OMG, school’s finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti and blows horn* My last day wasn’t really special. We took a 2 hour test, so school ended at 9:45. Our class had an after-school party for Spanish, and we brought in international foods. My mom and I made a special rice and chicken dish.
Well, actually, I have another chorus concert to go to. GAH! After THAT, then school will be over for me. xD It’s actually for the Senior Graduation ceremony. Then, it’s over!!!

And yes Ebah, you ARE sweet. ^_^ ♥ ♥ ♥

So after the party, my mom picked me up from school and I had to go with her and my little sister to the doctors… My little sister has spinalbifida (I TOTALLY spelt that wrong) and the doctor said that she’s having surgery on July 14th. =( I’m really scared, since they’re putting a monitor near her heart. Guys, please pray for her…


Ooh, KM released a new dub, “MIDARA Matenrou.” Yay for our first MK dub!!! The Melons rule, but they need more attention!!! I was actually the one who suggested to do this song, and I’m really happy I did!!! Aren’t everyone’s voices (minus mine) sekushii???

So now that school’s over, I can probably get my lines done… finally. Wow, I’ve passed so many deadlines it’s not even funny! You know what my real problem is? I get loaded with lines, but the temptation of auditioning for one-shot dubs always beats me! Some people hold auditions for songs that I’ve always wanted to do… GAH! Nami’s so foolish!!!

Hmm… what else, what else. Ooh, so I’ve really gotten into Berryz Koubou’s “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance.” Youtube only had the preview, but OMG, it’s freakin’ amazing!!! I actually love Risako‘s voice here, and ooh, Chinami gets solos, too!!! After “Dschinghis Khan‘s” sales, I’m sure Berryz is going to do great in the future! Wow, things are really getting kinda competitive between the two H!P kids groups. C-ute is selling really well and even received an award, now Berryz is getting great singles and managing to get higher than 30,000 copies of a single sold. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold higher than the current MoMusu is selling.

The current generations can never beat the old generations… Ah, the 4th Generation was my favorite! They had the greatest personalities, they were all talented, and half of them ended up becoming the wonderful W!!! *sigh* I really miss MoMusu’s old days… I wonder how H!P will go on. They’ve lost Gocchin, Aibon, and possibly (HOPE NOT) Nono and Kaori, W’s disbanded for good, and MoMusu has lost so many good members! Oh, you know what I noticed? Well, Nacchi’s last single with MoMusu was “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT,” which was their last single that sold at least 100,000 copies. After that, “Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~” was released, and it sold less than 90,000 copies. After seeing that, to me, it really seemed like the line-ups made a real difference to the fans. Since Ai Araba, MoMusu has never sold 100,000 copies of a single. =( I really hope a real miracle auditions for MoMusu and brings them back to the top~!!!