First of all, a very very very very Happy 16th Birthday to two of my dearest friends, Sarah and Kristina~!!! ^O^ I’m going to Kristina’s birthday party today, yayyyyyy~! It’s gonna be oodles of fun! ^O^ Haha, oodles… I haven’t used that word in the longest time. xD

And a very very very very Happy 16th Birthday to…

What a lucky bear x333 This reminds me of that picture Michigo had of Chinen and that monkey xDDD

Awwww, so cute~!

So I realize that I don’t fangirl about Yama as much as I should want to xD Now that I think of it, I fangirl through my dreams… if that makes ANY sense. xD But I have lots of HSJ dreams, mainly about Yama, but sadly, I forget most of them about 2 minutes after I wake up. I remember some, though x3;

So, since it’s Yama’s special day, I guess this post should be dedicated to him xP

So is Yama super sexy in this Moonlight performance or what? xD I absolutely love the expression he makes towards the audience when he sings “Mitsumete yonderu.” That thing with his eyebrows… gah, super sexy! Just watch the performance xDDD The dance looks uber cool! ^O^ :34-36 is when he does the eyebrow thing! xP

The song is really mysterious… but I like that feeling it gives off! xD The song has been stuck in my head for a couple days now xD
Ohhhhh, I watched the concert!!! It was uber awesomeeeeeeeeee!!! :DDDD I LOVED the intros, and I’m really fond of Chinen’s solo… Kawaii Kimi… something something ID; And of course Yama’s solo xD Oh, and speaking of Chii, man, his voice has matured. x_x I like it, actually xD

Gosh, I’ve watched this like 30 times… never gets old! He’s just so… gorgeous. xP I really want to go to a HSJ concert someday… I’m sure I’d lose my voice, but I’m totally okay with it! xD He is too cute~~

Gah, I am extremely jealous that my friends have the same birthday as him xDDD;;;

Now this was entertaining for me. Yama’s so silly… He seems like a really sweet, funny, lighthearted person. ❤

Oh, so I hear that Yama’s going to have ANOTHER solo song soon! 😀 It’s like Mirai… something. xD It’s another one of those super long titles. xD

Ahh… I wonder what Yama did to celebrate  his big day. x333; I’m sure the HSJ members all did something for him! ^__^

Ahh… I’m really tired o___O I wish I could’ve typed more, but I’m seriously tired ID;; I guess all I can hope is that I have a wonderful dream with… a special someone in it. ;D

Thanks for reading~! <33333333333