Before I talk about the auditions, I just want to talk about a few random things.

First of all, Nami has made it to 300 subscribers on YT~!!! -dances- Thank you so much~!!! I’m so happy that you guys like my videos so much that you subscribe and support me soooooooo much. I LOVE YOU GUYS~! ❤ Also, congratulations to our Michigo-chan for reaching 300 subscribers as well~!!! YAYYYYY!!!

Next. I didn’t realize it, but a couple days ago, I had accomplished participating in 100 groupdubs. WOW. That’s a lot… ATM, I’ve been in 106. Groupdubs are just so much fun~!!! Thank you to the many people who have invited me to join their groups and their projects. I’ll blog later about specific groups and stuff.

Third. Okay, I promise this is the last random thing. I GOT MY BRACES OFF~!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -jumps in air- WOOOOOOHHHHH~!!! I have to go back for my retainer in like, a month, but at least I have no metal on my teeth! 😀 The dentist gave me a bag of candy w/ popcorn, and a balloon. Yeah, my dentist, he’s pretty awesome… ^^





EWWWWWWW. I look devious here. xDDD; I know this isn’t normal, but all of the other pictures weren’t normal either. This is surprisingly the most normal picture in my small photo-session. It’s HARD to take a good picture by yourself. xDDD But yeah, STRAIGHT TEETHHHHHHHH~!!! 😀 Okay, now back to the real point of this post…

Okay, one last thing. xD; Sorry I lied… but, I have a new dance video up! o.o;;;;; Yeah, ultimate fail, but whatever. I had fun, so that’s all that matters, right? I actually learned Tokaikko Junjou for the Avex auditions, so I recorded this a couple of days ago.

The auditions. What an unforgettable experience.

So, my audition was scheduled for 4 PM, and the audition location was about 2 hours away from where I live, so I bugged my parents to leave at 12. But then, nobody had eaten anything, so we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a REALLY quick stop. Yeah, when it comes to being punctual, I’m a freak. ^^;

But yeahhhhhh… so we got right to S.I.M Studios at about 3:30, so I was calm. But then, all of my nerves were shaking. xD;;; My stomach was hurting a lot too, so I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to project my voice. Since the e-mail said to come no more than 10-15 minutes early, my dad and I got out of the car at 3:45. So, I signed in, got my sticker… I was # 122. xD I had to put the sticker on the top left corner of my chest. So after that, the guy sent me to the waiting room in the back where there was a candy machine, bathrooms, a water fountain, and a coffee machine. When I got to the back of the room, the guy had me stand in front of a dark wall and took a head-shot and full body photo. Then, I sat back down on the couch. I actually felt more calm in the actual place than in the car. ^^; Then, like 5 minutes later, the guy told me that I was going to be on soon. So, to be safe, I went to the bathroom and practiced really quickly in there. xP Then, when I came out, my dad said, “You’re up.” OHHHHH MAAAAAAAAN. So, I took one last sip of water, took out my music CD from my bag, and I was off…

I opened the door to the stage room, and there they were, the Avex judges. I smiled at them, handed my music CD to the technical guy, and got on the small platform-ish stage. The guy came to me and asked me if I wanted to use the mic stand or if I wanted to hold the mic. Without thinking, I said I wanted to hold the mic. Before he got off stage, the guy told me that when he’d point to me, he’d start filming and I’d have to say my name, my number, and my age. I kept forgetting, so I kept saying it over and over in my head. xDDD;;;;;

-guy points-

Me: Name, #122, Age 15.

-music starts-

Oh, before I continue on:
Judge #1= Japanese English-Speaking Female
Judge #2= Japanese-Speaking Male
Judge #3= Japanese Female w/ a Slight Accent

Yeah, I sang Amuro Namie’s “Dreaming I was Dreaming.” So the three judges were, from left to right: The Japanese English-speaking female, the Japanese-speaking male, and then a Japanese female with a slight accent. I looked down an awful lot, but I moved around a little, like stepping side-to-side, so the judges wouldn’t be bored. It kinda worked… Judge 2 and 3 were REALLY focusing on me. ^^;;;;; But, Judge #1 smiled a lot, which made me feel better. What’s funny is that when I’m nervous, I reach a lot of notes I usually can’t reach. xDDD ANYWAYS…

I was really surprised they didn’t stop me. o.o The song was like, 5 minutes long. I didn’t even get to do my dance routine, but I guess I didn’t really mind…

So then, it was time for the questions. A lot of them caught me off-guard. I mean, I looked through the Soompi forums and read about other peoples’ experiences, and they asked me a lot of different questions. Also, Judge 2 laughed a lot… o.o;;; I didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad, but whatever… Oh, and it seemed like they had my original application in front of them, since Judge 2 had a monitor right in front of him and he looked at it a lot.

Judge 1- So, how did you learn the lyrics to the song?
Me- I searched the song online and found the lyrics. (She translated for the male for the whole session.)
Judge 1- Are you from India?
Me- No, I’m from Pakistan.
All Judges- Ohhhh. xDDD (I wanted to laugh because they looked cute Oh-ing like that in unison, but it would’ve seemed rude, so I just smiled.)
Judge 1- How long have you played keyboard?
Me- About 3 years.
-whisper whisper whisper-
Judge 3- What’s your height?
Me- Umm… about 5’4.
-whisper whisper whisper-
Me- ^^;
Judge 3- Please come here…
*Walks over to judge. She made me stand beside her to compare heights. Man, I was short. xD; Then, she made us stand back to back-
Judge 3- Okay.
*I walk back to the stage and grab the microphone*
Judge 3- Are you wearing make-up?
Me- Yes, I am. -smiles-
Judge 1- So, what kind of music do you like to dance to?
Me- I like to dance to music mainly in the pop genre.
Judge 1- Do you take vocal lessons.
Me- No, I don’t. I participate in school choir, but I don’t take and specific vocal lessons.
Judge 1- What grade are you in?
Me- I’m in 10th grade.
-whisper whisper whisper-
Judge 1- Alright, thank you.

*walks out*

So, that’s basically it. Man, I have never gained so much confidence before. xD; I mean, dude, I just auditioned for AVEX TRAX. I think auditioning for small solos in choir are going to be easier now… I really did have fun. And I’m going to keep my sticker forever and ever and ever….. ^^

Ne, Ruru… I just read your new blog post. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE!!! xDDDD

Hmm… I forgot to ask about when the results will be announced, and how. o.o;;; Oh well, we’ll see what happens…