First of all, thank you to Ebah for her picture of SuJu with each of the members’ names. xD -saves- I’ll get it, soon!!! :DDD So far, my favorites are Kibum and Heechul. =D Wow, Ebah’s really good at getting people into SuJu. xD I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY BECAUSE I AM! ^_^

So yesterday and today were the last days of our Garage Sale. We sold like over 1,000 dollars! =D But, at 2:00, something REALLY scary happening. Okay, so this guy came to our house on a bicycle in the rain. o_0; So, he was just looking around and I was keeping a sharp eye on him, since he was kinda suspicious. But then, I had to go to the bathroom, so my mom stayed in the garage. I came back, and he was still there. Then, after an hour, he was still there! O.O He was starting to scare me, so I left the door opened and kept my phone with me, since my mom was alone. Then my sister started to cry, so my mom went to her. The guy didn’t see me, but I saw him going for our box of money. x_______x I was like, “FREEZE!” OMG, he just ran out. xDDDDDDDDD It turns out my mom knows that guy. He was a robber who lived by our old house. I was really scared. ^^; My dad and brother left for work like 5 minutes before he came, and I really wished he stayed until the guy left.


For my stuff total, I sold:

35 Pokemon Cards
10 Beanie Babies
5 Key chains
6 Board Games

Overall, I was pretty happy! We’re distributing our shares tonight, so YAY~!!!


I did a dub of Akagumi4’s “Akai Nikkichou,” which I uploaded onto my YT Account.

Geez, low notes really aren’t my thing. xD The harmonies were fun to do, but they really could’ve been better. xD I guess the reason I rushed was because I always take a long time to get a new video up. ^^; Maybe I should’ve checked for the 2005 Akagumi Concert version first before I recorded. xD If I did, I could’ve done the whole thing, but whatever. xP

OMG, I’m getting my copy of Breaking Dawn soon!!!! -squeal- I just hope there isn’t too much Jacobness in it. I really can’t stand him. ^^; I heard that Bella and Edward are finally getting married. I wonder when Edward will finally turn Bella into a vampire. The movie looks really interesting. xD The girl playing Bella suits her, but the guy playing Edward looks… EVIL. xDDD Jacob looks freaky, no surprise. I already have a feeling that I’m still going to like the book better after watching the movie. I mean, with the book, you can imagine whatever you want to.  ❤