Ahh, I’m finally home, not that I was gone for too long. xD;;;; Okay, so before this long post, I’ll just clarify that we didn’t go to Hershey Park because they were having crappy weather. GRR. >.<;; So, we just spent our time in a bunch of different cities in New Hampshire.

Also, before this post, I would REALLY love to thank Ebah-chan for helping me with the you-know-what link. xD;;;;;;;

Alright, so where to start, where to start. Oh, okay! First of all, the car ride. Or not. It really wasn’t anything special, just a boring 4-hour ride listening to H!P and reading Breaking Dawn. Wow, it really is full of surprises.


Okay, here’s the first hotel we stayed at! Yeah, we changed eventually. xD;

Comfort Inn!

Lol… yeah, I took a picture of almost everything I saw with my camera. xDDD; Oh, did I mention that I got a camera? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Well, now you know! 🙂

So, we stayed in Comfort Inn from Tuesday to Friday.


So, after having a continental breakfast at the hotel, my dad took me to Wal-Mart, where I got the camera! ^^ Then after, we headed for our real first destination: Cog Mountain.

It’s basically a mountain that’s almost over 18,000 feet. It had a train that took us up to the top, where there was a cafeteria. ALL THE WAY UP ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN. It was freezing, and my brother made me look down, so I was pretty afraid to ride back down on the next train. There people wearing shorts and t-shirts, and I just stared at them. They were pretty strong to not even react to the cold. ^_^; ANYWAYS… the views you could get while you’re so high were so beautiful!

By the time we got down, my ears seriously hurt! xD; It’s 3 long hours, for both going up and coming down. SO, if any of you ever plan to come here, dress properly! ^_^

Then after that, we went to go eat at, umm, I think Pizza Hut. xD;;;

THEN, we went to the hotel, since we were tired. There, I stared at my camera and thought, “Hmm… what would my YT friends want me to do?” So, I attempted to take a picture of myself, which was pretty hard. ^_^;;; Yeah, there are just little things that can mess up a picture. So…

WARNING! WARNING! The image below may cause discomfort, so please, cover your eyes!

Your’s truly. Ehh… I look really weird here. As for the duck-pucker smile thing, well, I look really cheesy when I smile with my teeth, also considering that I have braces. ^_^; Maybe I should’ve brushed my hair. ^^;;; I was in my pajamas, so, ahhhh, whatever. Happy now? -coughcoughEBAHcoughRURUcoughcough- 🙂 Remember, I warned you.


The next day, we drove around while looking at brochures to choose another place to go to. Man, NH is loaded with green.

Then, we went to The Lost River.

This is basically a trail through a really deep forest, seeing many different angles of the river. The guy working there specifically said that it took over 5,000 steps to make it through. xDDDD

This bit was really cool! You got to go down and under into really tight caves! You had to get on your knees and basically force yourself through the tight spots! xD It was oodles of fun, though! 😀

I got tired by like the 50th staircase. xDDD;;

Then… we went to a place that easily became my favorite part of the whole place. Chutters.

3 words. HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.

112 feet of SWEET SWEET GOODNESS.Yeah, they measured it! No wonder it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records.

But what is a candy store without………..


Yay, M&M’s!!!

MOOSE. Yeah, he was just there and he SO deserved a picture! <333

This is what I bought. xDDD Yeah, they had MEGA SMARTIES and other things I haven’t even seen or heard of before, like…

CHOC-AID. Ah, I love the slogan. “For life’s boo boo’s.” If there’s anything that can make me happy, it’s chocolate. <333

And that’s the end of Chutters! It’s one of those places you have to see before you die. 🙂

Then the NEXT DAY…

We went to Cannon Mountain.

This is the tram car we took to get up…


This is the view you see while being in the tram car. It was really scary, but fun! 😀

And that’s the end of that.

Before, we had plans of staying at Comfort Inn until Saturday, but then, we decided to stay longer, but they were all booked. >.<”

SOOOOOOOO… we stayed at another hotel only for one day: Thayer’s Inn.

Then, we stayed until Sunday morning and then took off for home. Overall, it was a wonderful trip, but it’s really good to be home. <333

Sorry for boring you with such a long post! ^_^;;

Ahh, school’s starting next week!!!! >.<” I’m so scared!!! Well, I’m finally a sophomore, but ahh, High School is really… scary for me. ^_^; I got my schedule already, and I’m really happy that I didn’t get that evil anti-Asian English teacher! -happy dances- So, this year is bound to be MUCH better than last year. Ehh… but still, it’s too soon. These last few days are going to pass by sooooooo fast! Well, ganbarimasu~!!! I hope you guys have a great year!