First of all, we got out of school at 12 because of a snow storm~! YAHOO! Best of all, they’re not going to take today’s snowday away from our vacation because we already went to school! 😀

You have been warned~~~ ^^


So today, I was looking for some anime stuff online, and I came across a show that I feel incredibly guilty for never finishing: KODOMO NO OMOCHA, also known as Kodocha.

Out of the 102 episodes, I’ve seen, like the first 45. I was watching it on TV a couple years ago, but right after episode 45, the network would never show the next episode and start from the beginning. >.>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

So, I’ve started from episode 45 and I’m watching the original Japanese version. I miss Akito and Sana’s English voices, though! xD Akito’s voice was freaking hot, and Sana’s voice was so adorable and perfect! 🙂

Ahhhh… the part I watched yesterday was SOOOOOOOO sad. ;____; I don’t want to ruin it for people who haven’t seen the show. Well now, I’m starting season 2!!! :DDDDD Aww, I don’t even want to think about the show ending… ;_;

So, I’ll sum up the story so far: The protagonist is Sana Kurata, an 11-year-old actress who is very hyper and cheerful almost all the time. However, at school, she has to deal with Akito Hayama, (fangirl scream here) who is causing chaos in their class. He basically is leading a war between the class’s boys and girls. At the same time, he blackmailed the teachers with pictures of them kissing (xD;). Eventually, Sana was able to get through to Akito, and throughout the show, they become really fond of each other. As Akito puts it, he doesn’t hate her, meaning he loves her! :DDD SanaxAkito FTW~! :DDD Akito’s mother died giving birth to him, so his sister hated him for that. Plus, his father was always busy with work. Then, Sana came to the rescue and brought them all together~!

Aww, there’s so much drama later on, too… arrggg, I don’t feel right talking about it here. I could ruin so much! xD

So anyways, I’ve started Season 2 yesterday, and Sana, Akito, and their friends are starting middle school! Their uniforms are so cute~! But Akito in a uniform is…


On the first episode of the second season, Sana meets Fuka Matsui, a girl who she finds out she has a lot in common with, and the two become good friends. But then… it looks like Fuka and Akito have a past, since at the end of the episode, she slaps him. >.>” -coughISN’TAFUKAFANcough- OMG, I really can’t stand competition in anime, but I have a really good feeling that Sana and Akito are going to end up together~! They better… xD;;; So, it’s actually a love square. xD I forgot to mention Naozumi, a really famous child actor who’s in love with Sana and gets very competitive with Akito. o.o;

So, this is how it is: Naozumi love Sana; Sana loves Akito; Akito loves Sana; Fuka loves Akito xDDD

It’s VERY intense. xD

People know that Inuyasha is my favorite anime, but I’m starting to have second thoughts. ^^; I mean, Kodocha has A LOT I can relate to, and I have never cried so much over an anime series. ;_; Plus, I downloaded the soundtracks yesterday~! I LOVE background music in anime! There’s one piece in Kodocha that always makes me cry for some reason… it’s Sana and Akito’s theme song… I just love their story and relationship.

The OP/ED songs are PWN awesome. 😀 Ultra Relax is definitely my favorite OP, and argh… I can’t decide between the endings. xD I really want to learn the dance for Ultra Relax! It’s just so hilarious and cute… it’s definitely my permanent cheer-up song. 🙂

I want to travel around the world and do something like this:

LOL!!! This is too great ❤ I would probably make a fool of myself dancing in front of people like this, but I love the song too much to care xD

And LOL… Sana’s random rapping/singing always gets a giggle out of me. She’s so cute and funny and sweet and… amazing. ❤ I think she and Akito are my favorite anime couple ever~!

Here’s one of my favorite ones:

ROFLROFLROFL, I love Akito. “Okay, you lost me with the singing.” xDDD -dies-

Everyone: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. It has touched me so deeply and made me laugh so much~! You just have to watch it! xD If not for me, then for Babbit!

Haha, Babbit. ❤ He’s like, the random second-person narrator. He’s so adorkableeee ^^

There are SO many characters in this show, and I’m sure there’s something in here everyone can relate to.

This scene was so cute~! Awwwwwwwwww!!! <333 Little love moments like these made/will make me cry while watching Kodocha! Especially with that bg music in the background! xD

Now, this scene got be bawling for, who knows how long. xD; Here, Sana pretended to be like Akito’s mother and he comforted her. This was just the sweetest scene… <33333

;___; Awwwwww~! <333

GRRRRR. >.>”


So, in the end, Kodocha has a little bit of everything for everone: Comedy, suspense, romance, and everything in between~! This show really can bring out the inner-child in everyone. <333

I’m sorry that was a long post. xD;;; I just had to let all of these emotions out. xD;

I hope I got at least one person to check Kodocha out who never heard of it before. 🙂


Okay, a little bit more stuff and I’m done, I promise. ^^

First of all, a preview of Berryz’ new single, “Dakishimete, Dakishimete,” has been released~!

First of all, thank you Tsunkun, for finally giving Berryz a mature song~! I believe their last mature single was “Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba.” The instruments are hot here~! It’s so exotic… I still hear mostly Risako, but the line distribution is a little similar to Madayade. I LOVE IT. ❤ I have a stronger hope for Berryz now ^^ I hope the PV is as amazing as the song. ^^ It reminds me a little bit of Koi no Jubaku~~~

Awwwww, the Elders Club graduated on the 1st. ;____;

WOW. Nono has changed a lot. ^^;;;; She’s lost a lot of weight, but she’s still her hyper, lovable self~! ^^

WOW, I just can’t believe it. The Elders Club… I mean, all of those former-H!P members… are gone. ;________; Well, at least they’ll be able to live an easier life without all of H!P’s rules.


Okie, okie… Nami’s done now. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Sekushiiiiiiii ❤