So, just like Micchi-chan, it’s been raining here in CT… A LOT. D: Finally, things have begun to clear up.

I’ve been really cheerful and happy lately because my little sister is starting to mumble. xD Well, for those of you who don’t know, she’s 10 right now, but when she was 2 months old, something was wrong in her bladder, so my mom had to take her in for her first of about 5 operations (KOWAIIIIIIII O.O;) Then, that one operation affected her right leg. She can’t feel anything in that right leg, and it’s shorter than her left. Also, she has these seizures that happen up to 30 times a day, so it’s very scary. She has these huge ones once in a while that really scare me, so I just run away and cry. xD Yeah, I know, I should be strong. ^^; But yeah, she can’t talk, but she’s really trying to through her mumbling, and that just gives me and my family so much hope. In her 4th surgery, they put a tube in her belly because she has like 5 medicines she takes daily, and she refuses to take them by mouth, so my mommy puts them in through the tube. I’m just so eager for the day to come when she starts speaking actual words. (Sorry for some of those details xD)

So, is it me or is this little request Sayu made the reason why Tsunku-san’s finally giving lines to everybody in every group?

(If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, just forward to 5:41)

“Tsunku-san, please give me singing parts.” Now, that’s what I call guts. She asked Tsunku-san right on national television, and the Music Fighter crew didn’t even cut it out. xD Since this, here are some changes:

  • In “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance,” everybody got a solo.
  • In “Edo no Temari Uta II,” for the first time, EVERYBODY got a line.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sayu got a lead in MoMusu’s next single after this. xD Seriously, this is what I love about Sayu: She doesn’t hold anything back, especially with the whole “Annoyed-by-tutoring-Koharu” thing (Starts at 2:32.) Rofl… she plucked out her eyebrows whenever she was fed up with Koharu. ROFL.

Ooh, so speaking of C-ute, their new PV is out!

Everybody looked so pretty, but IMO, three people stood out: Erika, Maimi, and Chisato. Erika, because she looked so gorgeous! I love her cute little hat and her hair! Maimi, because of the incredible poofiness of her dress. It was actually the poofiest dress out of all of the girls. xD She is known for her legs, so I was kinda surprised. Lol… Chisato’s voice totally owns this song. xD Seriously, her solo, along with Erika’s is freakin’ amazing! Tsunku-san, I think you should distribute lines more fairly after hearing this.

Ooh, neon lights… me likey. 🙂

The song is really funky. I love the fresh beat. Sorry to disappoint you, Michigo, but I liked this PV a little better than Monkey Dance. ^^;;;

So again, I was thinking about meeting all of you again, and I think going to NY together would be a cool idea! They have SO many cool places to go to, and best of all… KARAOKE!!! 😀 Sorry… I have WAY too much time on my hands. ^_^;

Hmm… what else? What else? Ooh, I saw the first week sales of Koha’s new single, Papancake… Ehh, her worst first week sales ever: 12,449. o_0; Well, after hearing the stressed high-notes, I doubt we’ll ever hear this sung live. I seriously think that if they gave her lower songs, fans would like it and appreciate her cuteness.

I REALLY miss Aibon performing. -sigh- Random, but it’s true. But, despite her becoming an actress, she still has that adorable innocence we all love her for.

It’s kinda weird how people are making jokes about her smoking scandal. Come on people, it’s over. I saw a segment on and these people made like a cartoon of Aibon and her “man” driving away and smoking. I wasn’t laughing.

But aside from the jokes, she still has that contagious laugh. Aww Aibon… I miss W. I’m still waiting for Nono’s comeback. Wow, it really seems like ’08 is the year of comebacks.

Ooh, I read about Ishimura Maiha and it said that Tsunkun said that as soon as her education hassles are over, she can return to Berryz whenever she wants to. :DDD Seeing Maiha back in Berryz would make me really happy. 🙂 She was naturally adorable, and I loved seeing her smile because of her dimples. ^^

Sorry for that long post… xD I’ll try to keep it short next time. ❤