is incredibly great ATM.

First of all, my exams are finally over!!! :DDDDDDDDD When my friends and I were done with our last test, we all announced the funeral of our CAPTs, which is the name of the exam.

Second… I went shopping!!! :DDD It really relieved my stress 😀

OMG, I can’t even say how much fun I had today! ^O^ My mom, sister, my sister’s babysitter and I went. Apparently, my parents saw how stressed the exams made me, so they let me get whatever I wanted! I didn’t want to be greedy, but there were just some things I just had to get! xD

My sister’s babysitter took us to this mall that I’ve never been to! Actually, the fact that it was out of state explains why I’ve never heard about it~~


Don’t worry, the mall’s inside, connected to the JCPenney outlet. Man, it’s been forever since I’ve been to JCPenney… like, 7 years! My mom said that I always used to get scared in the store when I was little because it was always so big xD; The one we used to go to closed, sadly ;___; So, it was very nostalgic!

*Random: Ohhh… pretty seagulls :DD*

The mall itself was quite cute. ^^

1. It had a bus with PACMAN driving ;D



I played once, and I didn’t win xD;; Yeah, I was never good with these games…

2. It had a fountain :DDD


3. It had a ROBOT. xD

Yup,  I was originally in the picture, but I looked so weird that I just had to crop myself out xD


Oh, so today, I took the chance to go into a store I’ve NEVER been in: Hot Topic. xDDD My friends have actually voted me as “Least likely to enter Hot Topic” I’m going to prove them wrong on Monday! HA!!! It felt really cool walking into the store… every five seconds, I was like, “Mom… I’m in Hot Topic.” xD


We spent a total of 8 hours at the mall xDDD

So, here’s what I ended up buying:

Hot Topic:

2 sets of bows, and 2 sets of wristbands. ^^ I saw this really cute Buono!-like tutu, and I wanted to get it, but my mom was like, “Don’t get overexcited just because you’ve finally walked into Hot Topic. There’s going to be a next time.” xD

Bath and Body Works:

Body Sprays! xD

Left to right: Sweet Pea, Vanilla Sugar, Cherry Blossom ^^

JCPenney Outlet:

2 packages of rainbow-sprinkled Nonpareils… YUM!!! This was one part of JCPenney that I remembered from my childhood. They are so good!

Old Navy:

A simple skirt, since Spring is practically around the corner~~

This white gown thing. xD; I thought it was really cute~ It actually reminded me of Gyuri’s outfit in KARA’s “Honey” MV ^^ Hmm, now that I have this, I might consider learning the dance… but anyways…

A simple gray skirt ^^

Ohh, and I almost forgot!

The complete Fruits Basket series box set! :DDD Funny story. We happened to run into one of my dad’s good friends, who I’m really fond of. He was sorry about missing my birthday, (xD) so he basically made me let him buy me something. xD He said he wouldn’t talk to me if I didn’t let him get me something that costed at least 50$. xD The box set costed 49.99… lol… I just pointed at the box set, picked it up, and went “Ooh…” then he snatched it out of my hand and said, “Excellent choice!” xDDD;;; I was mad xD But then in the end, I was really happy! I haven’t finished this series, so I’m glad I can watch it!

Life is really good for me right now, and today really was a great day. ^O^


So I’ve been in a really good mood lately. Nothing can bring me down!!! :DDD

I have my Naichau Kamo dance outfit, so I’m hoping I can record that soon… plus, my garage’s temperature is tolerable now. Plus, my stress from school has really cooled down, and our teachers aren’t giving us too much work! ^^ I was actually planning on recording today, but then, this great day happened. xD

I still haven’t finished Kodocha yet Dx I’m still on 96… I’m hoping to finish soon… but at the same time, I don’t want to. It’s too good to end ;___; But everything that starts has to end, right? >.>;


HAWTNESS. That expression made me squeak xDDD

Thanks for reading! <333