because Namimi’s sick. ;_____; Seriously, this fever came out of nowhere! Well, I guess one good thing is that I’m missing school tomorrow and there’s nothing important going on tomorrow… yay? xD; But, what’s really sad is that I’ve left so many recording projects I started this weekend incomplete ;____; -sigh-
But the main reason “Naichau Kamo” is my post title is because of… well, “Naichau Kamo,” Morning Musume’s 38th-soon-to-be-released single!!! :DDD

First of all, I’m like, IN LOVE with the song for many reasons.

1. The beginning “Kamo Kamo Kamo Kamo”

2. Not only are Ai and Reina, the usual leads, are leads of this song, but we hear a fair amount of GakiKame power and some lines from Sayu! xD I guess Tsunku listened to her when she asked for more singing parts on national television. xD

3. Koharu’s not a lead. I mean, I don’t have a problem with her, it’s just that ever since she came, we’ve been hearing more and more of her and less of the other members

What’s I’m a little sad about:

1. No lines for Junjun and Linlin. ;___; -sigh- Maybe next time…


After waiting impatiently,  H!P finally let out a teeny tiny preview of the PV:

The outfits look reallly cool~!!! I hope the full PV is released before the dance-shot… well, I already know I’m DEFINITELY going to learn this dance, and this preview has given me an idea of what kind of outfit I want to wear xD

I really love that close-up of Gaki-san… you see like, tiny sparks falling in front of her! It’s nice to see that Tsunku’s spending more money on PVs and making them look less… cheap. ID I love everybody’s expressions, too! They look so serious and mature… I love it!

I’m still waiting for the day ANY H!P single sells at least 100,000 copies… Ooh, the Elder Club’s graduation concert tour began yesterday… ahhh, it’s going to be so sad ;____;

OHHHH, which reminds me~!!! I’m pretty late, but finally, I’ve seen a recent picture of NONO!!!!!


Just like Aibon, she’s gotten a haircut, too, but it makes her look more motherly… but, she’s still as cute as she was before she left… I’m so happy she’s going to be attending the graduation. I still think Aibon would make the graduation perfect, but Nono and Iida being there will be nice. ^^


Oohhhh, also, Buono! and Koharu’s new PVs came out yesterday!

Buono!’s co-no-mi-chi:

The song is super cute! It really seems to give me strength… Ahhh, I love Miya’s hair cut! The PV is really cute! It shows them walking on one path through different places! Hawaiian-themed Buono!= WIN. xD <333

Kusumi Koharu’s HapiHapi Sunday!:

Definitely better than Papancake. xDDD;;; Her voice sounds really nice when she’s singing low. Her talking parts at the beginning were pretty catchy and cute, too… At the soft part at the end, I didn’t just like her voice… I LOVED IT. o.o Seriously, she sounds really nice when she sings softly. And, during that part, did anyone else hear vibrato at the “furue” part? o____0 She’s really improving…


So… looking at my previous post, I FORGOT TO POST A YAMA PICTURE OF THE DAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! -runs to corner, full of shame- ;____;

Fangirl Nami, awakennnnnnnn~~~ >D


Gosh, this picture is so hot, but at the same time, so cuteee~ o.o <333


Now this picture, on the other hand, solely SHOUTS, “HOTTTTTT” xD You can see how much his face has matured, since a lot of the baby fat is gone



AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me quite a while to stop “aww-ing” at this picture… YamaChi Love <3333333333 AWWWWWWW! xD

Well, that’s all for now… umm, I love you! ❤