Today was the last day of my midterms!!! :DDDD We got out at 9:45 today! xDD;

To celebrate, my mom made me a pancake xD; It was chocolate chip, with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and marshmallows, topped with some whipped cream. Yeah, one pancake fills me up o.o;


YUM. ❤


So, after talking with Ruru, Ebah, and Michigo on MSN, we decided to maybe do a groupdance/groupdub of “Minna no Tamago.” So, I really wanted to cosplay it~! I really wanted to cosplay Amulet Clover/Fukuda Kanon/Su, mostly because green is my favorite color! xD But also because Kanon is sooooooo cute! ^^ So, about 2 months ago, I asked my mom if she could ask her good friend to sew it, since she’s like, a pro~~~ She said yes then! But, today, I found out that my mom’s friend started making it for me a long time ago because she knew how much I loved Shugo Chara and the color green xD;;;;;; Soooo, I learned today that it’s going to be done soon~! -spazz mode- Hmm, no wonder she didn’t need Su’s picture. xDDD I’m planning on learning the Minna no Tamago dance and getting my cosplay together soon! :DDD

Random: I LOVE Ebah’s cosplay of Miki~!!! <33333


So yup, a while ago, the “Naichau Kamo” PV came out! -is too lazy to get link-
The PV is nice. To me, it’s like a combination of AS FOR ONE DAY (Rain,) Resonant Blue (Darkness,) and Kanashimi Twilight (Outfits). I wish H!P would have a PV with a storyline and real plot. xD; I hope 2009 becomes the year when that happens! 😀 I’m hoping to come up with a similar outfit sometime soon~! 🙂


@Michigo- Hmm… my would-be-self… well, at first, if I don’t know someone too well, I’m INCREDIBLY shy. But, if we become close, then I’ll be… bubbly and not-so-shy? xD;;


Oohhhhhh~!!! So today, I’ve tested for a great burrito recipe because my dad offered me a job where I can make a bunch of original burritos and he can sell them~! :DDD I’m kinda broke ATM, so a little pocket money wouldn’t hurt. ID


Yama-kun PIC OF THE DAY:


Awwwwww~! He would make such a wonderful present- daydreams-

Man, I can’t wait for HSJ’s new singleeee! SQUEEEE!

Hmm… so I guess that’s it~! See Ruru, I finally updated~! :DDD <333