Wow… I haven’t updated in like, forever. xD; Well, considering how most of my posts are boring, that’s a good think, right? ^_^

So… yesterday was my little sister’s 11th birthday. 🙂 It really seems like an important age. xD Sooooo… to celebrate… we went to IHOP. xDDD; Well, my sister’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so we figured that it’s what she would want. MMMMMMMM. ^^

My parents gave her a really funky piano and lots of toys. She always gets happy when someone starts to sing the birthday song, lol.

Ooohhh… my mom made the most delicious cake.

It’s a Cookie’s & Cream cake. YUM. I had the most, since nobody loves chocolate as much as I do in my family. xDD;

Oh, I sang a dub for her, too:

This is one of those rushed dubs. xD; I might re-do it. I totally agree with Michigo, though. I want to hear more dubs from everybody, too!!! 😀

And that was the end of that.


Yesterday, I got my 200th subscriber!!! 😀 Thank you guys so much! I wouldn’t have ever made it this far without your support! I love you guys! <3333


Ohhhhhh… today, my mom, my sister, and I went shopping! 🙂 I got to buy an outfit, which is for my hopefully-possible dance video. xD; Oh, before I go on, RURU, I WANT TO SEE YOU DANCE MORE. xD; You’re torturing us with that 20 second preview. xP; Sooo… I’m not going to say what song it is or who it’s by. Let’s just say, the group is not too well-known, but they’re slowly getting popular. Ahh, whatever. I’m not too good, but I think my videos need variety. I have too many fandubs. xD;; Oh, and Ebah, I believe you said you were going to do a dance video of I think, “Tell Me,” so don’t think I’ve forgotten. -evil grin-

I didn’t fast all this weekend. xD;;; I feel really guilty. ^^;;;;;;;; But starting tomorrow, I’m fasting again. xD; It’s a little annoying when people forget at school and think I’m starving myself. o.0; But yeah, only half a month to go! Woot!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh, and Happy BIrthday to Morning Musume Leader Takahashi Ai! 🙂


Morning Musume’s 37th single is out! PEPPER KEIBU!!!

Hmm…. well, it’s an improvement from Resonant Blue, since everybody was actually shown and everybody actually got singing lines, instead of just “sounds,” like Sayu puts it. xDDD; I really don’t understand why Reina was the center, but Tsunku decides that. >_< I really don’t like how now, H!P is releasing the Dance Shot version of the PV before the actual PV. Or, is this the PV? o.o Well, I’m thinking of Resonant Blue, since the full PV, well “Another Version” came out, so hopefully, this isn’t the final product. xD;

The song itself is pretty funky and disco-ish. Sayu’s line at the end = <33333333333 Sayu really has gone up on my list of favorite members mostly because of how hard she works and how much she has improved without giving up.

Oooh, also, Berryz Koubou’s 5th Album came out! I think this album will do pretty well with this, considering that the album has a lot of variety. But… why did Risako get another solo song???? x_x” Well, surprisingly, I really liked her song. The beat was really cool, but her voice still sounded strained. ^^; But, she’s really improving. My favorite songs are “HAPPY! Stand Up,” “Baka ni Shinai de,” “REAL LOVE,” and “Yume o Ichi Tsubu ~Berryz Kobo Ending Theme~ / Berryz Kamen.” “Baka ni Shinai de” sounds like an anime-type song, which I find really cool! “HAPPY! Stand Up” sounds like a really good song to introduce the album with. Oh, I also liked “Ah Merry-go-round, but it was a little too slow. xD; I really love when Momoko sounds mature. Overall, this album is too awesome not to have. 🙂


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, we don’t have Gym for 2 weeks! 10 days!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! -freaks out- Seriously, Gym is like the class that has really been bringing me down. But now, we have Health… WHICH IS NOT GYM!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Man, Ebah will be really lucky if she gets to visit Ruru or Maririn. Seriously… it would be the coolest thing ever to meet you guys. ^_^

Augh…. the lines never end!!! >.>; Hopefully, I won’t have my life collapse right in front of me. Well, most of the time, school is the cause of that, but since there’s no gym for 2 weeks (sorry, I’m WAY too excited) hopefully things won’t be as bad.

Good luck for all you guys with school! <3333333 It seems like I haven’t been the only one who’s dealing with stuff like this. xD;