So yup, school got canceled on Friday! YAYYYYYYY~! xD The snow storm was expected to start at 9 AM, which is why I woke up at like, 8:30, but the snow actually started to fall at like, 1 PM. xD;;; We could’ve gone to school, but we would’ve probably had an early release. Oh well, Nami’s not complaining. ^___^

Even as I’m typing this post, it’s snowing xDDD; School might get canceled tomorrow, too. If that’s so, then all I’ll have is Tuesday, then VACATIONNNNNNNNN! 😀

1 PM

3 PM

5 PM

7 PM


Lol, a Winter Wonderland (AKA my backyard xP)


Wow, everyone’s going to places for Christmas~! Michigo’s in Las Vegas, Ebah’s going to LA… and she might meet Ruru-chaaaaan~! -dies of jealousy- xDDD; I hope you guys have a great time! I’m going with my older brother to NJ to stay with my cousins. Yeah, there’s 9 people in that house, so you could never get bored. xDDD; When I’m there, My cousins and I just make random, ridiculous movies with the worst make-up ever. xD; But yeah, that’s why I love going there. We might go by bus, which is a first for me. Well, not the bus, but going to visit relatives on a bus. xD


Okay, is it me, or is this whole hate thing on Youtube getting out of hand? o.o; There’s this one guy who apparently doesn’t like me, or any of my videos, so he just wrote bad comments on both of my dancing videos, which I deleted. Now, he’s starting to comment on groupdubs I was in and saying he doesn’t like my voice. I mean, I don’t care that he doesn’t like my voice, it’s just that, isn’t it a little immature to go all out to prove that you don’t like someone? ID But yeah, many H!P dubbers have been targets, so I know I’m not alone. We will join together and end this! -is determined-


Time for fangirlismmmmmm!

Gosh, Yama-kun’s reactions to everything are <3333. The guy who said he liked Yama was a little… strange. xD But Yama’s “kimochi warui” was hilarious! xD;