The upcoming 2 weeks won’t be too pleasant. I have state tests starting tomorrow. >.>” So, I won’t be on too much for the next 2 weeks. ^^; Wish me luck! These tests are really really important. 0___0;;

I really want spring to come already. All the snow has melted away, but today, there’s going to be a huge storm going into tomorrow. =O I like snow, but when it gets all messy and turns from white to brown, that’s when I’ve had it. xD Plus, I can’t even dance in my garage because it’s way too freezing and the last thing I want to do is get sick again for like, the millionth time this season. >.> I miss the sun xD

Sunday Afternoon:

p2281315Monday Morning o____O:


So as I’m typing this, the storm is still going on. ^^; But, I am enjoying my day off from school today! xD It better be warm by the time my tests are over xD I’ve learned so many dances, but I can’t record them yet x333


So, in the past, I was a MAJOR K-Pop fan. But, after I found out about H!P, I kinda abandoned that obsession. xD But, thanks to us having the Korean channel, I watch Music Bank all the time! 😀

It’s because of Music Bank that I’ve learned about SNSD, KARA, SS501, and many other artists and groups. But the three I named are like, at the top of my current obsession list. x333 Arrhhh… I really want to do a KARA post soon, but I promised myself that I’d do it when I record the Break It dance. xD

But now on my YT, I’m going to post in the channel description my current song obsessions. xD There are TONS of KPop dances I want to learn, mostly from those three groups I mentioned in BOLD. xD

BTW, Ruru… I’m SOOOOO sorry about your account! >.>” YT really gets me mad when things like this happen ;___; Don’t worry! We’re still going to support you on your new account forever and ever and beyond!!! 🙂


Blaaah. I guess that’s it for now.

Yama-kun: Daijoubu, Nami… Ganbare!!!

I will, Yama-kun, I will xDDD