HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY, MICHIGO-LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Just a little something I put together for you, Michigo ❤ xDD; One day I wasn’t feeling good, so I missed gym class… that’s when I wrote this. xD;; Sorry if the lyrics are bad ^^;;


Ahhh, Micchi, Micchi, Micchi-channnnn… -nostalgic mode-

Michigo’s first comment on my channel xD;;


Micchichanpyon (1 year ago)
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Wow! Awesome job on Koi no Fuga! It was posted up so fast! o.O ^^ I was wondering if you’d like to sing Koi no Vacance with me (seeing as we both sung it for our auditions for KnL, lol)
Wow, one whole year!!! ^O^ And we’ll be friends for many more years to come, ne? <333
I think it was actually through KawaiiiMusume that the two of us met! Yeah, that’s it… I remember, when some dubbing drama was going on, I sent Michigo a PM about it and we talked about our opinions… that was a WHILEEEEE back, so gomen, I didn’t have the patience to go that far back to find the PMs xD;;;;; But you know I love you right, RIGHTTT? xD; <333
Aww Michigo, I hope you have a super lovely day! I hope you get everything you wanted and lots of happiness! <33333333333333333333333333333
<3333 Chinen Yuuri xP <3333333333333333333333