Okay, so today, I’m not in the best mood. >.<; Well, I shouldn’t really say this, but I have to get my feelings out somewhere. I just hope Purpurii-sama doesn’t read this. xDDD Alright, so today, I was just looking around in the TL forums, since I was really bored. So, I went to the J-unior SWEET section and looked at all three groups. Then, one thing just got me down: All of the other 7nin Tengoku members (minus Maririn) were all in Sparkle Society. xDDDD Well, it’s not really a bad thing. I just got really emotional over it… xDDDD I don’t really know what word to use to describe how I felt, but, it just got me down for like half the day. xD But then, I got ice-cream, so I was better! xP But even through the ice-cream, I was still upset. xD;;;;

But, that only lasted for a little time. Then, I learned the day when I’m getting my braces off. OMG, I’m getting them off on the 2nd day of school. x_x” I was like, “WHY?!?!? Why the 2nd day??????????” Sheesh, it feels like my life and I are getting sucked into a black hole. >.<

And to top it off, summer vacation is almost over!!! Oh gosh, I’m going to be a Sophomore. >.> I’m really scared to go back… I mean, my Freshman year was really nothing special, but this year… IYAAN!

So yes, that was my rant. xD Not as long as other bloggers, but yeah, it’s still full of whining and complaining.