Augh… if there’s anything I hate, it’s being sick. VERY SICK. And sadly, it has happened. 😦

Well, I didn’t go to school today, which was a good thing. BUT, I had 5 tests today. x_x Oh well… I guess I’ll just have to make them up tomorrow along with my possible truck-load of make-up work. >.<”

@Ebah- I’m really really sorry about your foot. :*( Is it doing any better?

@Ruru- Aww, it’s okay if you didn’t make it through in the auditions. The most important thing is that you had fun. Plus, you have plenty of time to practice and go “Wow” the SM judges again!

So… that’s it. o.o Wow, I’m guessing this is my shortest post ever. Well, that’s a good thing!

So yeah… bye? ^^;