Lol, this is just a quick random post… xD; I have nothing to blog about ID;;; HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO, EVERYONEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! xDDD We had a big party today in my Spanish class, pretty epic. x33;

Oohhhhhhhhhh~~! Look what my dad brought home the other night!


A HUGE 5 pound Hershey Bar!!!!!! =OOOO We’re going to cut it like a cake soon! xDDDD Yup, this took me to paradiseeeee! x3 Anybody want some? x333

Wow… I really need something better to blog about that gigantic chocolate bars. ID;;


Ohhh, so I think KBS’s programs that are playing in the US are kinda behind… xD I kinda figured that out when I would see an SNSD performance on Youtube, then two weeks later, I’d see it on TV. xDD Speaking of SNSD… the Gee era is finally over!!! -sigh- I can’t wait for their comeback~! I’m actually hoping they kinda do mature song. x3 Not completely mature, just… I don’t know how to explain it. Not too much of anything. xD But I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be great! SNSD fighting!! <333

So, is it me, or is the number of anti-fans SNSD has extremely ridiculous? o_______O Bla, I won’t get into that~~~ xDDD


Oohhhhh, so guess what? My dad and I were talking, and he said that this summer, we may go visit his good friend in California! And then guess what he said? He said we’ll probably make a stop at Disneyland! Which means… there’s a good chance I can meet Ruru, my hillbilly love for life! 😀 😀 😀 We’ve actually been talking about it through Youtube messages. xD But I really do hope the day comes where we all meet each other. Like Michigo said, next to the giant Pikachu. xDD <3333


Hmm, what else? What else? I’ve been urging myself to blog more! xDDD I’m sorry if my blog posts are too random. xDD;;

So, I’m guessing Buono!’s “MY BOY” doesn’t have a dance shot version. ;___; That’s so sad!!! xD; Kinda like “Rottara Rottara…” I guess for those of us who are learning the dance, we’ll have to wait for live performances. -sigh-


Oohhh, so thanks to Michigo’s post, I’m plannig on watching the whole Hey!Say!Jump-ing concert this weekend! I don’t have time to watch the whole thing on weekdays. And it would be so painful to stop watching and starting over and watching… yeah. xDD; But I’m super excited! Just to give myself, I watched the introduction… SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! I love how they danced… and I love how not all of them danced! Like Hikaru juggled, and they played instruments! xDDD HSJ ftw~! <333


So that’s it for now… byeeeeeeee! ❤