Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, finally, my summer has a meaning! 🙂 Tomorrow, my family and I are going to New Hampshire and then Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, for probably a week! :DDDDD Our family couldn’t go for vacation until now because my uncle left for like 4 months to get married in Pakistan, so my dad had to work extra shifts. But now, he’s back, so we finally get to go somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG… I have so many lines to do. xD;;; I guess I have to do those first thing when I get back. ^_^;; So to all of those people who I owe lines to, gomen!!! I promise to do them!

Oh, guess what? My dad said that when we get to New Hampshire, he’ll buy me my camera there, mostly because they don’t charge tax. xD; But, to those many people who have to see a picture of me -coughEVAcoughLULUcough- I’ll get that up. But remember, I’m not responsible for any accidents that may occur after you see me. 🙂


Thank you to Ruru for telling me about this. Okay, so you all know about Arihara Kanna’s scandal right? Well, the fans felt “betrayed” about it, so at C-ute’s recent handshake event with the Wota, all of the fans ignored Kanna to punish her and they made her cry. That’s the limit of immatureness. How can they even call themselves fans if they just ignore Kanna for one small mistake? That’s just wrong.


Ahh, Buono’s new PV for “Gachinko de Ikou!” is out!

The song is so cute and energetic! Miyabi looks so gorgeous with her new hair. S It’s nice to see Momoko in the center. I like the card-playing/roulette stuff in the PV. It’s so cool! Man, how can they dance in those heels? xD;


So, I promise to blog a lot more after I get back! 🙂 Have a good week, people! Daisuki~!!! <33