Today, something awkward happened to me.

Alright, I’ll stop being dramatic. xDDDD;

So every Wednesday, our school lets us out at 1:15 and there are no buses. So, my brother and I were waiting for our mom. My brother’s friend called him over to talk to him about something, so I was waiting by myself. Then, behind me, I hear a voice. It was my 6-year crush, Ryan. o.o I really liked him when we met in 2nd grade. He was just this cute, bubbly kid who I could talk to about anything. But then, as we got older, our classes changed, and he met new people. Even though we had no classes for like 5 years, I still said hi to him in the hallway. He would wave, then I’d smile, but when I’d approach him, I’d realize that he wasn’t saying “Hi” to me. He was saying it to his new best friend… FEMALE friend. >.>;

That’s when I decided that I hated him, but then I thought about it and I was the immature one in the situation. I honestly never thought that we would ever talk again, considering that he has changed so much and hangs out with people I never thought he’d hang out with.

So, being the weird person I am, I remembered our conversation today:



Ryan: Hey…

~Nami turns around~

Nami: Hey!

Ryan: How’s school going?

Nami: -points to the right- It’s going that way…

Both LOL

Nami: How’s it going for you?

Ryan: -points to the left- That way!

Nami: So… no classes again. >.>;

Ryan: Yeah, I know… Oh, is Jake (My current closest guy friend) in any of your classes?

Nami: Yeah, he’s in almost all of my classes.

Ryan: Oh… are you guys still close friends?

*random note* Back when we were really close, Ryan used to always think that Jacob and I were in love with each other. xDDD*

Nami: Yup… So…

~Ryan’s cellphone rings and he walks away~

Nami: o.0”


So, that was my awkwardness for the day. xD; I don’t know, after he walked away, I could feel myself blushing with anger, but also some happiness and relief. I was upset how after such a long time, he just randomly decided to talk to me. But, I was happy that he didn’t forget me. Seriously, in High School, about 3 “close friends” I used to have barely talk to me and act like they don’t know me anymore. High School really does change people. -sigh-


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tomorrow’s picture day!!!!!!!!!!! -crawls under rock- I really don’t like picture day. First of all, the backgrounds are really horrible and tacky. Second, Nami’s not photogenic, third, I don’t look good in pictures! Did I mention that I’m not photogenic? :O I did? Oh well…. -grabs megaphone- I’M NOT PHOTOGENIC!!!!


I really want to get out of my town. Seriously, I don’t want to be here right now. WAY too much is going on… Anyone, feel free to kidnap me. PLEASE.

-stays under rock-