So, my mommy and daddy randomly made the decision to have a 3-day Garage Sale about two days ago. I was like, “Dude, are you serious??? Can’t we do it next week?” I mean, I like Garage Sales, but I mean, it’s stressful setting up in like 3 days, which I found out about last night. ^^; I mean, it’s just that we have so much stuff. Oh man, I didn’t even know my mom had that much stuff. O_o;

Okay, so from about 4-7, my mom and dad started getting furniture and stuff from the basement and our shed. Yeah, when we run out of space, we start using the shed. :DDD Then at 8, we ate pizza. Then from 9-2 AM, my mom and I set up, put prices, and dusted, well, whatever needed to be dusted. If I made my mom do all of that alone, I would be eaten up with guilt.

I seriously had no idea it would take that long… I realized that when I saw the 1,000,000 boxes standing outside of the garage. It was hard to stay up, but I did it for my mommy. <333 I couldn’t even sleep, but whatever. xD

Day 1

So, with barely any sleep, I had my mom wake me up at 6 so I could help her finish pricing stuff. I worked off of a bowl of Trix and 4 Hershey Kisses: BAD IDEA. ^^;

So, our times are 8 AM- 5 PM. We sold about 20$ worth of nic nacs. That was really good for a first day, I was pretty satisfied. I was just upset that none of the things that I was selling were bought. >.<;;; Well, it was the first day. Besides, we got signs up pretty late. xD So, I tried to go to sleep at about 12, but it didn’t work. xD So, I played some Super Mario for like half an hour. After about 8 years, we found our Super Nitendo!!! That thing is seriously awesome! <333333

So yeah…

After that, I got to go on the computer, follow the new addition to my routine: MSN chats with everybody from TL and YT, then I FINALLY got to record a new dub! I’m going to upload it onto YT later tonight.

Like Micchi-chan, Ebah’s gotten me into SuJu, too! xD I’ve got about 4 members’ names down, so I’m almost there!!! xDDD

So, the next 2 days are going to be Garage Sale stuff and random stuff… I’m just warning you right now so you the oncoming boredom-filled posts won’t well, bore you. ❤