First of all, sorry Ebah for not updating. ^^;;

Secondly, happy BELATED birthday to the incredibly sweet and hyper Kath!!! [YT] Eva, I loved the song you and Chiisana wrote! It was incredibly cute! (See Eva’s blog)

And Happy Birthday to Michishige Sayumi!!! I think Tsunku should give her more lines. She has improved her so much! That’s why I like Sayu so much: She knew at the start that she wasn’t a good singer, but she still gave it her all and look where it’s brought her. She doesn’t lipsynch anymore, and she has better control over her voice while dancing.

So I’m really getting far with the AS FOR ONE DAY dance. All day, I was searching for one TV performance of it, just to see how Yaguchi walks in the beginning. xDDD Yeah, no other program or concert performance showed that. So I finally found that and I now know how to start. Also, there’s this really funky hand thing that she did, and I had to see a close-up of it to nail it.

Hmm… what else, what else… Ooh, I’m planning on doing a dub of Akai Nikkichou by Akagumi4. I’m really surprised that no dub group of fandubber has dubbed it yet. It’s such a great song, but it makes me miss Maki. Tsunku really needs to create some new shuffle units. I thought that was a really creative idea he came up with. Well, I might as well name my favorite units from each year:

2000- Akagumi4- Akai Nikkichou

2001- 3nin Matsuri- Chu! Natsu Party

2002- Happy 7- Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!

2003- SALT5- GET UP! Rapper

2004- H.P All Stars- ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL (Like I had a choice xD)

2005- Elegies