BAASUDEI. 🙂 Haha, love how I took that from Berryz Koubou’s “TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY” and changed the “watashi” to “futari?” xDDD

Happy Birthday, Maririnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Happy Birthday to, me! xD; Happy birthday to everyone that is celebrating their birthday todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

I have never felt so happy EVER. o.o Today was like, a perfect day for me. 😮

School was pretty hilarious. I have a hyper, yet very cute friend who is in almost all of my classes who got the rest of the class to sing “Happy Birthday” to me… EVERY TIME. xDDDD; Being the shy person I am, I just smiled, looked down, and thanked everyone. Yeah, typical me. xD

The only bad part about today was GYM. Yeah, G. Y. M, GYM. >.>” It was freezing today, and despite that, our teacher made us run a practice mile. My chest hurt so bad. My teacher saw me crying from the pain, so he just stopped me on like my 3rd lap, out of 4. ^^;;; Yeah, running just isn’t my thing AT ALL.


Lunch was probably my favorite time of the day! All my friends know me super well, because they got me what they know I love: SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!! xDDD Brownies, cookies, candy make Nami VERYYYY happy. 😀 I wub them.

And the end of the day… I WENT HOME! : DDDDD


Ahhhhhh, it’s the 9 month anniversary of Chibi♥Love!!! So, Maririn and I did two duets. The first one was our debut song, “Thanks!”

Wowwww, we improved. A LOT. 😮 Since I’ve been so fascinated about having the same birthday as such a terrific and talented girl like MaririnI went back in all of my PMs and found mine and her’s first PM to each other:

Nami: Konnichiwa, Mari-chan. I’m Nami. I think your voice is really cute and sweet. Since we both love H!P, I added you as a friend. I was wondering, if we could do a duet together.

Mari: hihi~ sorry for replying late! I wasn’t able to use internet the past week! >0<
sure~~ which song would u like to sing~ ^0^

Yeah, I had to go back like 4,000 messages, since I never delete them, but it was totally worth it. <333

Here’s our second duet, “TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY” by Berryz Koubou.

Happy Birthday, Maririn-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!! Man, I wish one day, we could meet and celebrate our birthday together. <3333333333333333333

Also, happy birthday to Angel-chan from TU!P, and Gwen Stefani, and my friend’s mom, and my friend’s brother. xDDD; I didn’t know so many people had the same birthday as me. xDDDD


Wuahhhhhh, today, I uploaded my first dance video. o.o

MWAHAHAHA, I didn’t post the link here. >D So, now, you can actually think before you decide to watch it, or not. Feel free to comment, or not. xDD;

It was really weird. While the video was uploading, my heart was beating really fast. ^^;;; I never felt so nervous before. xDDD;


Yayyy, my cakeeeeeeee! I mean, mine and Maririn’s cake. ;D

Yeah, I cut off my name. xDDD;

I’m a chocoholic and would normally have a chocolate cake for my birthday, but if I could choose any othe cake, I would choose this. It’s a delicious fruit cake. No, not as in Christmas fruit cake, like, a soft cake with yummy fruits in it! It had strawberries, peaches, and yummy frosting!!!!!!!! Want some? 😉


My uncle lives with us, so he gave me $100. ^^ My family got me…

AN iPod Touch! ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! My old iPod nano messed up, so this makes up for it! xDDDD;;; 32 GBs. Wow, that’s a lot… xDDD


Okay, I guess here’s sorta a “present” for you guys. Well, actually, not. xDDD

Yeahhhhh, it was a special occasion, so I figured I’d take a picture. xD;

Eww, I look so weird. o.o” Just skip this picture and move on…


Thank you to everyone, especially Maririn-chan, for helping making this year amazing! Aside from the bad things that brought me down, you guys made this year better than ever! I wub you guys! Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh! Daisuki desuuuuuuuuuuuuu <333333333333333333333