Thank goodness for Winter Break! xD I really didn’t feel like going to school this week… plus, I’ve gotten more time to learn more dances without schoolwork and stress getting in the way~! :DDD


Kodomo no Omocha Update: I’m on Episode 93… awwww, so close to the end. I feel bad for Fuka, but at the same time, I’m SOOOOOO happy because of something she did! But then again, if it makes Akito sad, then I feel sad ;____; Well now, I don’t dislike her as much as I used to. xD I can’t really be detailed when I talk about Kodocha, since I might ruin it for people who might consider watching it. o.o;

Speaking of Kodocha,

New fandub! xDDD;

Haha, Always Be With You… such an AMAZING song. This song is THE song for Kodocha’s love relationships. x3 It’s so cute and sad at the same time…

Always Be With You (Slow Version)

Ahhh, I really want to dub this version~! It’s so sad and heart wrenching… They played it a lot when Nao and Sana went to NY. Which reminds me… now, I’m really starting to like Naozumi. Except for his new manager, who’s a serious pain. >.>” Her voice is extremely high and she’s like, sabotaging his relationship with Sana. ^^; Even though I’m a pure AkitoxSana fan, Nao has always been there for Sana. ^^ I really like him now, except for his crying. o.o;; It’s just way too dramatic for me to handle… I just can’t help but laugh. >.>;


So, I’ve learned the Ultra Relax dance! 😀 It’s not that hard… plus, it wasn’t for the full song, anyways. xD I have a silly dream of traveling the world just to make a video of it. xDDD; Costumes included! xD -sigh- Maybe one day… Or maybe, since it’s really short, we could make a groupdance video of it!! :DDD Now that would be something. 😛


So, since I knew that I’m going to be done with Kodocha soon, I started looking at some JDramas with school settings/romantic/comedy plots to get started on afterwards. I went on the Wiki site for Asian dramas and stuff, and the plotline for Hana Yori Dango seems really interesting! So, I’m hoping to start on that when Kodocha’s over for me ;___;
Lol, now that I think about it, Kodocha’s not really going to be over for me just yet, since I have to read the manga! I JUST HAVE TO! >>

I also have a sudden urge to watch Fruits Basket. Like Kodocha, the anime channel stopped playing the anime while I was watching it, so I never finished that, either. >.>


AHHHH, my first Korean duet with the fabulous Ruru-chan~!

My Korean’s absolutely terrible. Dx Ruru, on the other hand, sounds so cute and professional! Her speaking parts at the beginning were WUBBB. <333

I used to do A LOT of Korean dubs when I was JPNSinger100. x3 Mostly BoA dubs… I miss those days xDDD

-10 second moment of nostalgia-

Okay, I’m back~~

KARA ish pure awesomeness~! ^^

Old KARA (Miss ’em SOOOOOOO bad ;___; Why did Sunghee have to leave? 😦 )

Current/”New” KARA (Blehh… a’ight. But, they’re cute, ne? ^^;)

Soon, when/if I get my “Break It” fandance up, I’m planning on having a whole blog post dedicated to them. They’re <3333333333333333333333333333!!!


@Michigo: Nope, I didn’t get contacted by Avex. xDD I completely agree with you about the whole rejection e-mail thing. I’ll die of impatience if I never know what happened. xD


Random blabbityblab:

Morning Musume’s Naichau Kamo single was released today, so I’m looking forward to the dance shot version on Youtube soon! 😀 The close-up version and an Another Version version are already up, so I’m sure it’ll be up soon! ^^

So for about 2-3 months, my mic has been acting really funny and hadn’t been picking up voices as well as it used to. Yesterday, while recording some lines, I realized what the problem was: On Audacity, my input volume was all the way down. ROFL… I’m such a baka

-hits self with Sana’s mallet-

This mallet to be exact! She hits people with it when she thinks they’re acting stupid. xD

Hmm… for some reason, I’ve been writing a lot of songs for some reason. xDDD My parents keep telling me that I should post my original songs/compositions on Youtube one day, but bleh… I dunno. ^^;;


So yup, thanks for reading my random all-over-the-place blog post! 😀

Ohh, almost forgot:

Awwwwwwwwwww~! Shooooooo cute~!!!
Oh, random comment: When I was randomly looking at pictures of Yama in Google, I saw that this was a picture from Ebah‘s blog. xDDD So… thank you, Ebah-chan~!!! x33 <333