First of all, I want to talk about the Avex Auditions. xD; Tonight, for the first time EVER, I let my parents hear my fandubs… and they didn’t know it was me. xD;;;;;;;; Surprisingly, they were impressed! xD I showed them my “Akai Nikkichou” dub, my “Rinne no Hate ni…” dub, and my “Thanks!” duet with Maririn. I sang a live performance for them of Boogie Train ’03, since that song was jammed into my head, and also since I sung it for my 2nd Solo single in TU!P:

Please comment? xD;

So, tomorrow, I’m going to get a decent picture of myself, and I’m going to sign up for the New York auditions. I’m really excited… and nervous. xD;;;;;;; Guys, you really should audition, too!!! :DDDDDDDDDD I’m going to practice A LOT!!! I know Michigo’s auditioning too, so, best of luck, Michigo!!! We’re all routing for you!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’ll also do my best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m planning on singing Memory ~Seishun no Hikari~ as my “strong” song. I’m not sure about what song to show how soft I can make my voice. Any suggestions?

And for the horrible news:

Tsunku’s comment

I have some important news to share.

All members of H!P Elder Club, namely Morning Musume OG (Nakazawa Yuuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Konno Asami, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki), Inaba Atsuko, Satoda Mai (Country Musume), Melon Kinenbi, Maeda Yuki, Matsuura Aya, Miyoshi Erika, Okada Yui and Ongaku Gatas, will be graduating from Hello!Project on 31.3.2009.

Most of theses girls have already graduated from Morning Musume and other groups.
They have been appearing on stage since they were teenagers.

After the 10th year anniversary has passed, they have realized that it is necessary to smash through the stereotypes that have been built up for them by now, and find courage to begin a new path towards their future careers.

Personally, I have big expectations for their future efforts, and I would like to announce my support for these girls.

I also hope you will keep supporting both current Hello!Project members and the members who are going to graduate.

Hello!project producer Tsunku


Do you guys believe this? Do you guys believe this, because I honestly don’t. I think it’s safe to say that this is the ABSOLUTE WORST news H!P has ever given us. This is a super gigantic terrible crazy mistake. However, it all ties in with them being an idol. They’ve been performing for a long time, and idols are supposed to be young, so it makes sense. But seriously, the Elder Club has SO many of H!P’s most talented and popular members. It’s not right…

After hearing this, I’m really crushed about the fact that Nono isn’t going to be able to make her comeback into H!P. Also, Mikitty has made her comeback, and it seems like it doesn’t matter. The Melons are graduating too… it’s so sad that they didn’t get as much attention as they deserved. They were seriously an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING group!!! But now… it’s almost the end.

And Ayaya. The sweet, lovable, and popular Matsuura Aya is graduating, too. =OOOOOOOOO

So many of the girls in the Elders Club have made me really happy with their humor and singing.
For example, Ishikawa “Charmy” Rika.

In the beginning, I actually thought Rika was annoying. xD;;; Just how I felt about Sayumi in the beginning. But then, I found some pretty funny clips of her, and I found myself laughing so hard that my parents were worried. xD;;;;

LOL, she’s afraid of chickens. xD;;; She’s so cute though… her smile makes me smile, And her English, or should I say… Engrish.

Haha… do Japanese people really need to know this phrase? xDDDDDDDDD But, how adorable is her expression when she says “To kill two birds with one stone.”? And I love her effort in all of Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons…

ROFL… her wink killed the “romantic” mood, but how cute is she?????? xD;;;

-sigh- I’m really going to miss Charmy… It’s cool how she’s in HANGRY & ANGRY with Yossie, one of her closest friends. This is probably her final unit in H!P… so sad 😦


I’m going to miss Mikitty, too… she’s one of my favorite H!P members ever.

Her “mean” and “bad-girl” reputation always made me laugh. She’ s really cool… she’s so gorgeous and her voice is <33333333!

LOL… Miki’s laugh gets me every time. xD; It’s freaky, but at the same time, cute. 3:19… rofl, Yossie… “ITAIIIII KOHARUUUUUUU!” -clutches her shirt- I’m going to miss Yossie, too… But seriously, 1:57 makes me crack up so hard. xD

I was pretty upset about how she resigned from Morning Musume because of her “scandal.” I was really looking forward to how she would lead the group. Sadly, that never happened… I got even more upset when she decided to sing enka-style songs. That’s not the Mikitty I idolized, but still, she’s really strong and I still admire her!

But still… GAM’s never going to make their comeback. Now, that really sucks… >_<;

-mope- I’m going to really miss them…


But, the saddest news to me was about…


From the beginning, Nono and Aibon were super adorable to me. They were always happy and so funny and wacky. But, their friendship always inspired me. Yeah, that’s corny… but it’s true. ^^;;

In the beginning, WAYYYY back when Nono auditioned for Morning Musume, she sounded like Koharu. xD;; Her voice was pretty weak and fragile… but man oh man, she seriously improved! Her voice is so strong!!!!! She can even sound as strong as Mikitty… no lie…

Her Reina impression was, alright, but her Mikitty… was incredible. xDDDDDDDDD; And that eye thing is pretty scary… but hilarious. xD; As usual, Aibon is her super adorable self. xD

Nono was DEFINITELY random at times:

L. O. L. This video never gets old for me. xD;;;; Aibon’s laugh is super adorable and Nono… was being Nono. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD; I seriously love this video to bits! It always made me smile, no matter how sad I was…

Now for a video that always makes me cry:

The first time I saw this, I cried SOOOOOO much. I was so sad that they were leaving the MoMusu family, but I was extremely happy that they were still going to be together in W. They both sound fabulous here, even though they’re crying. Well, Aibon was crying, which got me, but I could tell that Nono was controlling her tears and being as strong as she could. I’ve watched the whole graduation, and it’s totally worth watching! They were like the twins of the MoMusu family…

You can tell how much they gave into their performances, especially this one… I was so happy to see that Aibon managed to hit her high note. That high note BELONGS to her. Nobody can ever do it like her.

I was devastated about Aibon’s termination in 2006. Her interview this year was one of the best things for me:

She seriously has changed SO much. I honestly don’t like her after she lost weight, but she’s more mature and beautiful… I really miss her curly hair, too. 😦 You guys should see the whole interview. It made me cry… she talked about her times after being fired from H!P, which included things about her trying to kill herself. o.o; That’s just extreme… I love how honest she’s being, though. You can tell it’s hard for her to talk about it, but it’s just nice to have her back. She seems to be happy on her own, and I’m really looking forward to her movie, “Kung Fu Chef.”

Haha, go Aibon, goooooooooooooooooooo! I’m really happy she’s doing well and I’m REALLY happy that she still stays in touch with Nono… 🙂 I hope this movie is successful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333 She was seriously, in my opinion, the best Japanese idol ever! She’s the perfect idol for young girls, and she’s just so adorable! She is still and will always be my idol.


Now, back to Nono… xD;;;

She must be pretty happy, with her husband and her daughter, Noa. They seem like a really cute family. I was REALLY looking forward to her comeback after she settled down… but it looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon. It was bad enough that one “U” of W had to leave… but, seeing the other one leave too… is just sad. 😦

I was looking forward to her showing us Noa, too… -sighhhhhhh- Maybe she might perform in a final Elders Club concert. That would be nice…


This is a really bad move for H!P, considering all of the scandals that have occurred and all of the wonderful members they have lost. I will still support them and wish them luck for their futures! They’re really talented, so I’m sure they can be successful, even out of H!P. I hate to say it, but after this, I’m not even sure that H!P will survive for too long…

I actually cried while writing this and reading the news… it’s pathetic, but true. Many of these members have made me so happy. They really inspired me… this is really sad…

Oh, and sorry for the long post! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;