So today was the day I thought I would die… ^_^;; We did our Romeo and Juliet performances, and to my surprise, it wasn’t so bad. The senior teachers apparently forgot that the seniors had to take finals, so they didn’t come. HOLLER!!!!!! xD

The heat was HORRIBLE today. I mean, I’m glad we’re out of the cold, but the heat is insane!!! Since CT isn’t used to it, we got out of school at 12:01 today! =O I know, and “:01.” xDDD

I’m not really sure, but since next week are my finals, I might not be on. So Nami might be “kidnapped” all of next week. *hint hint wink wink*
So, the STRANGEST thing happened today. I had a dentist appointment at 4:30. Then after that, my mom and I went to Target just for fun.  I told my mom that I would go to the food area to get some snacks, so I left her. After I started heading back, I heard a male voice humming. The song was REALLY familiar, so it took me a little while to remember the song name. Then it hit me. It was LOVE MACHINE by Morning Musume! The dude had a nice voice, so I went to go compliment him. His shirt had the word “H!P WOTA” in bold print. “Yup, he’s definitely a fan,” I thought. xD So, I told him that he had a really nice voice, and he thanked me. I asked him if that was LOVE MACHINE, and he answered “YES!” with enthusiasm.

So, I just walked away… xDDDDD

I had never met any MoMusu/H!P fans in my area except for my brother and sister, my cousins, and my best friend.