So, quoting my classmate, God is “teasing us with these weather changes.” xDDD;;;;; Yup, the weather is awfully mean here. A couple days ago, it was FREEZING, as in 30’s and low 20’s. Then next thing I new, it was practically summer weather! I’m talking high 90’s! >_______> And now… that has changed to real Spring weather… ahh, so confusing! ^^;;

These weather changes are terrible! This Wednesday, my teacher sent me home early because I had a 99.4 temperature. ^^;;;;;;; By second period, I was falling asleep while we were watching an extremely boring movie. ^^; It was all a blur to me… Yup..

Ohhhhhh, so today was one of the weirdest, most chaotic days in my school’s history… EVER.

So…. we had an assembly scheduled for all of 6th period, maybe even going into 7th. We had a motivational speaker come in to talk to us about life choices and stuff. He was super awesome! I liked the way he talked~~ xD Well anyways… it started around 1:00, and almost everyone got into the assembly. There was a group of students up in the front who wouldn’t stop talking, and the guy got them dead silent with a simple glare. -shivers- He even said, “I don’t know what other guest motivational speakers do, but I send kids to the office.” ID He was really angry, I could tell… and then, he started telling a story from his childhood… then out of nowhere…


The school fire alarm went off… DURING THE ASSEMBLY. x______X Oh… my god. I felt incredibly bad for the speaker. He look pretty angry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he never came back to our school again. xD Our principal said that he’s booked for the rest of this school year ID;;

So anyways… it was total chaos having the whole school, more than 500 people, swarm out of the building! ID;;; We all had to go out on the school field. I was with three of my closest friends, but we lost our teacher and most of our class! xDDD Luckily, we found some of our class by walking around xD Then, we all stayed together so we wouldn’t get lost… then we found our teacher! Turned out half of our class was with her. ID;;;;;; So yeah… we stayed outside until the day ended, about an hour or so. ^^;;; They locked our backpacks in the school!!!!!!!!! Well, good thing: NO HOMEWORK! Bad thing: MY PURSE IS IN MY BACKPACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >__________________<” But yeah, overall, I was really scared… they’re going to make an announcement on Monday morning about the incident…

So I guess that was the highlight of my day… NOT REALLY. IDDDDDD


Oh, so I had a funny dream last night! Well, not really funny… more like interesting xDD;


So I was walking into my kitchen, and there was some person there. The person’s back was faced toward me, and she had really long, black hair. So, out of curiosity, I snuck up behind her so I could see her face… it took me a couple seconds to recognize her face… then it hit me:

“M-michigo?” xDDDDD; I said it with unsureness.

“Yup, that’s me…” she said. “Namimi?” She said… Then in the next 4 seconds… “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” xDDDDD; We both hugged ^O^ It was interesting… Before I could ask Michigo anything, I heard someone coming up the stairs. I was kinda scared and didn’t know who to expect. xD It was a girl with glasses with straight black hair… “EVA? EVAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” I literally tackled Ebah, and then Michigo tackled both of us. xDDD;;;;

So I have this lounge-like place in my house, so the three of us went there to talk. I think I was looking around, wondering if some of my other friends were going to pop up out of nowhere, too. o_0; But anyways…

Before even talking about anything, we randomly started playing Mario Kart! Funny thing is… I don’t even have Mario Kart. o___O Oh well, it’s just a dream…

But the most unexpected part of the dream was SUPER JUNIOR. ID;; I think they popped up because I was watching lots of videos from them the night before. xDD; While we were playing Mario Kart, Heechul made throat-clearing noises to get our attention and to get us to turn around.

All of our jaws dropped… literally. xDDD; Ebah whispered, “Am I dreaming?” And I said, “No… I am.” ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ANYWAYS… Hangeng (I think ^^;) asked us if they could play Mario Kart with us and we all screamed, “SURE!” xD And all of a sudden, like, 20 controllers appeared! xD; And we all played and had fun and lived happily ever after! :DDD

***THE END***

So yeah… I have weird dreams. xDD;;; I was really hoping for all of my other friends to pop up too ;____; I have lots of dreams about all you guys… Awww, all of us just have to meet one day, seriously! xD See, I usually forget my dreams like, right after I wake up, but I guess I was able to remember this one! ^O^


So Facebook is really weird xD; Oh, did I mention that I have one? xDD; But yeah, I do… I hate when it upgrades and the whole website layout changes. I get completely lost >_____>; Sorry, it’s been bugging me xDDD; I guess this was a mini-rant… or something x33;

Ooh, speaking of facebook, I made something because I was dying of boredom:

TA DA! Just a random thing xD; I did this with my friend x3 I took pictures of her and she did of me! xD Forgive me for not being photogenic… and normal. I look incredibly creepy in the vein-throbbing pic ID;


OMG, Maririn is so lucky! She’s going to Taiwan ~~ -jealous- ^^; I wish I could get out of the country, if not, my town ID; Maririn, have an AMAZING time and remember… pictures! ;D ;D ;D

Oh, and Happy 1st day of May~! :DDD Thanks for reading! ❤