favorite member was. xDD

Shiwon!! :DD Yup yup, so I’ve been SO addicted to SuJu’s “It’s You” that I took the time to learn all their names! Ebahhh, I did it! :DDDDDDDDDDD I’m learning the dance too, so I found it kinda necessary to learn their names. ^O^

When I first got into Super Junior, I kinda chose my “favorite” member rashly without any thought. xDDD But I really like Ryeowook and Hangeng! ^O^ I’ve done lots of hunting on Youtube, and I’ve come to like these two~ ^O^


Oohhhh! So on KBS, a new drama called “Hello God!” started. It’s based on Daniel Keye’s “Flowers for Algernon.” I read that story in 8th grade! Ahh, how nostalgic~ It made me cry ;____; But back to the drama! I highly recommend it!!!

These are two of the three main characters: Haru (the guy) and Seo Eunhye (the girl xD). I remember this scene! It was from this past Thursday’s episode. Haru was comforting Eunhye while she was crying… it was such a sweet scene!!! <3333

Haru is a mentally-disabled boy and has an IQ of only 65. He’s ignored and loathed by society. On the other hand, he”s extremely bright and soooooo sweet!!! 🙂 But anyways, he then meets Eunhye. She’s a poor girl who only believes in money and thinks that money’s the only thing that can bring happiness. She changes drastically and has a new outlook on life when she meets Haru and it all starts from here.

Dr. Park Dongjae is the third main character I was referring to, but he comes later on in the series.

Lol, so later on, an evil mom appears, and that automatically made me think of Goo Jun Pyo’s mother in Boys Over Flowers. xDDD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; It’s a habit. I always tend to compare things like that, sometimes even subconsciously. ^^;; But it’s really a sweet show! The plot is a little more realistic than Kkotboda Namja, to be honest. But I still love Kkotboda Namja! :DDD

I LOVE the OST!!! I have most of them on my iPod. ^____^ I love dramatic music!!! xDDDD

So I guess that’s it for now!!! I’m anticipating lots of comebacks! Kinda random, but I wonder when DBSK will return to Korea xDDDD;;;

Thanks for reading! <333333333