April is a month LOADED with Birthdays of so many people I know! The 3rd was Michigo’s Birthday… Yesterday was my mommy’s Birthday… Happy *coughbelatedcough* Birthday, Mommy-sannnn! ^O^ Today was my good friend, Hitomi-chan’s birthday, too! Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there’s more Birthdays coming up later this month! :DDD
Ehh… I really don’t know what to talk about. xD; Umm… I finally recorded my Gee dance xD; Yeah, not too interesting… ^^;;
Ohhh, so I’m really upset. xD; So March 20th was the official end of winter and start of spring… So, a couple days ago, a few friends and I were playing outside… the weather was like, 65 degrees, very lovely! But then… out of seriously like, nowhere… it started to snow. x_____________________X; The weather reporters didn’t even have a clue it was going to snow! >.>;  And I was in a t-shirt too! xD;; Okay, that was random… okay…

Hmm… now what? xD;;;

Ehh… I’m actually tired right now… I’ll continue this post tomorrow… sorry xDDD; Love you all! ❤

Oh, one quick thing:

I wasn’t feeling to well today, but this definitely helped cure it… somewhat xD; Chii has a very cute smile… Yuto has really nice eyes! And Yama… -sigh- LOVE THAT EXPRESSION! :DDD So, I had a dream about HSJ.. lol, I’ll save it for my next post, okie? Byeeeeeeeeeee!