Haha, yes… sorry for not updating in like, ages. ID Yeah, I’ve been starting my blog entries with that apology a lot, huh? xD;;; But Winter Break is coming up, so I’ll try to blog more! ^^

Hmm…. sooo, wordpress has updated and changed the “format” of your new post… WOW, I’ve missed a lot ^^;


School is alright… Ooh!!! The funniest thing happened today~! So 6th period, which is Biology, my class was working in the computer lab. But, nobody finished and our teachers needed the papers today. The bell rang, so she decided to give us some more time and she’d give us a pass to our next class. Funny thing is that, almost everyone in that class was in my next class. xD;;; So, we all went to each other’s locker, safe with our pass… it was so much fun! We were like, a group of 12 kids, huddled up at one locker! xD Our English teacher for our next class flipped out… but, thank goodness for the pass! 😀

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have a paper and a powerpoint/poster due on Monday~! And the worst part of it is… I have to present first. x________X Someone want to pretend to be me for a day? xD;;;;; Our teacher put the numbers in a hat, and I just HAD to draw one… WHY ME?!?!?!?

^_^;; Ehehe…

Ooh, new fandub! xD;

I actually sang this for an online anime singing contest I was invited to… it was a challenge, but I like challenges! 😀 The prize for winning the contest is $100 dollars. 😮 Blah, I just want the love of anime singing to spread! xD


Kawaiiimusume made their comeback on the 7th! YAYYYYYY~! KM is super important/special to me… It was my first dub group ever and everyone is so nice! It’s nice too see KM active again! Please comment if you have time!


So thanks to Miss.PyonChan, (xDD; AKA Michigo) I’ve spent about every day after school just searching/fangirling over pictures of Yama-kun. xD;;; He’s just so… I have no words to describe him, he’s just that amazing. <333

Now, I want to have a “picture-of-the-day,” featuring Yama-kun! 😀