Great combo, right? Ehehe… WRONG. o.0;;;

I’m really sorry for sounding so pessimistic. You really don’t have to read this, just letting you know now. It’s pretty negative. I just wrote to get it all out. xD;;

I had a bad week…

First of all, my braces. They didn’t come off. Once again, my dentist got my hopes up for absolutely nothing but disappointment. >.>;;;;

Then, Gym. Ewwwwwwww… gym. Like Michigo, I have already begun to ache. In my body, and in my heart. xDDD; Wow, that was corny, but it’s true! ^^;

Alright, so yesterday, we ran half a mile. Of course, I was fasting, but my teacher said that I HAD to run. And I had a note, too! >.> What’s up with that! >O So yes, without any other options, I ran the half mile, which wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that our class didn’t stretch before starting. Of all of the students, I had to be the one to pull the muscles in BOTH of my legs. >.>” Why me?!?!?!?!?!?!? -crawls under rock- It still hurts wicked bad. I can barely walk, which sucks, since I was planning on recording a dance. x_x”

Then, here’s the “emotional” one. xD; Alright, so after the run outside, we came inside for some soccer. My teacher made me the goalie, which I really don’t like. Fact about Nami: HORIBBLE AT SPORTS. 😀

So, I was made goalie for the first part of the game and being the horrible athlete I am, I wasn’t quick enough and the other team made a goal. -sigh- Then, after half-time, we switched sides, and here’s the really bad part. It was the last 30 seconds of the game, and since most of our team was made up of obnoxious and extremely competitive guys. Of all people, I had to end up with the ball in those 30 seconds. As usual, the guys carelessly pressured me by screaming, “Just kick it anywhere!” I was freaking out, so accidentally, I. Kicked the ball. In our team’s goal. >.> -stays under rock- The whole team, excluding my friends, gave me attitudes and hated me. I handled the situation well though: Crying my eyes out in the girl’s locker room. ^^;

There are many other things that happened, but for those of you who chose to continue reading this, I’ll stop with the negativity.

I guess Nami won’t be the happiest girl in the world anytime soon… :*(

Okay, okay! Startinggggggggg……. NOW!


Alright! Now, happy things!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Umm… I have a new dub. xD; Alright, it’s not that happy.

It’s been like, over a year sine I’ve done an Inuyasha dub, which is sad, since it’s like my most favorite anime in the whole world! xD; Hmm… well, I was hungry while singing this, so it took A LOT of takes to get it right. There are still some mess-ups, but you won’t be mad at me for that, right? ^.^

Man, I still have lines to do! It seems like my list will never end! xD;;; Well, it’s kinda my fault for not knowing how to say “No.” ^^;;;;;;;

Hmmm…. uhhhh…. ooh, nope, I’ve got no other happy things to talk about. xD;;;;;;

Sorry if you read my sad post. xDDDD;